Zuber closes the biggest round of financing a startup in history

At the end of last week Zuber gave the bell in the world of startups and venture capital by announcing that he had just closed his last round of financing. The company was able to raise the figure of $ 1.2 billion of Fidelity, which makes it the largest round of financing of all time raised by a startup.

How can you see 5 to the 10 biggest rounds raised have occurred in 2014, and 3 in 2013. But repeat with me, there is no bubble.

New record among current startups

New record among current startups

Zuber a mobile application created in 2009 to facilitate access to private transport services, achieved at the same time that in this round the company was valued at $ 17,000 million, also setting a new record among current startups.

Recall that if a few years ago it was already considered that startups with valuations higher than $ 1 billion became part of the so-called unicorn club, now there are several startups that have closed rounds with valuations exceeding $ 10,000 million.

Difficult to close your business model to the competition


As for assessment I can tell you. Surely I was wrong, but my Zuber reminds me of Good Finance quite a bit. That is a good idea, but with some barriers to entry to new competitors extremely low in a type of competition that is going to move locally. Zuber is just an app and it will be very difficult to close your business model to the competition.

Providing private transport service


Leaving aside possible regulatory problems that can be faced. In the US it is usual to see many of the people who are dedicated to providing private transport service using the Zuber application to attract customers but also that of each new Zuber competitor that appears.

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