Compare fuel prices on a daily basis and save

Condensing technology

Anyone who works with condensing technology protects the environment and the climate: Because with this not so new technology you save a lot of heating costs, because you catch heat that is lost in others. What is behind the condensing technology, we explain.


Oil price history

Not least, those who heat with oil and produce warm water have noticed that the heating oil price trend is on the move. The fuel oil development is not only dependent on that of the regular crude oil price.



The OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), in German the “organization of the oil-exporting countries”, determines substantially the price of oil and the quantities promoted. OPEC members own three-quarters of all oil reserves.


Oil price

Oil price maintenance is in short the coupling of gas and oil prices. This linkage has been common since the 1960s, with the price of gas being based on the evolution of prevailing oil prices and being variably adjusted by utilities. The price of gas is therefore in line with oil prices.


Energy-efficient house

Not least because there have never been such generous subsidies for the energy-saving house from the state as in recent years, renovations and modernization, but also new buildings are in demand. At the top of the list of priorities is the topic of saving – in terms of heating, electricity and water costs.


Heating with LPG: fuel and costs in comparison

Heating with LPG is particularly interesting for those who, for example, have no access to the public natural gas network. What are the advantages and disadvantages compared to other fuels and how to choose the right contract, you will learn in our guide.

Heating oil forecast: How will prices develop in the future?

A heating oil price forecast is helpful for consumers with oil heating, because the right time to buy saves money. A meaningful prognosis is difficult to make.

Simply save heating costs: 8 tips and tricks

When the heating season starts, living will be more expensive again: Everywhere in Germany, boilers are fired that consume oil, gas or electricity. How to use the heat as profitably as possible and thus save heating costs, we reveal with eight simple measures!

Tip: How to save on fuel oil purchase

The heating oil prices fluctuate constantly and the assumption that you can buy the cheapest heating oil in the spring is not true for a long time. We give tips on how you can save on fuel oil purchase

Now make the heater fit for the winter

You can save heating costs not only by getting dressed or freezing. A modern and well-maintained heating system is also included. The German Energy Agency GmbH (dena) gives tips.

Gasoline and heating oil prices continue to rise

Petrol and heating oil prices continue to rise: fuel is more expensive than it has been in three years, and oil is already three and a half years. A relaxation of the situation is not in sight – on the contrary.

Fuel oil: Prices climb to their highest level for three years

Who wants to refuel at the present time fuel oil, pays a comparatively high price. All in all, the fuel is more expensive than it has been for three and a half years. The background is the price increase for crude oil.

Costs for wood pellets fall in April

Wood pellets cost less this month than they did in March. Compared to heating oil and natural gas, according to the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association, this resulted in a price advantage of 14 percent.

Verivox: Heating demand has fallen compared to last year

Overall, the demand for heating fell last winter compared to the previous year. However, heating with oil has become more expensive, so a Verivox price comparison. Consumers with gas heating, on the other hand, benefit from lower prices, but here the gas tariff is decisive.

ECF: Energy prices rose in January

Overall, energy prices rose in January, according to a study by the European Climate Foundation. But that does not apply equally to all fuels. While gas has become cheaper, at least for end customers, heating oil customers have had to pay.