Lire [ A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew, 2nd Edition (English and Hebrew Edition)] Auteur Par J. Weingreen

CORRIDA REGARDS yNot what is pictured musty and tiny hard to read returning Was absolutely wonderful for the price Thankou S If ou want a GRAMMER of Biblical Hebrew imho this is the one to have Gesinius work is fine for later on But To Begin The Study You Need to begin the study ou need good grounding and an instructor If Hind Yatra / ہند یاترا you can find them get Barrick and Buzenitz s Hebrew Grammar inpdf download on the net along with the videos online BH 503 and 504 it uses this grammar as a basis find their workbook too inpdf online along with the TMS vids by dr Barrick and these books THIS GRAMMAR IS THE BASIS of dr Barricks Grammarou want to LEARN Biblical Hebrew then by all means get this book and try to find the rest and Organize for Complexity you will have a complete AT HOME Biblical Hebrew Course and ifou apply Hind Yatra / ہند یاترا your brainou will learn BH in a very easy manner I love this book find a copy please I have tried to learn Hebrew by myself for 18 Cuba in War Time years This book has answers to all my uestions which are not in any of the multiple books I have It was recommended by Dr Joel Hoffman as the best It certainly is Easy to follow Weingreen s book is fairly heavy going It is fundamentally 80ears old in its approach If worked through assiduously it will give a pretty good grasp of classical hebrew I just wish it was less dense But perhaps language learning is always a bit of struggle for those who are not natural linguists Book was exactly as described always a bit of a for those who are not natural linguists Book was exactly as described arrived on the date promised. Kly as possible to a working knowledge of classical Hebrew Includes vocabularies tables and indexes and irregular verbs are rationalized philiogicall. ,

By J. Weingreen É 8 DOWNLOAD


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Be coaxed into producing a key If not this superb primer will only be of limited superb primer will only be of limited to beginners Dlivery safely Thank ou Using this text in my Hebrew class At first a little worried about it but the professor s guidance and teaching it is a great text for learning Old Testament Hebrew grammar and language Within just a few weeks I was already translating simple Hebrew sentences I don t know if I could have used this without an instructor s help though I am on track for Hebrew proficiency and Jacob Weingreen s book is my 3rd grammar book that I have studied and I found that this book takes the student to the next level of Hebrew study I spent nearly 1 ear in the book studying three exercises every three weeks I would repeat those exercises three times during the three week stretch Hebrew reuires daily consistent study and with Mr Weingreen at Journeymage (The Spellmonger, your sideou will find Don't You Forget About Me yourself on track for Hebrew proficiency I recommend this book for students who have first learned simple noun sentence structure prepositions and simple verb structure ie al and so forth thenou can delve deep into Weingreen s grammar The reading exercises are designed to get The Titus Mandate you reading not only uickly but with comprehension of the actual text Grammar rules are taught in order of importance and each chapter builds on the previous chapters This is a wonderful tool and a tool that is capable to teach almost anyone Hebrew book was. Distinguished work Free from heavy technicalities and featuring Hebrew English and English Hebrew exercises Weingreen's grammar introducesou as uic. Shipped and arrived two days earlier
than listed datepurchased 
listed datePurchased very good Dust jacket was faded stained and had a rip at the bottom book had some damage on lower spine and a bent cornerMost important is that the text and pages are clean and unmarked which is my top concern with purchasing used booksI used this text in my beginning Hebrew class ears back In spite of the small print it remains my favorite beginning Hebrew grammar This grammar is a classic in old style grammars It is filled with vital information for beginner and intermediate students of biblical Hebrew The exercises fully incorporate the grammar learned in each lesson The approach takes the student on a logical journey through the language reinforcing the rules as ou mov form simple to complex Don t let the first 25 pages deter our study It gets better uickly after that rough beginning I learned Hebrew at university through the medium of Weingreen s Practical Grammar As Hebrew at university through the medium of Weingreen s Practical Grammar As Reference Book It Is Top Notch As A Grammar Exercise book it is top notch As a grammar exercise however it is unhelpful as it lacks a key How is a student studying on their own to correct exercises How indeed Weingreen deliberately refrained from writing a key in order to keep lazy students out of temptation s way But this is a drawback to learning a difficult language like Hebrew Students must have access to correct answers if they are progress and not repeat errors Perhaps Oxford University Press should. Dr Weingreen recognized the need among first ear students for a simple direct and reasonable system of learning classical Hebrew so he devised this.  A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew, 2nd Edition (English and Hebrew Edition)

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