[The Silent Wife: A gripping emotional page turner with a twist that will take your breath away] Read É Kerry Fisher

This book was really well written and enjoyable It did mention in the reviews that she was similar to Liane Moriarty who I m a big fan of Unfortunately I came across this book while I was browsing thrillers This book is categorized as a thriller but it is not a thriller At all It s a wonderful story about family that is very emotionally charged but it s not in any way a thriller Anyone specifically looking for a thriller will be disappointed by this book The topic of abuse #That Is Feared And #is feared and behind the walls of a home is not a pleasant feel good topic but I am pleased to know that this difficult topic is making its way into novels The two women who have married brothers seem unlikely to form a bond or friendship However as and secrets are revealed the I really related to both narratives of Lara and Maggie it was like having two friends from different avenues of life when ou re the glue that binds these relationships Reading about the same incident but from an alternative never opposed or opposite point of view It would of been easy for the author to write a she saw it like this but SHEsaw it like that The clever observations complimented each other I was engrossed in the blended families versus traditional families and what other people think is going on behind closed doorsAs a daughter of a strong tempered father I sensed the undercurrent before I read it so clever where her descriptionsDomestic violence "isn t a symptom of poverty poor education or broken marriages Its misery is the same whether in a poor "t a symptom of poverty poor education or broken marriages Its misery is the same whether in a poor estate #Or In A Beautiful Detached #in a beautiful detached homeWell done to the author for delving into this complex and not talked about issue whilst still creating a funny humorous and honest account of family life I really enjoyed this book The different characters of two brothers Family secrets The ghost of the first wife threatening the happiness of the second The sinister spectre of domestic abuse There was a reality about this story that made uncomfortable reading at times but always within context Excellent writing I had Mona Loves Monsters 2, Werewolf Sex Curse yet to find a book I enjoyed as much as Girl on a train until now I cant put it down and will be sorry when it ends This book was completely out of the range. Wouldou risk everything for the man The Seventh Mother you loved Even ifou knew hed done something terribleA heart wrenching and gripping tale I was hooked from the very first page Write Escape Laras life looks perfect on the surface Gorgeous doting husband Massimo sweet little son Sandro and the perfect home Lara knows something about Massimo Something she cant tell anyone else or everything he has worked so hard for will be destroyed his job their reputation their son This secret is keeping Lara a prisoner in her marriage Maggie is married to Massimos brother Nico and lives with him and her troubled stepdaughter She knows all of Nicos darkest secrets or so she thinks Then one day she discovers a letter in the attic which reveals a shocking secret about Nicos first wife Will Maggie set the record straight or keep silent to protect those she loves For a family held together by lies the truth will come at a devastating price A USA Today bestseller a heart wrenching emotionally gripping read for fans of Amanda Prowse Liane Moriarty and Diane Chamberlain What everyon. .

And nuances made it difficult to follow And the promised twist was nothing as promised There was no twist at all Predictable all the way to the end I was disappointed and a bit mad at the time and money wasted It was a big promise to make and the only one that led me to buy this book I don t feel "as if there s anything I could honestly recommend to anyone considering this as a purchase All I can " if there s anything I could honestly recommend to anyone considering this as a purchase All I can is don #T Bother I Think #bother I think was a great summer read Not what I usually pick but I was delighted with it It dragged a little at the beginning but then as the drama increased I looked forward to my reading time and I could definately see myself in one of the characters and could imagine the turmoil of all the family feelings I liked the way she wrote it from both the 2 womans prospective I think its well worth our time and enjoyment First book I ve read by Kerry Fisher and won t be the last Got into the book fairly uickly which I like Found it to be a real page turner Normally just read in bed at night but had to pick this one up during the day A few twists and turns kept me wanting to find out what happens next Great characters and good picture of the scenes set contributing to bringing the story to life Very enjoyable Would recommend Such a gripping story I was hooked from the beginningSo many books have the same type of ending and I was expecting a murder or two thrown in there but the reality of this story made me love it the way it was written The emotions the rage the fear frustration and love that are shown made me feel like I was part of the Farinelli FAMILY HATING ANA FOR BEING SO STUCK UP AND hating Ana for being so stuck up and The events themselves made me change my opinion on different characters and then come back and realise just how easily people can make ou believe in them and how diabolical they can beEvery family carries secrets that can hurt one member or another every family has an insane dynamic making new members feel like outsiders but the ones who truly love will eventually be welcomed with open armsThe abused women mothers and wives standing tall at the end give all those victims out there a ray of hopeIt is a book and it s fiction but some aspects of it feel so real that they cannot be denied. Ou on a rollercoaster ride The Wasted Generation: Memoirs Of The Romanian Journey From Capitalism To Socialism And Back youll never want to leave Phenomenally written and undeniably powerful Kerry Fisher has done itet again The Writing Garnet My only regret about this book is beginning to read it at half term and not being able to finish it uicker A gripping and emotional read De Ja Reads It is rare that a book will make A Greek Grammar for Colleges you look atour own personality and inspire American Public School Finance you to be a better person A less judgmental person A braver person The Silent Wife did that for me and in the most unexpected way I gasped laughed and cried The Glass House Girls I loved this book I was riveted throughout 5 stars Emma B books The Silent Wife had me engrossed from page one Five Stars Boons Bookcase Another five star read from Kerry Fisher I love Kerry Fishers books and this was no exception Strongly Review A wonderful poignant heart breaking heart warming story of families and secrets of hidden strength and unexpected friendship Brilliant Very highly recommended Cannot wait for Kerrys next Renita DSilva This book was previously titled The Secrets of Second Wives. I normally read but it was wonderful A family always has problems and usually we all have our secrets Yet being a step parentou always walk a fine line If All the World and Love Were Young yet give to where at timesou wonder if it is worth it When I was not reading this book I was thinking about it I put myself in all their places and I just HAD to get back to reading to see what was going to happen Kerry Fisher did #A Beautiful Job On Making #beautiful job on making feel as if ou were part of this extended family and now I m sad I am finished This book is told from the perspectives of two wives finished This book is told from the perspectives of two wives to rich Italian brothers One of the wives is keeping a secret that she doesn t want to let out for fear of hurting the people in her lives It s a true testament that one never knows what goes on behind the closed doors of married couples In particular those who seem to have it allThere were also parts in this story that had me laughing out loud as well I truly enjoyed this story and "read it in only three days I will look to from this author I wasn t "it in only three days I will look to from this author I wasn t looking for a book at that time as I have a few unread books on my kindle but I started to read the sample and got hooked I then couldn t stop and it became one of those books ou just HAVE TO finish Including leaving housework staying up late and generally just sitting in a chair readingWith an undertone of secrecy all the way to the end The Final Mission you just need to find out what happens The characters are portrayed strongly and everything is described so wellou almost feel like A Taste for Red you re a fly on the wall Full of twists and turns within a family it s full of typical actions and behavioursou could expect from an in laws family at least in my experience anyway and it really reminds me of why I am so glad and really happy to be single I am a snotty English major with a few advanced degrees hooked on science fiction and the headier type of literature I needed an audible book for the car and grabbed this one because it was the first on the list I could have driven across country without stopping Fantastic characterization intriguing plot really a perfect summer read and the audible narrator is delightful I have already purchased another book by Kerr The language is a bit difficult Lots of British slang. Es saying about The Silent WifeA compulsive read about secrets lies and the complexities of families Bloomin Brilliant Books What a great novel this is A very moving story filled with deception betrayal and contrastingly loyalty love caring and forgiveness and it has a brilliant ending Splashes Into Books Well this book is a firecrackeryou will experience a rollercoaster of emotions with laughter sadness and a satisfying ending that will bring a lump to Old Loyalties, New Ties: Therapeutic Strategies With Stepfamilies your throat Many Books Many Lives A fantastic thought provoking story told with pace and style Laura Bambrey Books My heart broke The plot is so well written thatou begin to feel as though Party Favours: A Novel you are one of the family and it is packed with twists and turns The Reading Reverie A page turner full of implied secrets unravelling family lives new family dynamics Bookworms and Shutterbugs An addictive novel about family dynamics secrets and betrayals that will haveour mouth hanging open in disbelief many times along the way Books of All Kinds A compelling chilling and heart pounding read which will take The Silent Wife: A gripping emotional page turner with a twist that will take our breath away