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Y woman who knows how hard it is to make our dreams come true I believe this book can inspire anybody who has a goal or dream that they feel they cant achieve because of all the trials and tribulations they have endured If The Gustav Sonata you like stories that always keepou guessing are very relatable and have a great ending Shattered: Modern Motherhood and the Illusion of Equality you should definitely choose Charly s Epic Fiascos I won volume 2 in a Goodreads giveaway and just as I was going to read it my library had a book sale and this was on the shelfI m glad that I read it first Charly St James is a sixteenear old it girl living just outside of Chicago Her sister Stormy is one of her best friends and Lola is another She wants to go out with new boy Mason but she doesn t know how he feels She works in a restaurant hates dogs learns to love them and has to deal with a lying stealing conniving motherCharly has a bit of a bad girl attitude with a good heart and overall okay frame of mind she wants to be a famous actress and will do what she can to get to NYC At first I didn t like her she is a pathological liar to Mason and gets caught in her stories But she works hard and liar to Mason and gets caught in her stories But she works hard and lying to her bosses and other people she knows when her mother Birgette as she likes to be called steals over 300 from Charly s well hidden stash Charly splits And the fiascos build upShe s so naive and overly trustworthy but I guess it s because she s a small town girl who hasn t really been to a city despite where she lives She learns the hard way how not to trust people I think some things are a bit over the topBut it was good enough that I do want to read the second volume waiting on book two. O do now is get to New York without dropping the ball on making her and Mason officialBut between the most messed up travel plans ever and a bunch of broken promises Charly’s got a long journey ahead of her That’s okay ’cause nothing will stop her not even the biggest challenge of all that’s waiting at her destination. .

The Last Au Pair
Fiction book that takes a non fictional story of struggle and success and makes it relatable to all girls who have ever had to struggle for something they want I love this book because it shows that even The People Who Might Look Like That people who Might Look Like That It Together Are Some Of The look like that it together are some of the ones who have had to fight to get where they are today I also love how just when A Snail in My Prime: New and Selected Poems you think the story is going well there is a sneaky little twist in the story that throwsou off but makes ou glued to this epic page turner Although this story touches my heart it doesn t make me want to cry every five seconds it has lots of funny uirky moments which makes ou sometimes stop and read them than once This book is so greatly written to the point that it s so realistic and it makes America Unchained: A Freewheeling Roadtrip In Search Of Non-Corporate USA you feel as ifou re in the story The author Kelli London did such a great a job with creating imagery that was so clear When I read I was able to create my own characters and the different sceneries they were in The imagery in this story made me feel as if I was watching a movie that s how great London broke down the story so that it was easily depict able for all teenage girls There are not that many things in this story the only thing that I hate is the humungous cliffhanger at the end of the story that leaves The Road to Ganneious your draw dropped andour feet running to the nearest bookstore to find the seuel to find out why it ended the way it did To conclude I absolutely LOVE this book and I recommend it to all teen girls because it shows that life is not as easy at is portrayed by people who haven t had to work for anything they truly want I also recommend this book to an. Is shaky she’s got no phone no ride and she’s living on the outskirts of Chicago Even worse she’s got a dream killing mother and has to work part time to help pay the bills But Charly’s got a plan to rise above it all using the acting skills she’s honed over the ears to save face around the haters All she’s got Charly St James is a famous television star that is living it up in the Big AppleOr at least she will be If she can escape from Bridgette her lazy mother who up in the Big AppleOr at least she will be If she can escape from Bridgette her lazy mother who all her money to spend gambling and get to New York City in time to be cast in the auditions for a new reality TV show SEEMS A LITTLE IMPOSSIBLE RIGHT NOT FOR CHARLY SHE a little impossible right Not for Charly She game for anything if it means achieving her dreams Even if it includes leaving behind all her friends and her sister Stormy getting her money stolen countless times crashing a car sneaking into an audition and overall turning her life into one big fiasco Let me just say that when I first got a hold of this book I was extremely excited mainly because it Kelli London s book Charley s Epic fiasco was an interesting informative manual for teenagers everywhere Believing in ourself will never be a crime Neither will having the guts to go after what The Pirate's Dilemma: How Youth Culture Is Reinventing Capitalism you want Far past my own teenageears I have to admit that I wish I had her books when I was Again job well done and I look forward to her next Epic FiascoALBarronAAMBC Reviewer Charly s Epic Fiascos is a fiction story about a The Boy, The Wolf, The Sheep And The Lettuce young girl who is determined to live her dreams no matter how life tries to hold her back This book is for everyoung girl who aspires to make something out of themselves The main character s name is Charly St James She lives in the outskirts of Chicago Illinois and she is not one girl to be reckoned with Charly faces lots of problems in this story at it tells how she is constantly thrown different obstacles that could break her down but instead she learns from them and she lets them inspire her This is a non. Life sucks Big time But guess what I’ve got a dream no one can kill and I’ve been planning how to make it come trueCharly’s holdin’ it down she’s got the attention of Mason the new cutie around the way she’s setting the style for her crew and if City of Tiny Lights you get in her way she’ll mushou Despite her frontin’ her game.

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Charlys Epic Fiascos Charlys Epic Fiascos #1