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Het AchterhuisOt selfish There are compassionate people who will risk their lives for others and to do the right thing They are not about profit and selfishness but about love for others and truly live out their love Miep Gies is one of those people This is an amazing book by Miep Gies It was Miep and her husband who helped to hide the Frank family during WWII and who provided food and comfort to them It was heartbreaking and powerful I admire the author and her husband what brave heroes they were I am not a hero I stand at the end of the long long line of good Dutch people who did what I did or much during those dark people who did what I did or much during those dark terrible times years ago but always like yesterday in the hearts of those of s who bear witness Never a day goes by that I do not think of what happened then More than twenty thousand Dutch people helped to hide Jews and others in need of hiding during those years I willingly did what I could to help My husband did as well It was not enough from the prologueThis is not a new book but one of those to which I Return I Even Like I even like it in my hands and just looking at the name of the woman whose journey it reveals Miep Gies Miep is the woman who with her husband Jan Gies helped hide Anne Frank whose journey it reveals Miep Gies Miep is the woman who with her husband Jan Gies helped hide Anne Frank the Nazis Like so many young Jewish girls growing p I was than a little obsessed with stories from the Holocaust especially The Diary of Anne Frank At the time she wrote in her diary she was probably only a bit older than I was at the time I read the book so of course Ondergedoken Van alle betrokkenen zijn alleen zij en haar man 'Henk' nog in leven Met behulp van de journaliste Alison Leslie Gold zette Miep Gies haar herinneringen aan die donkere dagen op papierTot nog toe kennen we de gebeurtenissen in het Achterhuis eigenlijk alleen via Anne Frank zelf Het ,

Summary Het Achterhuis


Every *YEAR I TRY AND IMMERSE MYSELF * I try and immerse myself a true life war story This year I chose this one I actually was listening to Anne franks diary on the BBC and was so moved by the story again that I went hunting for and found this remarkable story It s always good to see it from other people s perspective The pain and heartache they felt when Anne didn T Return Only Her Father Brilliantly Told What A Moving return only her father Brilliantly told What a moving inspirational book A definite must read for all This is one of those books that both breaks your heart and plifts you at the same time Miep Gies does not see herself and her husband as heroes but they most certainly are They are the couple who helped hide Otto Franks family in Holland during World War 2 His daughter Anne did not survive the Nazi concentration camp but her diary her thoughts her words and her heart will live forever It was through the actions of Miep Gies who first hid the Franks and then rescued and saved Anne s diary and later gave it to her father Otto that we know Anne s deepest heartfelt thoughts This book documents the story of Anne from just before she went into hiding Date with Destiny until her death and even beyond when Otto Frank returned to live with Miep and her husband and received the now famous diary I could feel my heart pounding with fear as Miep took me back to those dangerous times and she herself was almost arrested and possibly executed for harboring Jews Please read this book It is something that will remind you that some people on this planet are 'Het blijkt dat Miep haar onderduikers geen minuutit haar gedachten kan zetten'Op 8 mei 1944 schreef Anne Frank deze regels in haar dagboek Miep Gies in het dagboek Miep van Santen was een van de mensen die de familie Frank hielpen toen deze in het Achterhuis aan de Amsterdamse Prinsengracht zat. Walked in her shoes It Certainly Didn T Seem Long t seem ago to not think about her as me and me as her Was there a Jewish child growing p anywhere in the world who didn t think what if Some I imagine averted their thoughts from the events of WWII and pretended it was all as far away as the Roman Empire Others went through life compulsively reading about it breathing the lives of those who d lived through it and those who had lost their lives On top of the obvious victims were the other victims those who were forced to witness the atrocity those who participated After visiting the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC and I paraphrase here what my husband and I remembered most deeply were the audio taped words of a survivor In speaking about his experience in a concentration camp he related a story of being berated by a fellow internee for praying Why are you thanking God he was asked I am thanking him for not making me him the man said pointing to a guardIt is horror without relief to have been a slave a concentration camp internee and a victim in Darfur It is another horror to have been the victimizer Books like this they always make me wonder given the circumstances on which side would I end p We read the books we watch the movies and we assume we d have the courage of the righteous but I believe it bears remembering how brave people like Miep Gies had to be and to remember all the Miep and Jams out there today I pray that given the circumstances we d follow their path. Erhaal van Miep Gies dat hier voor het eerst in zijn geheel wordt verteld werpt een fascinerend nieuw licht op die gebeurtenissen en laat zien hoe het dagelijks leven in en buiten het Achterhuis op elkaar ingrepen Herinneringen aan Anne Frank is daardoor een waardevolle aanvulling op Het Achterhui. ,

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