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N to this world does Dani know something we don t There is great chemistry between the two main characters and all the unworldly chaos initially causes barriers in adapting and excepting what has happenedI oved the way that the story is written from the view points of each of the characters and how you see their version of the the challenges that they have to try and overcome it gives an Extra Dimensional Twist That Adds Depth To The StoryIts A dimensional twist that adds depth to the storyIts a story with a host of mythical character to try and out outmaneuver and work withI oved reading this book its a real page turner and one I will turn to time and again The Storm Warrior novel is a complete story in its own right but has just enough outstanding elements that Never Let Me Go leaves you wanting of the same What a great introduction to the fairy world of Wales and a very good read It opened up new vistas for me as an Americaniving in Wales and I have researched the subject further on the net and have found it fasinating Storm Warrior is the first book in the Grim series by Dani Harper This was a great story that I definitely recommend readingThe characters are Final Reckoning (Babylon 5: Saga of Psi Corps, likable and well developed Their reactions are believable Morgan is kind to both people and animals She was easy to relate to andike Rhys is sweet and sexy I especially enjoyed his first experience with clothing I The Dreaming Jewels liked how Rhys wanted to protect Morgan yet wasn t overbearing Morgan was aittle annoying because she resisted the truth so much but I could understand her hesitationThe pace was uick and the plot was structured in a way that made sense and was consistent My only complaint was that it took a while to see what the goals of the story were Everything started kind of slow Around 10% into the book the reader gets the point of view of her dog which made it interesting By 11% there is some danger and action not counting what took place in the prologue Somewhere around this point of the story the romantic goal takes effect However it isn t until 35% of the way into

"the story that "
story that earn that the Tylwyth Teg want to kill RhysAlthough there isn t a ot of action in the first third of the book there is still enough mystery and tension for me to stay interested I was never boredThe best thing about Storm Warrior in my opinion was how the characters romantic relationship developed naturally Physical attraction didn t eual Greystone Tavern love or trust Morgan had to accept her situation before she couldet Rhys into her heart Another great thing about this book was the secondary characters who provided some comedic relief and showed through their interactions how Ryhs and Morgan were good peopleI really enjoyed reading Storm Warrior I am The Time Machine looking forward to reading the next book in the series Great weekend read Captivating story could not put it down Now reading others in series Extremely well written takes reader into charactersifeworld so well Leaves you wanting to pick up the nex. But even a The Voyeurs love that transcends time may not be strong enough to withstand the power of an ancient curseFrom the best selling author of Changeling Moon this stirring novel of passion and magicaunches an addictive new series for fans of paranormal romanc. .
What a fun book I Cordelias Honor (Vorkosigan Omnibus, love theegends that the author incorporates into her stories Found This Series Because It this series because it on sale and I really the first one and then bought all 4 in the series since I The Man-Kzin Wars like to reread books The audio is really pretty good iove istening to the accent and the interesting pronunciation of the words thus Far I Ve Only Listened To This One But I I ve only istened to this one but i that the others are similar It s an interesting read generally focused on the story and while there is some romance this was pretty clean So if you re interested in a fantastical story with a The Origins of the Cultural Revolution, Vol. 2 lot of mystical elements this is a fun book Rhys was cursed to be a dog a grim which it seems can cause mortals to die He meets Morgan as a dog and falls for her He saves her when she gets attacked but is mortally wounded in the process She saves him she s a vet And then through her selflessness saves him from an eternity of servitude It annoyed me just a bit that she refused to believe him but then again i m sure I d be just as disbelieving But overall Ioved that this was of a fantasy novel with a The Night Stalker (Robert Hunter, little romance thrown in The ending was a bit abrupt but the fantasy elements held my interest so much that i wanted to keep this series in myibrary On a offer so tried it a bit racier than I am used to however a good story and characters I wanted to know about I Mona Lisa Acelerada like myths andegends and clashes between the ancient and modern This ticked all those boxes I bought 2 in series based on the sample I read so fingers crossed Great book Enjoyed it very much The Grim Series by Dani HarperFYI this is a short review of the series so there will be a bit about each book in the reviewI Deaths End (Remembrance of Earth’s Past, loved this series and read all 4 books in a row Storm Warrior Storm Bound Storm Warned Storm Crossed Well actually Iistened to all 4 books I found it easier than trying to figure out the pronunciation of the occasional bit of Welsh The narrator was outstanding good use of voice good pacing and she got to figure out how to pronounce the WelshThe setting is Wales the Nine Realms of the Tylwyth Teg the Fae or Fair Folk of Welsh egend if you re thinking of Tolkein s elves forget it although impossibly beautiful most of them are NOT pleasant and tend to ook upon others as toys or pawns and modern Washington State The author mixes the politics of the Nine Realms the Wild Hunt Grims a Grim is a great black dog that serves as a herald of death and modern Washington with a side order of Ren Faires She does a good job of giving you what you need to know about Welsh history and mythology within the story flow without burying you in factsStorm WarriorHero Rhys a Welsh warrior who fought against the Romans approximately 2000 years ago After escaping from the Romans he is captured by the Tylwyth Teg and turned a GrimHeroine Morgan a Washington veterinarian visits Wales as part of a tour She keeps seeing this huge black dog everywhere they go and. Enslaved for millennia by the masters of the Welsh faery realm the fierce Celtic warrior Rhys is doomed to wander the earth forever But when a brave beauty unwittingly breaks the enchantment he is drawn into a strange new worldand an all consuming desireSe. ,

Feels sorry for it and offers it kindness After returning to Washington She Is Attacked And is attacked and have died should have died but the Grim intervenes sacrificing his immortality to save her He is badly injured but she is determined to save him taking him home to care for him after the surgery to save his Forbidden Planet life She is very surprised to find a naked man in place of her dog the next morning almost as surprised as he isThe remainder of the story involves Rhys finding a place in Morgan s world and Morgan sife with many complications thrown in by the Tylwyth Teg on the way to their happily ever afterStorm BoundHero Aidan a 12th century Welsh blacksmith is taken by Fae BoundHero Aidan a 12th century Welsh blacksmith is taken by Fae on his wedding day His refusal to dishonor his fianc e and come to her bed enrages her and he is changed into a Grim until he agreesHeroine Brooke a modern day witch who accidentally saves Aiden from death Since the princess is not happy to have ost her toy complications resultStorm WarnedHero Liam is a musician whose world crashed when his wife was unfaithful in iving color on YouTube He is now a reclusive farmer who has given up music in all formsHeroine Caris is an 18th century Welsh farm girl with a gift for music that is truly magical Taken by a plotting Fae princeling Caris and her ability to influence others with her music is stored for future use by turning her into a Grim Complications ensueStorm CrossedHeroes Trahern a Fae sorcerer becomes part of the Wild Hunt in his efforts to save his twin brother Braith from the machinations of their mother who has turned him into a GrimHeroine Lissy Santiago Callahan the single mother of an autistic child who seems to have access to great magical powersTime passes while they ride with the Hunt and Trahern continues to attempt to free Braith but to no avail Then suddenly Braith attaches himself to a child a human child and refuses to Cloud Atlas leave Trahern is fearful but comes to realize that he too wants to protect the child and the mother Both Trahern and Lissy feel that mortal and immortal have nothing in common but they find they do And yes complications arise both from the Fae world and from the real world difficulties of raising an autistic childEach story serves well as a stand alone but there is aot character overlap Can you read them without having read them all or in the right order Sure but I think reading them in order enriches the stories but that may just be me There is also appears to be a series arc going on with Lurien the Lord of the Wild Hunt and Gwenhidw Widowed Ueen Of The FaeThe Grim Series Of This WritingStorm ueen of the FaeThe Grim series of this writingStorm BoundStorm WarnedStorm CrossedI truly hope the author continues the series Brilliant Storm Warrior by Dani Harper is an excellent readAs all Dani Harper books the characters eap off the page and into your heartAlthough the story has Celtic Fae Grimm s and other mythical characters in it this story ine slots seamlessly Nsible Morgan doesnt believe in magicuntil a mysterious being saves her from a fate worse than death and ife as she knows it changes forever Now the man of her dreams has become flesh and blood igniting a spark in Morgans soul which science cannot explain.

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Storm Warrior (Grim Book 1)