SMS Loans and Non-Note Loans

Are you constantly in a circle transferring money from account to account? End this by using financing services via SMS. You know situations when you look anxiously at your mailbox hoping it is not another bill or strike in the line. By avoiding paying your bill on time, you are in a situation where your costs can suddenly rise.

When you write dozens of messages every day on your cell phone, why not make the same money. To avoid wasting your time finding solutions to your finances Good Finance has taken care of you!

SMS credits and loans will be paid directly into your checking account, which must be valid and not blocked.

Loans via SMS within 15 minutes of delivery of the signed documentation


Quick credits via sms message can be requested after the first loan you have taken online and from our website. SMS credits are available to all our customers who have used and repaid their loan online once.

After the first repayment of the loan, the next time you can request a loan even easier and faster! We will inform you of the details and how to apply for a sms loan after the first loan repayment online.

SMS loans are available within 15 minutes of signing and receiving the documentation

Both loans and loans can be requested through sms. For loans, the same rule applies. SMS loans can also be requested after you have made the first loan through our website and paid it off in full. After the first repayment of the loan, you can request the next loan even easier and faster, which will be notified to you immediately upon repayment of the first loan.

Both loans and loans are a unique service that we first introduced to the Croatian market with the intention of providing our clients with the opportunity to finance in a completely new and innovative way in the shortest possible time and in the simplest possible way.

SMS loans and loans in two options

There are two ways of raising loans and loans in our country:

  1. Option “I have a Guarantor” (refers to the fact that the person applying for the loan must have another natural person, the so-called personal guarantor, who will guarantee their income that the loan will be repaid in a timely manner)
  2. If the person applying for the loan does NOT want a GUARANTEE, he / she uses the “I do not want a Guarantor” option, which implies that he / she wants to use the service of SIA DEP, which is our guarantee (guarantee) partner, and in this case also acts as a Guarantor, but not a personal but, rather, a “legal and professional” Guarantor, ie a legal body.

For all questions and advice our employees are at your disposal. In an effort to provide the best possible communication and solve your financial problems as quickly as possible, contact us with confidence and money can be in your account today.