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 Guide to UNIX Using Linux (Networking (Course Technology))If you use a Mac the AltOption key isn t set to work in Linux by default you Fit to be Tied (Marshals, ll have to turn on the preference for keyboard that says use option as meta key I recommend this book to beginner Linux users who want to get an idea of what this operating system is what it s for and how to get it to accomplish tasks freuently used for record keeping and report making If that doesn t speak highly enough I saw probably four websites today that plagiarized this book verbatim This book has good stuff To say youove this book is a Captains Contentious lie But it will teach you what you need to know about the basics of working with a GUIess unix system I recommend doing all of the exercises before doing your homework for the chapter it makes everything a Bust lot easier badly written Buy this book from this seller it s 12 dollars instead of 125 dollars This book may be the international version however it s no different from the other copies sold Also this is one the best books I own for Linux for networking perl programminganguage bash scripting and all about Linux This book Will Show How To show how to you re computer work for you and help you in the real world 55 This book is old but the basics are still up to date There are only a very few things that are really outdated What I ove about this book and the reason I bought it after I had rented it is that the exercises at the end of the chapters are very good at taking you step by step through the different commands and then combining the commands If you re new to Linux I would definitely recommend it This book was return in the exact same condition that it was receive As an Army VET I Am Aplaud I am aplaud find out that i am being charge 18200 for the entire book This is obsurb to the upmost THIS BOOK WAS USE FOR MAYBE 2 MONTHS WITH NO ADDITIONAL DAMAGE THEN WHEN IT WAS RECEIVE TO CHARGE MY BANK ACCOUNT FOR THIS BOOK BECAUSE OF UOTE ON UOTE binding damage is an outrage. Ities and several other chapters have been expanded to include additional information on the KDE and GNOME desktops as well as coverage of the popular OpenOfficeorg office suite With a strong focus on universal UNIX and Linux commands that are transferable to all versions of Linux this book is a must have for anyone seeking to develop their knowledge of these system.

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Ree decades have made that make such mundane tasks so much simpler I
asked around to various IT asking if they every use Vi or Emacs and NOBODY has said they have ever had a need to do that I ordered a Guide to UNIX Using Linux for an introductory UNIX Linux course at my university because it was the reuired text book I was an introductory UNIX Linux course at my university because it was the reuired text book I was bit nervous never having used UNIX Linux in any meaningful way before much ess programming in it This book made it easy as it is written for true beginners The hands on projects at the end of each chapter basically spell everything out for you which was especially helpful with those complicated to understand awk commands I ve only read a Intuition little over half the book but I can say already that this is a pretty good one for people just getting exposed to Linux It starts off giving you a foundation via vocabularyetting you develop an understanding of what the different parts of Linux are It builds from there introducing you to and complex tasks and giving you practice exercises so you have experience to go with the explanations We used this textbook in my online Intro To Linux course at my college I just finished the course and I feel Just Love like I should pass a few helpful points on 1 If you re using a Mac you don t have to download any software but if I remember right if you use any other computer at home youl have to download something 2 The exercises are separated from the topics so you l have to follow each detour when the book mentions Hands On Project go do the exercise and then go back to the reading 3 There are no outlines at the beginning of each chapter so if you re ike me and prefer to see how each subject and vocabulary word inks together prepare to be you re ike me and prefer to see how each subject and vocabulary word My Brothers Famous Bottom Gets Pinched links together prepare to be with 4 If you do not have a college server or job server to practice in bellardorg provides an online practice environment which I intend to make use of to retain what I can Can employ utilities master files manage and uery data create scripts access a network or the Internet and navigate popular user interfaces and software The updated 4th edition incorporates coverage of theatest versions of UNIX and Linux including new versions of Red Hat Fedora SUSE and Ubuntu Linux A new chapter has also been added to cover basic networking util.

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Got this for a class in college The text seems to be well done augmented with a ton of screen captures But there is a ot of incorrect info that no onger applies to any distribution Linux Rather the text even admits it in a longer applies to any distribution of Linux Rather the even admits it in a places that the operating systems it comes with Fedora and Knoppix don t support some of the functions in the exercises it WANTS you to do This is impossible of course It is really weird to be told to do a command or procedure that the text admits WON T work in the distributions of Linux in includes Worse even UNIX terminal emulators online won t support some of the antiuated commands any onger Some of the directories Skin (Jack Caffery, libraries and files referenced in some of the exercises are actually obsolete such that even a UNIX system won t recognize them these days But as the goal was toearn Unix by using LInux this is especially stupid and clumsy Also in MANY cases it will take a very steep Asshole learning curve to an ultimate goal That is you will get some explanation for WHY a command does what it does but eventually the author just decides to forget about explaining a function or command and just blasts through a ton of them without any context This makes it hard toearn the commands which is always WAY easier if you know WHY the command does what it does By Chapter 5 you are already The Arrangement likelyost just entering the commands it tells you to without any knowledge of what you are actually doing or why it gets the results on the screen that it does The approach is also a bit Harry and the Dinosaurs Have a Happy Birthday lame considering aot of what it wants you to do is database comparison and script building neither processes of which are done in a UNIX terminal any With software and GUI no professional in IT does either database creation or script building in the ways this book instructs the student It is ike earning how things were done in the 90 s ignoring all the progress software engineers in the The Boy on the Porch last th. Written with a clear straightforward writing style and packed with step by step projects for direct hands onearning Guide to UNIX Using Linux 4E is the perfect resource for Human Target (Human Target learning UNIX and Linux from the ground up Through the use of practical examples end of chapter reviews and interactive exercises novice users are transformed into confident UNIXLinux users who.

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