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Les Anneaux e BicêtreThis startling eparture from the character of most of Simenon s work is I believe one of his very best novels if not the best I have read I am going to be very lazy and uote from the original 1964 New York Times review of the work because it captures what I feel exactly and I on t think I could improve upon the observationsSimenon has at last achieved at the age of 60 what one French critic Jacueline Barde calls son grand roman son premier roman And in this

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pure novel even the confused should be able to see why Andr Gide long ago escribed this author as perhaps the greatest and most truly novelistic novelist in French literature today Gide s wholehearted enthusiasm for Simenon and Dashiell Hammett must be a persistent obstacle for those who insist on Green Poems drawing a sharp line between entertainment and literature The Bells of Bic tre published in England as The Patient is so simple in outline that one might wonder how the habitually concise Simenon couldevelop it to 80000 words Ren Maugras an important newspaper publisher is struck with hemiplegia while he is having a meal at the Grand V four with a group of fellow VIP s Almost resentfully he suffers the efforts of Friends in Small Places doctors and nurses to restore him to life and functionIn the inhuman nothingness of illness and semi consciousness he begins to understand himself and his life he hovers on the edge of that total illumination which seemsenied to the wholly conscious mind Fragments of memory seem about to shape a significant Stepping Out, Life and Sexuality in Rural India design Slowly he changes from a possiblyying man to a serious invalid from an invalid to a convalescent Eventually he is reintegrated into his usual life the vying for power and prestige the loving and wretched marriage with a little self knowledge just enough in fact to know that for him there is no other lifeThere is nothing slick or gimmicky about this honest and perceptive story There are no easy answers no assertions of the novelist s will There is only a wonderful simplicity of evocation a precise selection of Horrid High detail a casualeftness of narrative aided by a clear and readable translation which make all the elements of the book vividly alive on the one hand Maugras s circle of Very Important Parisians lawyers physicians poets academicians Borsalli Ni Pankhar despite Simenon senials French writers are working hard at turning this into a roman clef on the other the hospital world of Bic tre its routine its patients its nurses The present novel should wipe away any Rediscovering Dharavi doubts as to this author s capacities in the roman pur And one hopes it will at last establish him here where he has never been uite so successful as in Europe Of some 200 Simenon novels not counting the pseudonymous juvenilia a goodeal less than half have appeared in the United States At least one reason is the abominable translations inflicted upon so many of those that have come out here but another reason may be the ifficulty of classification in a label loving culture Thriller readers fear that he may be too literary astheticians assume that so commercial or simply professional a writer must lack uality Bic tre should at least convince the estheticians These should be led from it back to the entire corpus of Simenon s work where they will find and not least in the cases of Maigret the same elicate and precise probing into human character and interplay the same compelling calling up of the spirit of a place or a mood in short the same combination of insight and skill that stamps whatever the genre the true novelistI loved this book It reminded me of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly but I think it is even successful as book It reminded me of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly but I think it is even successful as literary work This is not a surgically precise Maigret novel Simenon wrote long Wild In The Backyard deep introspective and perhaps voyeuristic passages I liked the main character I was annoyed by the main character and at times Iid NOT like the main character That fact makes this novel another proof that Simenon was a masterful writer A successful middle aged man reviews his life from his his hospital bed having had Here Simenon analyzes the effect of a stroke on a man in the prime of his life Rene Maugras has risen from obscurity to publisher of a highly.

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He Singing Detective to the English Patient there is a tradition of narrators who are locked in position At its best Bicetre touches nicely on a man s vulnerabilities and contradictions a bit in the way that Simenon s real life friend Fellini worked the theme in his Amarcord However even with a valiant effort the patient here pushes toward something he can t uite get at and the reader can t help try as he *may Considered one of the author s best books it is a close focus full length novel of a businessman recovering *Considered one of the author s best books it is a close focus full length novel of a businessman recovering a stroke and reviewing his life It is uite good and well paced It is also the first of the many many novels of Simenon s I ve read where I found the author reusing an unmodified memory Was this because of its strength Forgetfulness on his part Whatever it hardly matters but I found it interesting even the color of the Many Roads through Paradise dress worn by the girl heescribes is the same This may have happened before but then either he altered the clothing and the rest of the Shaam-e-Awadh description or I simply missed it Simenon The fly on the wall of our minds And extraordinary peep in to the mind of a 54 year old who is admitted to a hospital with a stroke And the wanderings and ponderings of the mind as life flashes past Simenon was a prolific writer with his books having sold over 550 million copies A staggering number indeed He created the famous Inspector Maigret series ofetective novels Each one of his works takes a peep in to the human mind As you enter the arkest corners you start uestioning existence and human behaviour The Patient is a book I picked up for reading again after near 40 years It still kept me engrossed and savour each line It is a pity that his books are now collectors items Or maybe it is a reflection on today s tastesRead one Simenon and you will be restlessly hunting for There is a reflection on today s tastesRead one Simenon and you will be restlessly hunting for There is so much to Georges Simenon than merely a writer OF MYSTERIES OF WHICH HE IS ONE OF THE mysteries of which he is one of the s four or five most prominent practitioners The Bells of Bicetre is seen from the eye of a single character a journalist named Rene Maugras who has suffered a stroke while standing at a urinal at his favorite Paris restaurantWe follow the slow recovery of Maugras as he is upbraided by his physician friend Besson his nurses and various visitors at the Hospital of Bicetre in the southern suburbs of ParisIt takes a great eal of talent to follow the thoughts of a single character without losing interest It reminds me of a famous Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode Resistance directed by Hitchcock himself called Breakdown in which Joseph Cotten is in an auto accident Everyone assumes that Cotten isead until the very last minute before he is filed away in the morgue when someone sees tears in his eyesHere it is not suspense which is the key but Maugras s thorough examination of his life and loves with an honesty that approaches the astonishingThe Bells of Bicetre is one of Simenon s most interesting works in a storied career This novel begins with the first sounds Rene Maugras hears and recognizes as he comes to consciousness after his stroke Some White Tiger days have passed since Rene Maugras collapsed in the bathroomuring the monthly luncheon with his oldest and most successful friends He has left the world of the newspapers he runs his friends his wife In his post coma cocoon his mind is free He cannot move or speak There is nothing for him to Everymans War do but think We listen to his thoughts as he observes those around him and remembers moments and episodes from his past As his body very slowly begins to strengthen Rene wants to hide his progress so that he can remain alone with his thoughts We watch as a man of great intelligence finally begins to open his heartExperiencing this book was like returning to the zafu for meditation practice It is a beautiful book one of the best Simenon has written Three and a half stars Ending a bit rushed and intentionally ambiguous A novel of its times 1960s with smoking in hospitals bothoctors and patients In another way this is the French Death of Ivan Ilyich. First time in his life he is forced to reflectAs Simenon charts the stages of illness and recovery we feel our perspectives alter with Maugra. Stroke He reflects on the motives for his professional and personal relationships A fascinating insight into what it might be like to lose the ability to communicate and how others behave toward someone who is incapacitated Good entertainment and of interest communicate and how others behave toward someone who is incapacitated Good entertainment and of interest those who are carers A man of a certain age a man of some experience and accomplishment in The Caterpillar Who Went On A Diet And Other Stories deceptively true to form Simenon style falls out of his regular run of experience and routine What follows is a never consideredetour in the generally Very Comfortable Life Of comfortable life of Parisian newspaper publisher A man who is by profession an adept journalist master of holding onto all threads of a story very suddenly finds himself at a loss Simenon is always fascinated by this kind of unpredictability this skip in the record of life The The Hungry Septopus difference here in The Bells Of Bicetre is that the author has reduced the formula to its bare essentials this story will be the account of a man immobilized in a hospital bed after a strokeFine thinks the Simenon aficionado the writer is giving himself a kind of personalized challenge having the protagonist lashed to the mast throughout reuiring the story to be told by introspection and remembrance But once we re on the way permanently forced into the memory banks of the hero it can become a trudge To have absolutely no chance of the narrator exerting any change in the present circumstances too closely resembles narrative paralysis At a teasingly crucial point right in the middle of the book there is a shift in theynamic An unexpected visitor tells our frozen hero of a peculiar news story unfolding for a startling change in the Present It was two years ago The antiue Bond On Bond dealer turned burglar Remember The headlines of the time had been The Ars ne Lupin Of The Chateaux For nearly a year chateaux in Touraine Anjou Normandy almost every province in France had been visited by a burglar who picked out the most precious objects with amazing flair and had not once been taken in by a fake or an imitation In each case he had appeared to be familiar with the place to know where the various objects were to be found whether he was liable to meet servants and whether there wereogsThis information is offered to the convalescent but still paralyzed publisher at hospital bedside by one of his editors Aha thinks the regular Simenon reader The old man has Superstar India deliberately lulled us with all this internal monologue business tranuilized the reader s inuisitive nature with all the backstory and remembrance What s going to emerge senses the energized reader is that we ll be solving a crime taking place in the real world but solving it in the up on the facts mind of the hero who cannot move or speak but can very possibly solve the crime This could be an unusual wrinkle on the many wrinkly and twisted criminal topics that Simenon has contrived over the years A kind ofetection in exile a variation on the locked room mystery but the lock being the paralysis of the investigator Well no Hold your horses I think it was the overworked imagination of this particular reader that jumped the gun there And unfortunately Simenon had no such plan this is of course no Maigret novel and the author has every intention of making the entire novel a contemplation of one man s mortality and memory Nothing but stream of consciousness threads entwining Themselves Around And Around around and around fairness to this particular reader hoping for a easy exciting narrative escape it must be said that Simenon Swami Vivekananda doesn t slow or contour his usual sense of pace andrive even though the hero never leaves the hospital bed So at any juncture the minute an opportunity presents itself the reader may be tempted to go off like a rocket in search of some narrative Bang or Crash It s not there This is the original no frills metronome tight narrator of legend but telling a Reporting Pakistan drifting endlessly remembered spiral of little narrative fizzles Many other better tales that are similar come to mind often from the movies From Citizen Kane to Sunset Boulevard and from Influential Paris newspaper Then suddenly he finds himself in a Paris hospital speechless and paralyzed yet surprisingly clear of mind For the.