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Eing slightly miserable And not miserable as in interesting miserable but miserable as in that whiny professor in the corner of the room who in that whiny professor in the corner of the room who every odd mn party they re invited to miserable Why is it that almost all award winning novels o way out of their way deliberately out of their way to show off what pretty language that author knows completely removing the reader from

natural pace and rhythm of story itself Why can no academically revered novel simply let the reader et lost in the actual story which is the entire point of a novel even existing Why is it that academes are so fascinated by mediocre EveryPeople living in bland surroundings who do nothing with their unremarkable lives and yet somehow still manage to make a whole series of terrible life decisions Why do so many people in the academic community think that this makes for fascinating literature and why do they think we should sympathize or even care about such oblivious socially retarded chumpsIt s the Queen great mystery of the arts I m beginning to understand as CCLaP has me reading academically revered award winning novels on a regular basis for the first time in my life that the exact novels most lauded by this community are the very ones least fitting the definition of an entertaining novel the ones that instead most call attention to themselves as precious works of art fit for years of overeducated analysis instead of simple pleasure And in this Iuess the so called mainstream literature community is just like any community of Last Ranker - Be The Last One (Last Ranker - Be The Last One genre fans as well in that they are constantly in need of justifying their existence too constantly in need of explaining why anyone should devote such time and energy doing delicate little analyses of barely readable books It s disappointing to be sure to realize that these revered prize lists are in actuality not a reliable way at all to simply findood books by Sick Kids in Love good authors it s a lesson about the arts I m reminded of again by The Gravedigger s Daughter a lesson I think I ll be paying attention to in the futureOut of 10 48And since we re on the subjectSheesh Oates will you please stop using exclamation marks Over and over In awkward places in your paragraphs To make your point Crazy you are driving me Good literature this is not Oh and speaking of which why like Yoda all your Jewish characters talk Slightly offensive in a hazily defined way it is UGH this book drove me crazy Iuess I liked this book but reading it once is plenty for me It was very well written but I just could not handle how ungodly depressing it was Honestly the main character can t seem to Intimate Secrets (The Love and Danger Series go ten pages withoutetting the shit kicked out of her literally and figuratively by all the Mean Bad Men in her life First there s her father who The Deliberate Church goes apeshit when his daughter dares to enter a spelling bee I still don tet that then there s her husband who chooses beating the shit out of her as an acceptable courtship ritual and then there s the Transitioning guy she meets after leaving the husband who never really did anything to her but creeped me out none the less This book is basically a manual on Why Life Sucks For Everyone and the worst part is it doesn t even have an ending You know those books that just stop That s what The Gravedigger s Daughter does and it is irritating Fun Fact I read the majority of this book on a 9 hour plane ride and by doing so discovered a fun challenge trying to read a book about how evil and crazy men are while 27 Dresses plays on the video screen directly above your line of vision Looking up from my book about spousal abuse and depression I would watch Katherine Heigal prancing around onscreen with James Marsden and all I could think was You stupid bitchet away from him while you still can He will How Do You Go to Sleep? get jealous and paranoid and the next thing you know he s kicking you in the face for asking where he was all night Raw andritty and saucy and rich And tremulous And reflective And melancholy The prose of life of American life Of a woman told by a woman After this book I want to read everything Joyce Carol Oates has ever written This was my necessary breezy read after the last one It s the second thing I ve read by this author who seems to be really well appreciated by the world but I am still ambivalent about her work It is easy to Dirty Letters get into but also easy to fall right back out of Iuess that s what I will say She is very prolific though it could be that I m just reading the wrong things This one is about a woman who has a really hard childhood and young adulthood and Baršunasti prut (Suzana gets a lot of abuse and then sheoes on and makes a life for herself by having this kind of double identity and smiling a lot and never trusting anybody There are some interesting things about immigration and maybe ender the holocaust. King upon an extraordinary odyssey of erotic risk and ingenious self invention she seeks renewal redemption and peace on the road to a bittersweet and distinctly “American” triump. The Gravedigger's Daughter
Nevertheless, They Persisted Time Management for Unmanageable People
Ife for herself and her son But she does so at a cost no one knows who she actually is except NileyZacharias who rows does so at a cost no one knows who she actually is except NileyZacharias who The Path grows because of this shared but hidden knowledge and she constantly wears a facade as the perfect woman always smiling always pleasing her man She pays a huge price for this her chosen way of life and even though she had too into hiding to et away from her abusive husband the uestion remains whether the way she chose to hiding to et away from her abusive husband the uestion remains whether the way she chose to it was worth it in the endAnd she learns the wisdom of her father s advice In animal life the weak are uickly disposed of So you must hide your weakness Rebecca We must And she does This was obviously a very beautiful book coming from Joyce Carol Oates It deals with Rebecca the The Infinite Game gravedigger s daughter whose family moved to America just before the 2nd World War started In many ways this is a coming of age story because weet to hear about Rebecca s life from she s an infant till she s a Parallel Image Processing grown woman However Oates structure is beautifully puzzling as she starts the novel when Rebecca is in her twenties on her way home from work This is a story about struggles and how you often repeat patterns in your life no matter how destructive they may be It s very clear from the beginning that Rebecca sees herself as The Gravedigger s Daughter because she is living with a constant terrifying fear of her father who was a monster Joyce Carol Oates writes beautifully about history and life and some of her sentences are breath taking Meanwhile I did miss some kind of resolution in the end especially when it comes to specific characters that we hear nothing about But other than that this novel was stunning and it has peaked my interest toet to know Oates works even better Once again I must diverge from the critics who loved this Joyce Carol Oates novel Apparently I didn t learn my lesson with We Were the Mulvaneys I don t know where to start so I ll just list the major problems a bloated and disjointed narrative overwrought prose and a nonsensical epilogue Good times I ve not read a reat deal of Joyce Carol Oates copious publication list but the Gravedigger s Daughter seems to be at the reserved conventional end of her spectrum It is the story of a lifetime a classic American lifetime from blighted immigrant upbringing to eventual success or success through children as is often the case In the meantime much contemplation of the Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcentercom I am the original author of this essay as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted here illegallySo what s the dark fear that lies in the inner heart of all erudite nerds Namely this that no matter how educated intelligent or well read you are there are always oing to be a certain amount of very well known authors you have never read at all not even one single page of and that at any moment this fact might be discovered by your fellow erudite nerds Just take me for example who can count among completely unread authors such stalwarts as deep breath Jason deep breath Ernest Hemingway John Steinbeck William Faulkner Norman Mailer Augusten Burroughs Dave Eggers and dozens embarrassing admissions So needless to say that I was excited to recently come across the latest novel by Joyce Carol Oates at my local library 2007 s The Gravedigger s Daughter because Oates is yet another of these classic everyone has read at least one book by her authors who I haven t read myself and that s apparently a shame according to my fellow book loving Data Structures and Algorithms Using Python geeksiven that Oates a lit professor at Princeton has been a multiple nominee over the years of the Pulitzer Prize National Book Award National Book Critics Circle Award PENFaulkner Award and Orange Prize not to mention the actual winner of an NBA in 1970 a Stoker Award and a dozen other accolades And this is to say nothing of The Gravedigger s Daughter in particular which made the New York Times 10 Most Notable Books of the Year list last year and of course all of this is small potatoes compared to the reatest achievement of Oates entire career so far making it into the Revered And Blessed Oprah s Book Club Hallowed Be Her Name AmenSo I checked it out and sat down a couple of weeks ago to read it and then about a week later found myself finally iving up on it for African Safari with Ted and Raymond good around page 250 or so or roughly halfway through after two days of literally dreading the idea of even physically picking the book up again So what happened Well to answer that maybe it would be better for me to ask you a series of uestions uestions I ve been starting to wonder and about the longer CCLaP has been open Ready Why is it that almost all novels revered by the academic community principally feature characters who are constantly in a state of And cemetery caretaker When local prejudice and the family's own emotional frailtyive rise to an unthinkable tragedy the ravedigger's daughter Rebecca heads out into America Embar. ,

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This book would have had much #HIGHER MARKS FROM ME IF IT #marks from me if it have ended differentlyThis is my first Joyce Carol Oates read and was for a face to face bookclub In eneral I m not drawn to women in jepordy stories but I m always willing to Simon Cowell give something new a tryI was drawn to the character Rebecca and wanted to see her life work out for the better And ultimately things didet better for her She finally did re marry although she was permenently damaged from her first husbandThe worst thing about this book is for me it didn t seem to o anywhere It was simply a chronical of her life I expected the husband to show up in some climatic scene but he just simply vanished discovered dead ago No phantom hereI m also VERY confused in some climatic but he just simply vanished discovered dead years ago No phantom hereI m also VERY confused the way it ended In San Francisco after her son plays in the piano concertdid he win Did he continue with the piano The letters in the epilogue seemed to indicate he did continue with the piano but why did we end here What was the ultimate conflictresoution of this book Am I just not intelligent enough to see some deeper meaning did it pass over my headFinally I was even confused by the series of letters at the end What a strange segue They were desperate pleading from both sides two woman with only a passing shared past but somehow linked in a way that for me defied logic The epilogue was so divergent from the rest of the book it was as if I went into a parallel dimension I keep thinking there must be there there but I did not see it I ll be interesting to hear what the coversation oes like at the bookclub meeting A character s worst fear should be to appear in a Joyce Carol Oates novel It s pretty well Science and Technology in World History guaranteed his or her like isoing to suckStill though I keep picking them up And as decently written as they may be I m miserable right along with everyone else There s never a Eat That Frog! glimmer of hope a break from the compoundingloom As a reader the weight lands firmly on your shoulders for the length of the book Join us for a walk of painGravedigger s Daughter is no exception I felt for the protagonist I did I was proud to watch her pull past her shameful upbringing Glad to see her throw off the shackles of the abusive husband Excited to observe her raise a piano prodigyBut you know what The whole time I knew None of it would make her thrive Each advance was some new twisted purgatory and there was no chance for a happy endingI was right This is a book about identity about coming to terms with your past and being who you are About family battered women and their husbands About the immigrant experienceOates details the story of Rebecca Schwart s life from her earliest childhood and on Rebecca is the third child of poor immigrant Jewish parents who arrived in the States in the 30 and Rebecca was actually born in New York Harbor making her a US citizen as the only one in the familyThe book starts with Rebecca thinking back on her parents and we learn that her father came to a violent end but not how I was instantly hooked Then the book follows Rebecca in her life as a wife to Niles Tignor and mother of little Niley Niles Jr with flashes back to her childhood with a father being and mad and feeling like it was them against the others He forbade Rebecca s mother to speak German and in that way stripped her of her ability to communicate and be an individual and he controlled everything in the house In Germany he was a teacher and a cultured man in the States he works as the Infatuations (Carpenter/Harding Book 7) gravedigger doing manual labor and is not respected at all he and his family are actually victims of some anti semitic jokes both real and imaginedIn Rebecca s current life she is married and a mother but her husband perhaps isn t all he claimed to be and Rebecca has to escape with Niley and she starts a new life as Hazel Jones She chooses that name because she meets a man one day who thinks she s Hazel Jones and she stars believing she could beThe truth of that encounter is revealed towards the end of the book in a way only Oates can pull offBut Hazel manages to cunningly create a new life and two new identities for her and her little boy Zacharias who turns out to be a wonderful piano player a skill he inherited from his maternalrandmotherIn the end Rebecca comes full circle and face to face with her pastAs always I love the way Oates writes She seems so in control of her language and her story and characters and everything works together beautifully Her way of letting a person s thoughts and imaginations being part of the text but written in cursive makes the characters have so much depth and this was another wonderful book by herI always say and write that Oates write about the American dream Wrap It In A Bit Of Cheese Like Youre Tricking The Dog gone bad In this book she doesn t Rebecca actually achieve the American dream she creates areat Fleeing Nazi Germany in 1936 the Schwarts immigrate to a small town in upstate New York Here the father a former high school teacher is demeaned by the only job he can The Check-Up getravedigger. .

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