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I facilitated a book club for five 11 and 12 year old irls They all rated the book positively The book meanders through 21 chapters with cute titles such as Chapter SIXTEEN BILLION Bandits Moon gotcha a non existent chapter As the title suggests magic features throughout the book including lessons on how to perform magic tricks I found the book to be written in a clever way to introduce youth into many words having a similar meaning weasel con artist scam nick something racket and shellame to provide some examples I enjoyed the book since there Are Many Opportunities To many opportunities to meaningful discussions with a small The Hare with Amber Eyes A Family's Century of Art and Loss group of avid readers There is a very strong message thatood always outweighs evil My 9 year

granddaughter Tegan really took to What better recommendation She read it on a car journey from West Wales to Kent This is an amazing book my 12 year old boy hates reading but he couldn t put this down we Mr Corbett's Ghost and Other Stories got a second copy it s thatood my boy doesn t want to let his brothers have his copy lol Carter has special skills but he has never believed in magic only in tricks When he meets a Constable Colgans Connectoscope group of friends just like him and is welcomed into the fold he starts wondering if magic just might existI love that Carter s character is down to earth with a little self doubt to teach a young reader about self confidence and has very strong beliefs about right and wrong Each misfit has his or her own special skill and uirky personality to keep young readers interested and entertained The book contains illustrations puzzles activities magic trick tutorials and is packed with humorous misdirection Is it just me or does one of the Mr Vernons bear a striking resemblance to NPHI found it refreshing that there is no reference made to modern technology ie cellphones laptops tablets but the story does talk about and to modern society topics that are important for young readers to read about ie adoption having two moms or two dads instead a traditional household of a mom and dad and children with disabilities The story is funny and heart warming and made me remember how much fun. A New York Times bestseller and USA Today bestselling book From award winning actor Neil Patrick Harris comes the magical first book in a new series with plenty of tricks up its sleeve When street magician Carter runs away he never expects to find friends and magic in a sleepy New England town But like anyood trick things change instantly as reedy BB Bosso and his crew of cro.  The Magic Misfits (The Magic Misfits, 1)It was to watch ood uys beat Bad Guys Cartoons On A Saturday MorningI guys cartoons on a Saturday morningI a paperback copy of the book instead of eBook or Audiobook as the puzzles are uite tricky to solve on an electronic version The book is also listed as middle rade but my recommendation is that it is suited my recommendation is that it is suited 7 to 9 year old young bookwormsFavorite uote Carter wondered if he was beginning to believe in magic Not the kind where you can actually make things disappear or cast a spell but the kind in magic Not the kind where you can actually make things disappear or cast a spell but the kind you can t sleep because you re so full of joy that you stay awake and watch the sun come up The magical misfits is a truly wonderful and amazing bookI would read again and rate it 4 and 210 starsThe above is a review by my extr Great book for a 9 year old The uick way to describe this book is six kid magicians solving a mystery narrated by a No Foreign Food The American Diet in Time and Place Geographies of the Imagination goofy Lemony SnicketWe follow the story of a runaway away magician Carter a young boy who wants to belong to a proper family When Carter ran away from his uncle s clutches he found himself in a little town called Mineral Wells and tangled in a mystery There he meets Leila Theo Ridley Olly and Izzy Together they create a small team called the Magic Misfists and try to reveal BB Bosso for the crook that he isBetween the narrator and the diverse character cast Harris created a modern Lemony Snicket No one character is the same and the narrator himself is a character of his ownCarter is benevolent young boy who mysteriously lost his parents and was forced to live with his crook uncle Sly Mike Just a young boy desperate to fit in and have a real family againLeila is a fiery ethnic of unknown origin so farirl who lives with her two dads a magician and a chef I see what you did there NPH She dreams of being an escape artist magician and learning magic with her friendsTheo is a black The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Tales of Terror gentleman who always wears a suit and lives with a musician dad and an artist mom As a magician who specializes in levitation he uses his violin that he keeps in his suit at all times to make things moveRidley is intelligentirl who is bound to a wheelchair but it. Oked carnies arrive to steal anything and everything they can et their sticky fingers on After a fateful encounter with the local purveyor of illusion Dante Vernon Carter teams up with five other like minded illusionists Together using both teamwork and magic they'll set out to save the town of Mineral Wells from Bosso's villainous clutches These six Magic Misfits will soon dis. .
Doesn t stop her from making things appear in the blink of an eye She makes sure the misfits don t et into too much troubleOlly and Izzy are a performing twin duo who know how to magically appear in random places to entertain the audienceWith such diverse characters there is sure to be someone that any kid picking up the book can identify withwithout being magicians of courseThroughout the Magic Misfits the reader is kid picking up the book can identify withwithout being magicians of courseThroughout the Magic Misfits the reader is uick magic tips that makes one feel like a magician too and that maybe it is not that hard The narrator makes sure to explain some tricks in such a simple manner that even a dog could do itI was really impressed with Harris way of story telling while it can be argued that it is very similar to Lemony Snicket s style of story telling Harris created a uirky The Escape of the Deadly Dinosaur USA go lucky narrator that wants the audience to laugh and cheer for the characters rather than feel pity for the character s life Even though Magic Misfists is a Middle Grade novel I believe it is still a novel YA readers will find themselves enjoying especially if you are a Lemony Snicket fan455 I love Neil Patrick Harris There is something very magnetic about thisuy I don t always agree with him but honestly who agrees with anyone all the time LolI bought this book to pre read for my daughtersIT WAS AMAZINGA wonderful read You could hear NPH read it along with you it drips with his articulation and rhythm It s laced with magical tidbits and tricksI m looking forward to reading to my LittleLadies and maybe etting copies for my siblings familiesI also loved that it pushing friendships not romantic relationships which is "Always A Plus In My OpinionSide Note "a plus in my opinionSide note diversity one kid is in a wheel chair one tuxedo clad boy homeless kid and a irl adopted by two dads Reading with my 9 year old son Illustrations throughout the book are interesting and is an interactive book We love it My 9 7 year old kids absolutely loved this book as did I I ve been reading this aloud to them over several bedtimes and it was a real pleasure for all of us Will definitely et the next book Highly recommende. Cover adventure friendship and their own self worth in this delightful new seriesPsst Hey you Yes you Congratulations on reading this far As a reward I'll let you in on a little secret This book isn't just a book It's a treasure trove of secrets and ciphers and codes and even tricks Keep your eyes peeled and you'll discover than just a story you'll learn how to make your own mag. .

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