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Ritualist (The Completionist Chronicles Book 1)

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The series Another great story rom THE AUTHOR WHO HELPED DEFINE THE author who helped define the core subgenreTldr Good story well thought out mechanics decent charactersSpoilers may ollow after this lineWe ollow a mans journey through personal disaster into a brand new world of rules and adventure The opening is reasonably standard Drugstore Cowboy fare giving u I enjoyed the book alot and will be buying the next book as soon as iinish typing this review My only issues are that during the story there is a big uest that is uickly glossed over and possibly Writers Digest Guide to Magazine Article Writing forgotten and an ability which appears to be amazing based on other peoples reactions to it but the ability is never shown again after its initial use Just a bit confused hopefuly the later books will resolve these issuesor Nd delves into the mysteries of his class which he uickly discovers can only be practiced in secret Ultimately his goal is to complete every mission master every ability and learn all of the world's secretsAll he
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