The G8 will forgive 100% of the debt to 18 poor countries

The G8 will forgive 100% of the debt to 18 poor countries

LONDON (Reuters) – The richest countries in the world closed an agreement on Saturday on debt relief for Africa, said Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker.
El G8 alcanza un acuerdo sobre la condonación de la deuda

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The agreement signed by the finance ministers of the Group of Eight industrialized countries is part of a campaign led by the United Kingdom to rid sub-Saharan Africa of poverty and diseases such as malaria and AIDS, which kill millions of people every year. people.

British Finance Minister Gordon Brown said the agreement would condemn 100% of the debt immediately to 18 countries and that later more states could benefit.

“This is the most complete plea that finance ministers have ever made about debt and poverty,” he told a news conference.


“This is not a time for shyness, but for daring,” he added.

The agreement covered the debts with international loan agencies such as the World Bank, the African Development Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Those who campaign in favor of debt forgiveness welcomed the agreement, but demanded more.

“The debt agreement is very good news for the people of these 18 countries who will benefit immediately,” said Romilly Greenhill of ActionAid.

“However, it will do little to immediately help millions of people in at least 40 other countries that also need the forgiveness of 100% of their debt.”

Among the countries that will benefit immediately are Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guyana, Honduras, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.


Britain, which welcomes the G8 this year, was determined to reach an agreement on the debt in the London talks but faces more difficult times to get support to double aid to Africa before a meeting with the leaders of the G8 in Gleneagles, Scotland, next month.

Pop star Bob Geldof and other artists are urging that a million people gather in Scotland next month to demand an agreement on aid to Africa.

The British finance minister had sought support for an International Finance Center that would double aid to the poorest countries to 100,000 million dollars by issuing bonds that use the budgets of rich nations as collateral.

But Washington opposed the plan so Brown would probably launch a pilot plan that would provide funds for vaccination programs in Africa without the support of the United States or Japan.

“The race to Gleneagles is underway but the G8 leaders still have many obstacles to overcome before reaching the goal,” said Oxfam policy advisor Max Lawson, who is pushing for an additional commitment of $ 50 billion a year. in help

Another nine nations will be able to benefit from the debt cancellation in a few months, which are: Cameroon, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Malawi, Sao Tome and Sierra Leone.

Humanitarian agencies estimate that there are 62 countries that need 100% debt forgiveness if they want to meet the Millennium Development Goals agreed at the United Nations in 2000, which include halving poverty and disease in 2005 .

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  • The G8 reaches an agreement on debt forgiveness

    Reuters (Reuters)

    “> The G8 reaches an agreement on debt forgiveness


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news Billions fraud of pharmacists with air recipes News always well informed

Tuesday, 10.05.16 , written by Kathrin Staats Pharmacists are said to have cheated health insurance companies with so-called “air prescriptions”. The prosecution is already investigating in several federal states because pharmacists have submitted incorrect prescriptions to the coffers. The damage caused 

 Mit falschen Rezepten hinterziehen Apotheker Geld in Milliardenhöhe

Pharmacists abuse the trust of patients

Recently, serious cases of fraud were reported by nursing services. Among other things, they should have invoiced services that were not provided. Now the pharmacists are also targeted by the prosecutor . According to the Welt am Sonntag is currently being determined in several states, as pharmacists have submitted so-called ” air recipes ” in the statutory health insurance. These are prescriptions from patients for whom pharmacists receive money from the health insurance funds, but do not spend the medication on patients. But even though the prosecutor has now started work, the likelihood of detecting such fraud is extremely low.

Air Recipes: Pharmacists cheat health insurance

If pharmacists receive a prescription from patients, they settle this with the statutory health insurance companies. The funds trust the pharmacists and refund their costs. But some pharmacists do not give the drugs to patients according to recent reports, but collect with so-called “air prescriptions” only the money . Doctors themselves can be part of the scam .

The MDR reports a case in Frankfurt, where a doctor is said to have issued thousands of prescriptions for expensive medicines. Her life partner brought these prescriptions to a pharmacist, but this one handed out much cheaper products. The surplus money of the funds kept the pharmacist, while the partner of the doctor sold the cheap drugs abroad.

But not only doctors, but also patients should be involved in fraud cases . For example, patients refrain from using the medications prescribed by the doctor and sell the prescription to pharmacists. This in turn then cuts the cash of the cashier.

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Apotheker fraud cases: damage amount in the billions

Due to the fraud cases of the pharmacists, the health insurance companies incur a considerable financial loss. In 2015, they spent a total of 35 billion euros on medicines alone. Up to € 2.72 billion may have been overpaid by drug fraud and corruption , according to Transparency International.

Although the coffers last revealed fraud cases in the amount of about 16 million euros, reports the Süddeutsche Zeitung. But most offenses are rare. This opinion is also health economist Gerd Glaeske. He even suspects a much higher number of unreported cases, the world reports on Sunday. “There are usually few connoisseurs in these constellations of criminal energy of individuals , and as long as they stick together and do not blaspheme each other, there is little chance of it escalating,” Glaeske said.

“Air Recipes”: Pharmacists Association speaks of individual cases

A spokesman for the Federal Association of German Pharmacists Associations (ABDA) told the Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung (DAZ) that there is no evidence for a scam, but rather one has to assume individual cases . From the point of view of the ABDA, the so-called “air recipes” are thus a small problem . Instead, President of the ABDA Friedemann Schmidt explains in an interview with the MDR that only the health insurance companies have access to all data. Therefore, Schmidt sees the coffers in the duty to investigate cases of fraud .

A spokesman for the GKV-Spitzenverbandes warns the news agency dpa that “air recipes are scams to the contributors. And, what is almost worse, they undermine the patients’ trust in the medical profession and the pharmacists. “In addition to the fraud and the loss of trust of the members, this has further consequences. Healthcare spending has been increasing for years. If these frauds are not stopped, this may have a negative impact on membership fees.

The GKV-Spitzenverband calls for a harder crackdown on these illegal activities . He continues to criticize: “We need more specialized prosecutors in Germany, so that fraud and corruption in health care can be better combated.”

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  • editorial staff

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