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Uboff her book documents a journey to encounter what is strange original and even unimaginable in surveillance capitalism She examines several major organizations notably Apple Facebook Google and strange original and even unimaginable in surveillance capitalism She examines several major organizations notably Apple Facebook Google and that are in various stages of developing a technologically advanced and increasingly inescapable raw material extraction operation Her journey s ultimate destination Our aim in this book is to discern the aws of surveillance capitalism that animate today s Trojan horses returning us to age old uestions as they bear down on our The Detroit Almanac lives our societies and our civilizationZuboff carefully explains how and why surveillance capitalism operates through unprecedented asymmetries in knowledge and the power that accrues to knowledge The result Ourives are scraped and sold to fund the freedom of surveillance capitalists and our subjugation juxtaposing their knowledge and our ignorance about what they know Indeed they know too much to ualify for freedomHow to respond effectively to the potential dangers of surveillance capitalism to what she so aptly characterizes as an overthrow of the people s sovereignty and a prominent force in the perilous drift toward democratic deconsolidation that now threatens Western iberal democracies As the material cited in her Notes section clearly indicates Pages 537 663 Shoshana Zuboff has conducted wide And Deep Research To Support deep research to support recommendationsIf knowledge has power and I think it can those who possess knowledge that has the greatest power will have a decisive competitive advantage over those who do not Zuboff shares what she has earned from others in order to support what becomes a call to action In John 832 Jesus is uoted as saying You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free Sustaining totalitarianism depends on severely imited access to knowledge but first it must be obtained by surveillanceThe tone of her book reminds me in some respects of Thomas Paine s Common Sense and Rights of Man That is both urge their reader to awaken to a serious danger and defeat it while they can before it is too ate The Berlin Wall fell for many reasons but above all it was because the people of East Berlin said No We too can be the authors of many great and beautiful new facts that reclaim the digital future as humanity s home No Let this be our declarationI AM AGAIN REMINDED OF TWO UESTIONS again reminded of two uestions to Hillel the Elder If not you who If not now when. H the many or harness it and distribute its benefits The Age of Surveillance Capitalism is a deeply reasoned examination of the threat of unprecedented power free from democratic oversight As it explores this new capitalism's impact on society politics business and technology it exposes the struggles that will decide both the next chapter of capitalism and the meaning of information civilization Most critically it shows how we can protect ourselves and our communities and ensure we are the masters of the digital rather than its slav. I really wanted to ike this bookI d read Zuboff Age of the Smart Machine eons ago and became a bit d read Zuboff s Age of the Smart eons ago and became a bit a fan of her thinking Hence why when Surveillance came out I d wanted it to be something akin to Harari s SapiensHomo Deus or even Kahneman s Thinking Fast and Slow Alas I was eft a bit wanting by the time I turned its Canvas: The Program Book 1 last pageGetting to theast page is no small feat This is a beast of a book I purchased the print version as I wanted to earmark and highlight passages without being surveilled And yet while the work is exhaustively researched and footnoted one is Orleans left exhausted in the endYes important perspectives for our age are raised here and Zuboff does sound the alarm on the firms creating new value on the digital surplus they create But it feelsike the thesis could have been advanced with half the pages and twice the speedWorse despite its Where the Forest Meets the Stars length there appear to be big idea chunks missing The role of the courts and the regulator in grasping and remedying excesses perhaps defining a new regulatory framework for use of digital crumbs weeave is not fully canvassed There is Spike, the Black Wolf lengthy discussion of Senate deliberations in the 1970 s around the MK Ultra depatterning and mind control Yet there is nothing on what would seem appropriate Zuckerberg s testimony before Congress in April 2018 There was aot of grist for the Zuboff mill here yet we read nothing Perhaps the testimony came out after the tome went to press Doesn t seem so there is a cite to a piece in the Intercept on April 13 2018 three days after Zuckerberg s testimony to Congress That testimony seemed rather on point to Zuboff s work yet no word unless I missed it entirely possible commentary from Zuboff Contractual obligations to get to press Don t know but were it the case this commentary from Zuboff Contractual obligations to get to press Don t know but were it the case this important event seems warranted to hold things off a week or twoWhat follows may be a nit but given the deep care paid to detail and the deep implication of the representation it stands out On page 514 Zuboff writesZuckerberg envisions a totalizing instrumentarian order he calls it the new global church that will connect the world s people to something greater than ourselvesGreat uote and rather powerful scary stuff but the problem is the Zuck said no such thing The cite references Zuckerberg s Building Global Community post from February 2017 Unless that uote changed what it currently states is thisBuilding a global community that works THE TOP 10 SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER 'Everyone needs to read this book as an act of digital self defense' Naomi Klein Author of No Logo the Shock Doctrine This Changes Everything and No is Not Enough The challenges to humanity posed by the digital future the first detailed examination of the unprecedented form of power called surveillance capitalism and the uest by powerful corporations to predict and control us The heady optimism of the Internet's early days is gone Technologies that were meant to iberate us have deepened ineuality. Or everyone starts with the millions of smaller communities and intimate social structures we turn to for our personal emotional and spiritual needs Whether they re churches sports teams unions or other ocal groups they all share important roles as social infrastructure for our communitiesZuckerberg doesn t hold Facebook out as a church any than he does holding it out as the Boston Bruins Teamsters or a knitting club And unless my CTRL F fails me that s the only reference to church there is I m not here to defend Zuckerberg but this is I m not here to defend Zuckerberg but this certainly a miss on Zuboff in my books particularly given the attention to detail otherwise shownOn the whole the issues the attention to detail otherwise shownOn the whole the issues are important I d recommend the book to anyone wanting to gain an understanding of a framework for the issues here I d certainly recommend it or a fair summary of it to Two-Minute Mysteries lawyers regulatorsegislators and jurists who will run into these issues a The Most Important Stories of the Bible la GDPRBut as to Zuboff s central thesis that there is an unprecedented paradigm here that will change humanity forever and how our democratic institutions and rule ofaw will fail to curb excesses of new business models and technological shifts I m unconvinced Were our Parallel Apocrypha legislators euipped with the insight and talent to monitor assess and rightly adjust use of our digital surplus I m sure we can get there At the end of the day it s about curbing excesses of those who seek to profit from others and defining rulesThat s not unprecedented that s a human story old as time I was reallyooking forward to reading this book but I read about 100 pages and put it down in frustration It perhaps needs a better and forceful editor because the author can t seem to decided if she want to write a flowery novel or an informative and topical As Shoshana Zuboff explains This book is about the darkening of the digital dream and its rapid mutation into a voracious and utterly novel commercial project that I call surveillance capitalismShe provides an abundance of information insights and counsel that she hopes will help those who read her book to contest and interrupt then contain and vanuish an unprecedented threat to the human race At its core surveillance capitalism is parasitic And Self Referential It Revives self referential It revives Marx s image of capitalism as a vampire that feeds on abor but with an unexpected turn Instead of abor surveillance capitalism feeds on every aspect of every human experienceAccording to And stoked divisions Tech companies gather our information online and sell it to the highest bidder whether government or retailer Profits now depend not only on predicting our behaviour but modifying it too How will this fusion of capitalism and the digital shape our values and define our future Shoshana Zuboff shows that we are at a crossroads We still have the power to decide what kind of world we want to ive in and what we decide now will shape the rest of the century Our choices allow technology to enrich the few and impoveris.

Characters The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for the Future at the New Frontier of Power

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The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for the Future at the New Frontier of Power