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I can t believe how much I ve been enjoying my rash of Dumas novels lately I ve read the first three D Artagnan novels in uick succession and cannot recommend them of Dumas novels lately I ve read the first three D Artagnan novels in uick succession and cannot recommend them enough This is Volume One of the last book sometimes referred to as Ten Years Later to be followed by Louise de Valliere and The Man in the Iron Mask Of course the novel wasn t originally intended to be split in this way so the ending tails away a little as we leave the intrigues of Athos and D Artagnan to ut Charles II back on Britain s throne behind and begin the court shenanigans that will comprise volume 2 so begin the court shenanigans that will comprise volume 2 so can understand why some will be bemused by this book but of course unlike The Three Musketeers and Twenty Years After this isn t ever supposed to be A Complete Work Like complete work like California part one of War and Peace and complaining that there wasn t aroper ending The heroes are all much world weary now D Artagnan is bitter Porthos is over settled Aramis is neck deep in intrigue and Athos is intent on setting his son out into the world Ballroom of the Skies properly Their enemies are small andetty now compared to Milady and Richelieu of the first book but that s not the fault of our heroes and of course taking out your sword to solve a Monster problem can now cause manyroblems than it solves Okay can t wait to start Louise de Valliere now The first Breakout (Dred Chronicles, part of Dumas massive Ten Years Later this returns to the story of our four musketeer friends now joined by Raoul the son of Athos Originally serialised over about 25 years this volume falls into natural sections and there are times where we can almost hear the euivalent of a narrative voice over sayingreviously in The Three Musketeers before reminding us at some length of what s gone beforeThe first half belongs to d Artagnan and Athos as Unti HelenKay Dimon picking up on their failure to save Charles I from execution they now work to restore Charles II Theolitics of the French and English courts come to the fore in the middle section especially the battle for supremacy between Louis XIV s ministers after the death of Mazarin leaves a Viva Las Bad Boys! power vacuum And the final section brings both courts together as Henriette is married to Louis brother Philippe and the younger Duke of Buckingham follows almost his father s footsteps in getting embroiled in amorous French intrigues It s only in the last third too that we re meet Aramis and Porthos and their mysterious activities on Belle Isle alot strand that comes to greater and significant Ningú és perfecte prominence later Dumas as ever is brilliantly vivid and energetic as he romps through his adventures whether the big setieces of executions and riots or the intimate verbal duels and confrontations that abound There s less amorous romance now that our musketeers are older in years and Raoul s love for Louise de la Valliere is sweet rather than Lessons From a Scarlet Lady (Northfield, passionateD Artagnan s character iserhaps the most interesting here cynical yet loyal disillusioned yet hopeful and the scenes between him and Raoul and him and Athos recall the earlier books emphasis on male friendshipThis is erfect reading for anyone who loved the BBC series Versailles set as it is at the start of Louis s adult reign The notes to this Oxford edition are excellent on the olitics and Lummox personages of C17th France though do beware of some slight spoilers if you re not familiar with the story Good fun of course but too much about courtly intrigue and not enough about D Artagnan and his friends In case I haven t made myselferfectly clear I am 10000% obsessed with this seriesThe Musketeers are officially my bros and when I read about them I imagine them as friends which means I feel their experiences that much significantly I laugh out loud I grin I gasp I tear up I bite my lip and I m A Time Of Omens pretty sure if I had a mustache I would twist it This series gives me a very serious case of feelingsI feel sad when I think of how manyeople never make it this far into the series Granted we re getting Motown prettyolitical now and there s a lot about the animosity between Focuet and Colbert and bits and Black Arts (Jane Yellowrock, pieces about the governing of France and her relations so it can be a little tedious in spots The Musketeers are divided and Porthos and Aramis don t even make an appearance until well over halfway through This book borrows Raoul s title but he s not a majorlayer but one can clearly see he Wings (Bromeliad Trilogy, personifies a combination of our four favourite heroes so there s a strong desire for of himBut there is so much fun to be had within these 650ages This book begins with one of d Artagnan s famous schemes and it makes me laugh so hard It s so ridiculous and I love it the for that Athos is still a noble example that counteracts d Artagnan s impulsiveness and I love that this friendship is still going strong My heart Doggone (An Animal Instinct Mystery pounds harder every time some of the friends are united and the appearance of Porthos at his time made me want to hug him myself He s not given nearly enough credit and every time I read the series I love him Aramis is still a cunning. The Vicomte of Bragelonne Ten Years Later Le Vicomte de Bragelonne ou Dix anslus tard is a ,

Vicomte de Bragelonne
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Ter of this is our friend d Artagnan Porthos and Aramis don t appear until uite close to the end Chapter 70 or so which was a bit disappointing Athos was resent for much of the story although view spoilerhe and d Artagnan were working at cross Twisting My Melon purposes for a while hide spoiler The sprawling three thousandage saga of the Four Musketeers is the meerschaum ipe of adventure literature Although it first attracts attention by it A Sizzling French CourtThe Vicomte de Bragelonne carries on the story of Twenty Years After It appears as if Dumas and his cohort had a long story to tell as this third volume is the "first of the original mega volume Nowadays it is traditionally ublished in "of the original mega volume Nowadays it is traditionally ublished in arts out of which this book is the first one The main characters of d Artagnan Porthos Athos and Artemis still figure in this novel but their The File on H presence is diminished and replaced by other characters I feel as if the reader to some degree leave them behind as slowly descending stars and forcefully enter the realm of historical fiction a template of well depicted historical figures andlaces Even though I somewhat grieve the humor and escapades of the four heroes I still very much enjoy the court intrigues in the 1660s France with sojourns to Normandy as well as England The old translation The Hour provides a wonderful escape to this timeeriod as Dumas manages to aint characters and situations with his usual elouence and fierceness It is definitely a Dumas summer Onwards to Louise de La Valli re Great addition to Three Musketeers Series Can t wait to get on to the next but I must Thought it was amusing that the title s namesake didn t really appear much in the book until the end And it was actually uite a cliffhanger at the end there I like the characters even as they age They re all in their late 50 s now I like their mature selves and the mature reflections they make I love this description of D Artagnan at this eriod of his life He had all the assions all the defects all the weaknesses and a constitutional spirit of contradiction which changed all these imperfections into corresponding ualities D Artagnan thanks to his ever active imagination was afraid of a shadow and ashamed of being afraid he marched straight up to that shadow and then became extravagant in his bravery if the danger roved to be real Thus everything in him was emotion and therefore enjoyment He loved the company of others but never became tired of his own and than once if he could have heard when he was alone he might have been seen laughing at the jokes he told to himself or the tricks his imagination created 161As this series rogresses the themes and writing becomes richer and threaded with meaning Still not altogether altering but worth reading and appreciatind and reveling in Some nice uotes Avarice dries up the heart and rodigality drowns it255Debts terrify me Creditors appear to me by anticipation like those devils who turn the damned on spits and as The Littlest Viking patience is not my dominant virtue I am always tempted to thrash them 283Sinners are always so forgetful beforehand and so scrupulous when it is too late Priest to Cardinal Mazarin on his deathbed 314Incredulity thou are theest of all great minds 397To be thanked for having done one s duty is humiliating 402Dumas often laments the The Perfect Christmas passing of the real men in this novel Here are some of his thoughtsthe time hadassed when nobles fought duels but that the feeling of hatred treasured up in the mind instead of being diffused abroad was still hatred all the same that a smile was sometimes as full of meaning as a threat and in a word that to the fathers who had hated with their hearts and fought with their arms would now succeed sons who would indeed hate with their hearts but would no longer combat their enemies save by means of intrigue or treachery 578And finallyThe ueen Mother to her 2nd son Never tyrranize over a wife never behave too haughtily or imperiously toward her A woman unwillingly convinced is unconvinced I confess to strong bias Dumas is my favorite author Even when his First-Time Parents prose is at itsurplest it makes my heart beat a little faster Book 1 in The Vicomte de Bragelonne a single LONG work broken into three books of which this is the first that culminates in and ends the Musketeer Saga with The Man in the Iron Mask was excellent D Artagnan who has always seemed flamboyantly over cocky is with The Man in the Iron Mask was excellent D Artagnan who has always seemed flamboyantly over cocky is up now and the New Parent power mad Cardinal Richelieu has been replaced with theower mad Mazarin and a very young Louis XIV who is just starting to become the Sun KingThe history though gently mangled by Dumas is easier to follow here There are Dragon and Herdsman (Dragonback, plenty of secretlots much manly chest beating and defenses of honor a touch of a love story or two and a hint of derring do I live for this stuffAlso I have to add that the Oxford World s Classics edition has To Crave a Blood Moon (Moon Chasers, pages of good historical and literary notes and there s a really good list of historicalersonages that appear in the saga. E Three Musketeers and Twenty Years After It appeared first in serial form between 1847 and 18. Crafty Dolls put down by one of our growing list of heroesSo to sum up this book contains a lotolitics and French history There are a lot of new names to remember and this handy edition has a breakdown of characters at the back but there are still some fun musketeer adventures and daring deeds This specific edition though includes a lot of notes which bothered me a bit I didn t think it was necessary to add a note for everything that referred to something from a Power Bowls previous book We all remember what went down with Milady yoI hopeeople get around to reading the entire series because you ve really gotta read how d Artagnan decides to get rid of Monk It s my favourite art of the whole book and it s hilarious Original Review 131113 I love D Artagnan and his crazy adventures Some classics you have to wade through the descriptive literature to find the threads of a story with the work of Dumas this is rarely the case The story is so colourful that the language simply adds a greater depth and oetry that enhances rather than hinders the work The story itself has as much intrigue as the European Festival Food previous Musketeers novels though the absence of two of the four is sorely missed for a goodortion of the book There s a fair bit of travel but that s nothing unusual and D Artagnan is as charming as ever despite the fact he s getting on in years Bit of a weird spot to end Part I but I will be keen to get into the next Childrens Illustrated Atlas part I finished it It took me longer to complete this book than it did War and Peace I should reconsider my obsessive compulsion toward unabridged literature and my inability to accept a blemish on my record of consecutive completed reads This book just dragged on and on and on and on andAs the third installment of the d Artagnan Romances this book serves as a transition from the notorious three musketeers and their Gascon friend to the lives of other French and English characters youth usurping inevitable age andower subverting nobility We get a mere glimpse of Porthos and Aramis a small The Complete Idiots Guide to Sleep Training for Your Child portion of Athos in order to indulge his iron clad honor and still only a bit of d Artagnan who reaches the age of retirement and moves his focus from reckless gallivanting and adventure for material comforts which compromise his character Our friends simply serve to contrast the new kids on the block to show the reader a transitioning world througholitics and the integrity of a cultureI did not find the story bad I found the tedious nature of its telling nearly unbearable As a serialized story bound together in not one but three novels I have to scold the The Complete Idiots Guide to Trade Shows publishing world for trapping a novel readers mind habits and expectations in a story with no arc It just keeps going The novel form does not fully captivate this story Would one staple all the scripts in one TV show season together and release it as a novel It felt like sitting on a bench watching theeople walk by At first you absorb yourself in the drama between the first The Complete Idiots Guide to the American Presidency passing couple But then you try and care about the grimy homeless guy who followed while still thinking about the drama between the couple Then the studious girl after him just frustrates you and you want to go homeI liked the story I found its telling nearly unbearable I will wait a while before starting Louise de La Valliere which I will eventually read only because of my obsessive compulsion to finish the series and my general inability to leave a literary investment unsatisfied 3 stars I was a bit surprised to have the book end as I still had several CDs of the audiobook to go This discrepancy is annoying but understandable as both the book and the audiobook are just the firstart of the book Dumas originally wrote as the final novel of the d Artagnan trilogy This last book was so enormous that it is almost always divided into 3 4 or even 5 separate volumes I am reading the Project Gutenberg Kindle editions which are using the 4 volume division although there was a nice little note showing where the book would have ended in a 5 volume split I thought that the audiobook I was listening to was also from a 4 volume split but The Complete Idiots Guide to Dairy-Free Eating perhaps it was from a 3 volume split insteadI found sections of this volume very interesting such as thearts about General Monk but some of it was rather too long winded even for me Despite the title the main charac. Ovel by Alexandre Dumas ère It is the third and last of the d'Artagnan Romances following Th. ,