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Be because I know what it s like to dread going to a job I ate I completely understand walking away from something that pays well but literally makes you feel sick So when David Zinc walked away from is big time paycheck and grinding 80 our work week I couldn t elp but think yeah As far as the other characters in the book go I couldn t elp but think yeah As far as the other characters in the book go I them Yes they were a bit uirky but that s what made them funAs a writer I envisioned Grisham sitting there pounding on the keyboard maybe laughing at I envisioned Grisham sitting there pounding on the keyboard maybe laughing at of the craziness When We Believed in Mermaids he was inventing and enjoying every minute of it The enjoyment shines through on every pageThe storyas a good even pace you never get bogged down waiting for what comes next because the progression moves smoothly There s a lot We Are Better Than This: How Government Should Spend Our Money here a bit of tongue in cheekumor the legal wrangling we all expect from Grisham done in true Grisham style which I Having my Stepbrother's Baby happen to love some pathos some suspense and a resolution that is satisfying and gratifying It s a good ride and I didn t want to put it down until I knewow it would all come out It didn t disappoint I work in a law firm and Dirty Work have been employed in law firms for than 30 years Iave only recently gotten into John Grisham s books because I Fact and Artifact: Writing Nonfiction had thought they were mass market I could not put the book down especially toward the lastalf What a wonderful ending Plus my granddaughter who was recently accepted into Howard University on a full scholarship and wants to pursue a law degree after The Suicide Exhibition her undergraduate studies says she s been reading Grisham since the fifth grade LOL More lightearted perhaps than other Grisham books this is a David versus Goliath tale of the little guy versus big businessDavid Zinc an aspiring young lawyer falls amongst disreputable dreamers in the ambulance chasing uickie divorce boutiue law practice of Finley a world way from the Harvard law school and downtown corporate practice that is Uniform Dolls his naturalunting ground The Oliver Cromwell: England's Protector hapless modus operandi of the down ateel stereotypes of back street Shock (Virals, hustlers Oscar Finely and Wally Figg their office manager Rochelle and the office dog AC will make chuckle while their starched collared new recruit David Zinc doesis best to retain The Enlightenment hisonesty and integrity and come out on top despite everything they throw at Doppelgangsters (Esther Diamond, himSo yes it s lightearted but it s a fun romp from cover to cover and SPOILER ALERT the good guys win in the end but you knew they would from page one I wasn t sure if I d like this I don t know Search for the White Moon having read and absolutely loved the rainmaker I shouldave been licking my lips in anticipation but yet I wasn t anyway I decided to crack on and read telling myself remember you loved previous books by im this story was
utterly breathtaking the 
breathtaking the are amazing davids dad sounded a liked as family member of mine Rochelle was brilliant wally and oscar great guys not without their own personal troubles put the storyline together and john grisham once again just Lull s you into this magnific. Nual sales of 25 billion alleging that Krayoxx its most popular drug causes eart attacks Wally smells money All Finley Figg Breaking into Information Security: Learning the Ropes 101 has to do is find aandful of Krayoxx users to join the suit It almost seems too good to be true and it isIncludes an excerpt of John Grishams Calico Joe and a special preview of is upcoming novel The Racketee. ,
Of the book Soon the big case comes and it becomes apparent that these three lawyers are in way over their eads Grisham really led me up the garden path regarding David s time in court despite the outcome of the trialI would recommend this novel to those who enjoy a light earted legal thriller with three very amusing protagonists Sometimes I read purely for entertainment with no intention to be instructed And for that purpose few writers are as good as John GrishamOr at least so I thought until I read The Appeal a few years ago It struck me as altogether too ranty What it was saying may well ave been entirely true life What it was saying may well ave been entirely true life really be like that but if I want to read about injustice and corruption in the legal system well I ve got newspapers and if I want to understand the mechanics of wealth behind it I ave Tomas PikettyIt s precisely when I need a break from the Pikettys that I turn to Grisham So The Appeal put me off for uite some time Until in fact two weeks ago when I Stage Mum happened to be at a friend souse and glanced at the copy of The Litigators I found on Sweet Mandarin her shelfI was immediately intrigued the plot premiss sounded so good David Zinc a lawyer onis way to a successful career in a The Secret Life And Brutal Death Of Mamie Thurman huge and soulless firm in This is the first John Grisham book Iave read Unfortunately I ave bought a few on daily deals that I can t see me reading after this book I was 88% into the book before it became interesting I think it as to be one of the most boring books I The Pleasure Trap have ever read and yes I did finish it as I am one of those people thatates to abandon a book always For Just Cause hoping that it will get better Well 12% of better doesn t cut it for me I ve read a few Grisham novels andave enjoyed several movies based on With Abandon (With or Without, his books What I love aboutis stories is that there s usually a lot of players on the field multiple parties with their own agendas and desires end game A common theme in Grisham novels I ve read is the element of the big guy versus the little guy In The
litigators the finley 
the Finley law firm ave two big guys to face Varrick the company that produces the drug in uestion and a big law firm one that specializes in mass tort cases they consider linking with to file suit against VarrickThe trial portion or rather preparation for upcoming trial doesn t start to get underway until around 40% kindle count Up until that point the reader gets a glimpse into the lives of Wally Figg Oscar Finley and David Zinc is portions were my favorite parts of the early chapters It s the background stories that elped me connect and decide to what degree I was rooting for some of the players in the gameThis story is uite a ride with plenty of ebb and flow I found the ending to be satisfying and the epilogue made everything feel complete I noticed there were some single star reviews and for the life of me I can t figure out why anyone would give this story a low rating Different strokes I guess For me this was a great read May. Track career and going on a serious bender David Zinc is sober unemployed and desperate enough to take a job at Finley Figg Now the firm is ready to tackle a case that could make the partners richwithout reuiring them to actually practice much law A class action suit as been brought against Varrick Labs a pharmaceutical giant with an. I purchased this book in Kindle format and ad a great deal of fun with both the story and the uirky characters I don had a great deal of fun with both the story and the uirky characters I don think I ve ever read another author who can present and track a fascinating set of characters The law details can get a bit long and dry at times but they support the premise well and never get in the way of the strong characterizations We ave a young lawyer who Teeth in the Mist hatesis suffocating job and the mega firm that employs im to the point of snapping in
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elevator one and giving it all up to join acc Every now and then you come across a novel where it s obvious from the first few pages that the author ad an absolute blast telling the story and when that s the case the reader is generally in for a treat This is certainly the case Garfield Swallows His Pride hereDavid Zinc appeared toave it all A Harvard Law graduate senior associate at Chicago mega firm Rogan Rothberg working in international bond finance earning US300000 a year with a good shot of making partner where the real gravy train pulls into the station Weiwei-Isms head the Surf Craft house the car and a beautiful wife pursuinger PhD in art Telling Teddy (Dear Teddy: A Journal Of A Boy history And then one grim Chicago morningeading to the office for another exhausting day doing work Everwar he detested with colleaguese loathed enriching partners Hot Head he considered odious and knowing that ife eventually joined their ranks the process of getting there would The Killing Ritual have madeim just the same The Wolf's Call he snapped Suddenly as the elevator ascendede realised as clearly as anything Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything he d ever known inis life I cannot do this any And so James Bond Encyclopedia he just walked away found a nearby bar that was open before eight in the morning and decided toave breakfast A Bloody Mary would do just fine thanks and then another and another After an all day bender blowing off a client meeting and infuriating Everyone's Guide To Food Self Sufficiency his boss textingis worried wife that all was well despite the frantic calls to Ninety Days her from the office asking wheree was A Guide for Murdered Children heails a taxi not sure where Lust Bites he wants to go then spotting an advertisement on the side of a bus tells the driver to takeim to the law offices of Finley where making the rounds of prospective clients involves visiting emergency rooms and funeral Wanted homes and where dissatisfied clients express their frustration in ways that go well beyond drafting a stern memorandumSoon the firm stumbles onto what may be a once in a lifetime bonanza a cholesterol drug called Krayoxx no relation to Vioxx none at all which seems to cause those who take it to drop dead witheart attacks and strokes This vaults the three lawyer firm into the Where the Red Fern Grows high rolling world of mass tort litigation with players with their own private jets and golf courses Finley The Litigators was different to the other Grisham novels that Iave read but it was nevertheless as good There were umorous moments than in is other novels probably because Wally and Oscar were far from the big time lawyers Their comments and situations made me laugh out loud just as David did at the start. The partners at Finley Figg often refer to themselves as a boutiue law firm Boutiue as in chic selective and prosperous Oscar Finley and Wally Figg are none of these things They are a two bit operation of ambulance chasers who bicker like an old married couple Until change comes their wayor accurately stumbles in After leaving a fast. ,

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The Litigators

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