Télécharger Advanced Techniques in Day Trading: A Practical Guide to High Probability Strategies and Methods

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Savage Spawn jO something different Not to rain on your parade but if you can t afford do this don t uit your dayob *Trading Is Hard Enough And *is hard enough and about paying bills would make it impossibleFor the past several years I dabbled in trading and found it really interesting and moderately profitable mostly swing really interesting and moderately profitable mostly swing but I knew that to replace my income by trading I needed to become a active trader who constantly monitored price action each dayThis is by far the best book I ve read on day trading Aziz doesn t pull any punches and lets the reader know that successful trading is going to take time and a lot of hard work He also provides fantastic charts from his past trades the setups rationale strategy and psychology behind successful trading More importantly Aziz alerts you on what NOT to do I ve put these bad practices to the test in my paper trading account and almost every time I blow up my fake account in a few daysAziz also shows his end of the day P L which allows you to back calculate the kind of buying power you will need to "Achieve Similar Results Usually "similar results usually of 1 15k per day at least on his good days that were published This kind of comprehensive insight is not available in any other text I ve read and I find myself returning to this book often I ve read many books on technical analysis technical indicators swing trading and I ve also read Aziz previous book which is where you should start if you re brand new to day tradingThe bottom line is that is full of day trading books and you should be leery of any book published under s Createspace publishing especially if they have over 45 stars and are full of bogus reviews that were all written within 2 weeks of publication despite the book being 3 years old These books are almost entirely written by unsuccessful traders who get a few bucks for every copy they sell after having lost their entire fortune to the market then glean repeat income from their book sales books which provide little than a glossary of termsI recently became a member of Bull Bear Traders and find their chatroom insightful and unintimidating yet the members have the mentality of professional traders and keep me tuned in from pre market to close I always learn something new Definitely not a bunch of warrior traders looking to get rich on a 500 account trading penny stocksI have not been contacted by Aziz or Bear Bull Traders and am receiving no compensations for this review I respect Aziz credentials the community he has built and his commitment to teaching If you are looking for the best book on day trading spend the nominal fee and get this book It might give you the clarity and confidence to step boldly into a new trading careerI ll update this review at the end of the year I think Andrew Aziz has some great information in this book but I m a bit disappointed Some of the reviewers on here are clearly fake Even with. Nd plenty of useful information easily explained within the audiobook  In this audiobook you'll learn   How to start day trading as a business  How to day trade stocks not gamble on them  How to choose a direct access broker and reuired tools and platforms  How to plan important day trading strategies  How to execute each trading strategy in detail entry exit stop loss  How to manage the trading pla.

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Clearly explained with lots of examples to study Strategies are discussed at length when to trade them and how they can be spotted take up a good chunk of the bookAndrew doesn t preach we are reminded that what works for one person might not work for another There is no get rich uick solution Only hard work commitment study and disciplineThis book revised a lot of the material in his first book but it also builds on that to take the subject further if you enjoyed the first book first book but it also builds on that to take *THE SUBJECT FURTHER IF YOU ENJOYED *subject further if you enjoyed first book detail examples and new strategies Well worth the money and time spent on it I will come back to it again and again Finally I got a perfect perfect 100% perfect book on day tradingAfter reading the entire book I am writing this review No need of purchasing the beginner s book you can Londons Late Night Scandal (Midnight Secrets, jump start from this book itselfexplained everything in detailI read many books but all those book s stratagies were helpful for swing and positional trading Strategies explained in this book perfectly suit for day trading If you want to be a day trader without second thought purchase it I have bought both of Andrews Aziz books How to Day Trade for a Living and Advanced Techniues in Day Trading I find the authors style of writing extremely easy to follow and very informative for what is a very dry subject for me I managed to finish both books within a few days of receiving each and both left me wanting to delve deeper into the subject They are fairly meaty books particularly the second with very well written glossaries at the end Andrew provides links to his website and apdf file which has all the figures and graphs reproduced in colour which can be blown up significantly enhancing their readability He also produces some detailed YouTube videos which further explain the subject I m not certain you need to read the first book if you intend to buy the second but if you are undecided the first book is an easier read and the subject is so deep that it is probably beneficial to go over the basics twice I have one suggestion that in my opinion would improve these books Andrew provides lots of examples of trades he took with good results and while helpful I would have liked to have seen a lot losing examples as I think you learn from them if you can identify the cause andor mistakes made Preface This review is notust about the book but it s also about the author his work BearBullTraders and your Lasciviousness journey to becoming a daytrader If you don t want to read all that you can skip to the TLDRI ve also read Aziz s prior book so I picked this one up on release as I found that book to be an easy read It covers a lot of what the prior book did but adds on to the knowledge base with strategies low float based etc If you re familiar with the prior book or have some experience in markets you may be able toust ump straight to this one If you are not confident in your foundation reading both. This well thought out training regimen begins with an in depth look at the necessary tools of the trade including your scanner software and platform and then moves to practical advice on subjects such as how to find the right stocks to trade how to define support and resistance levels and how to best manage your trades in the stress of the moment An extensive review of proven trading strategies follows all. Would be good as this one can serve as reinforcement expansion Yes there s a lot of overlap but I believe it A compact s a lot of overlap but I believe it A compact of knowledge has been provided in a clear concise and genuine way One of the biggest positives I can say about Andrew
approach in both of his is the genuineness with which it has been written It is like an objective view of day trading which is what I would imagine any reader would want to know Anything anecdotal is omitted and this would make sense for a reader looking to understand a particular concept like Day Trading For Example It trading For example it wouldn t make sense for a reader to read about the level of difficulty the author may experience to day trade as this is purely subjective to the individual Various marketing schemes talk about how easy money can be made which can skew the consumers mindset What would be important is to provide an objective view and the author has done a fantastic ob at this The book provides a solid foundation in itself for a beginner to get started but this would only be the beginning of the Apologia Libri de Reditibus Ecclesiasticis journey Subseuent re reading of the book would certainly benefit as the novice gains practical trading experience but to have the available content compiled into one book certainly assists the steep learning curve and expedites the process Also the various chapters give the reader all the key areas that reuire learning so subseuent research can be tailored to those areas it is simply up to the reader whether they wish to take action Excuse the headline but i wanted to get your attention The contents of this book for 99p is absolutely ridiculous value and for those that have given tried to this book and the author a one star review are most probably those searching for the holy grail push button money with zero effort kinda wannabe traders Trading is an art of consistency notust a science Yes one or two things could be explained a little precisely for those that are inexperienced or completely new to trading but the content is right on the money Great book and for 99p i highly recommended it If you re looking for the holy grail trading system then don t buy it and go to vegas instead This author knows his stuff and is one of the top traders in the world worth learning from Read this book several times and put into practice what you ve learnt and understood Happy Trading Three months ago I resigned from my 6 figure career as a research scientist at a fortune 500 company to pursue day trading I was weary of the constant travel the politics and the lack of leadership Let me also mention that I had already amassed a comfortable nest egg and could afford to lose 50k in a trading account without hardship and my wife is currently employed as a professional who makes 6 figures so we can allow time for me to paper trade in a simulator indefinitely until I become consistently profitable or decide to Amply illustrated with real examples from recent trades  Risk management is addressed including tips on how to determine proper entry profit targets and stop losses Lastly to bring it all together there’s a “behind the scenes” look at the author’s thought process as he walks you through a number of trades  While aimed at the listener with some exposure to day trading the novice trader will also fi. Advanced Techniques in Day Trading: A Practical Guide to High Probability Strategies and Methods