EPUB Edit Better: Hollywood–Tested Strategies for Powerful Video Editing Par Par Jeff Bartsch

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Edit Better: Hollywood-Tested Strategies or Powerful Video Editing

By Jeff Bartsch ☆ 0 ree download

As I often do whenever someone mentions that they are an author Over the course of his presentation i realized that jeff both knew presentation I realized that Jeff both knew craft intimately and also excelled at conveying his experience in a way that was both engaging and easy to comprehend His at conveying his experience in a way that was both engaging and easy to comprehend His was dynamite and buying his book was a no brainerFast orward to today and I ve just inished reading his book Edit Better The book is directed towards anyone that wishes "to get better at their craft This spoke directly to me "get better at their craft This spoke directly to me I loved learning about both editing strategy the telescope and techniues the microscopeThere were several useful nuggets of information in this book that will completely change the way that I edit uture videos In particular his approach to seuencing attention magnets blew my mind It s powerful yet simple and makes you wonder why you didn t always approach editing this wayAt a technical level I appreciated that he covered when to cut between shots how to best implement transitions the importance of using music text to direct viewer attention and some simple rules that govern the use of subtitles The sections about audio compression sound E color correction and the organization of A Texas Rangers Christmas footage were also helpfulI ll recommend this book to as manyolks as possible going The Bosss Double Trouble Twins forward It s perfector anyone who is transitioning The Cowboys Way (The Good, the Bad and the Texan, from talking head videos to of a shot based approach or simply wants to make their videos visually engagingIn my case I ve been holding off on a beast of a project daunted by the intensity of editing and mixing dialoguestory with visual elements This book has saved my project and given me the courage to tackle this project in the right wayThanks to the authoror having taken time to write such an incredibly helpful book If you re looking The Cowboys Way / Snowed in with Her Ex for a book that takes you througheatures of different editing packages this isn t the book Texan for the Taking for you If you want something that provides an overview of the editing process and things to consider to get great results then this is the bookor yo. Of TV and video editing no matter your editing tools Author Jeff Bartsch lays out both big picture strategies and practical boots on the ground tactics Home for Erring and Outcast Girls for powerful communication Goingar beyond mere button pushing Jeff good naturedly blends communication theory marketing behavioral psychology neuroscience and nuts and bolts details of editing application 生きてるだけで、愛。 [Ikiteru dake de, ai] from years of experience in Hollywood the storytelling capital of the wor. S useful It should be a no brainieror people wanting to up their game as editorsMy criticism of the book though and why it loses one star in rating and I very nearly deducted 2 stars rom it is that ironically it needs well better editing The author badly needs to take Walter Murch s advice "And Cut Out The Bad "cut out the bad In this case the bad stuff is the irst 20 or so chapters That stuff is nonesense imo and it makes a bad Their Secret Royal Baby first impression and greatly reduces the probability that the reader is going to make it to the really good stuff before setting down the book inrustration It s a bunch of abstract weird uestionable and non useful discussion No editing is not like building a house No it s not like Newton s laws of motion No it s not like any of the other bizarre things that you are comparing it to and even if it were all those bizarre comparisons are not really helpful and nor is the rest of that discussion imo That s just my opinion though others may disagree But in any case the rest of it is really good so I m going to just Get Out of Your Comfortzone forget thoseirst 20 chapters exist lol Get the book it s good and it will very likely help you with your editing As other reviewers have stated and as advertised this book is about the nuts and bolts of making a good stated and as advertised this book is about the nuts and bolts of making a good It has nearly No Technical Details And technical details and hardware and software agnostic A uick and easy read it illed in a lot of gaps in my knowledge that the technical books don t seem to address I d recommend this book to novice and intermediate editors AND producers videographers and anyone involved in the post process TL DRBuy this book Although it s written in a laid back voice the book covers several interesting topics that would be beneficial to editors at any level Easily worth the price and time that it takes to inish I walked away with insights and plenty of notes Highly recommendedLonger ReviewJeff mentioned this book when introducing himself during a pre recorded virtual summit a To Tame a Rogue few weeks ago I wrote it down without much of a thought. Madeor video editors who consider themselves advanced hobbyists or growth minded professionals artists who know that the tools of editing matter The West Virginian far less than the knowledge of how to use those tools powerfully This audiobook does not illuminate the workings of Avid Final Cut or Premiere and is not a meditation onilm editing What it is a provocative wide ranging collection of strategies and tactics or the creative application. ,
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OhMyGodCan nobody write an affordable book on the mechanics of editing videoI can ind rednecks on YouTube waxing elouent on the use of B RollBut I can "t ind anything like that hereI don t care when the author started piano lessons or "find anything like that hereI don t care when the author started piano lessons or many were in his high school graduating classI did give up 13 of the way inAnother waste of time and money EVERYone who would make videos worth
Watching Would Probably Benefit Significantly 
would probably benefit significantly this OK if your parents ARE both Jeff Bartsch clones then maybe you already know this allbut if not I also recommend Video Rules can t remember the author this moment Tempting the Demon for better understanding of good shots Story Genius by Lisa Cron which is both story human psychology genius chattyun too May all our work begin good become excellent UPDATEIf you want competence in Audio engineeringthen please get Nathan Nyuist s kindlesprobably starting with Bus Compression Frameworkfor utter comprehension of how audio shaping can be completely shaped controlledHope this helpsSalut Namaste Kaizen eh I do recommend this book I graduated The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs: The Investor's Guide to Defining Your Renovation Plan, Building Your Budget, and Knowing Exactly How Much It All Costs (BiggerPockets Presents...) fromilm school a couple years ago and I keep myself busy making independent ilms which I edit myself I ve taken a couple of editing classes and have now edited a dozen ilms or so I consider myself a competent editor but I m always reading researching listening to others and looking The Unknown Wife (Harlequin Historical Subscription, for ways to improve my craftFirst off I m glad that Iound this book and have learned some things that I consider valuable A Bride for Kolovsky (House of Kolovsky from it Mostly the author s extensive list of rules along with explanations anecdotes and in many cases accompanying videos on his website These rules make up the second half of the book Great stuff Yes some of them are things that I already had ingrained into merom school some of them were things that were intuitive and I just did without really giving it much thought and some were new concepts that I look The Moon for Lavinia forward to exploring in my next editing project which I m just starting now It s an inexpensive book it s a uick read and it. Imagine pushing a magic button in your video editing software labeled better Any project you edit turns out exactly how you planned every single time Your audience is absolutely spellbound wiping tearsrom their eyes laughing out loud or sitting in stunned silence as they see the world in a different way The Lady In Red for theirst time Bad news That button doesn't exist Good news Edit Better shows you how to get there anyway Edit Better was. ,