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Beneath the Darkening SkyVery brutal and confronting story about the life of child soldiers in Sudan I heard the author Majok Tulba speak at the Brisbane Writers Festival where he said that his editor had encouraged him to take out some of the graphic and brutal scenes so it wasn t too confronting for a western audience Given what is still in the book I shudder to think what was taken out Not one for the sueamish but a very real look at the life of Sudanese children recruited to the rebel army This is not the author s story but a story he has researched well and one of which he has vast experience The most amazing thing about this book is that English is not the author s first language yet he wrote the book in English and was able to evoke the feeling of the Sudanese countryside was able to evoke the feeling of the Sudanese countryside village life in such vibrant and amazing colour Tulba says he is working on another book and some screenplays both of which I can t wait to see I am very relieved to be finished this book It was not an easy read I didn t want to read it in the evening in case it gave me nightmares and then I often didn t choose to pick it up during the daytime either since I normally had another book on the go at the same time which was appealingIt read like a biography but is actually a work of fiction however there are many children for whom being captured by rebel soldiers is a terri Words are ust useless in this moment for this book It feels even to basic to call it a book when it is in fact a living proof to the atrocities the human race has made A tragedy a story about war death and People who experienced hell Villages burned to the ground hundreds or even thousands of people brutally killed and tortured women and girls raped boys beaten terorised and turned into soldiers into killing machines by demons with human faces And we still have the nerve to call ourselves an inteligent species Some may think these kind of books are too violent to brutal but I believe that we should know the things that happened in our world even it they were a long time ago or far away from you All the inocent people who died in vain deserve at least to be known as well as this masterpiece which deserves to be read Obinna an 11 year old boy and his brother are taken from their village one night when it is violently ambushed by the SAF Obinna witness s atrocities no child should ever witness and this is his bare all and hold nothing back account of life as a child soldier At times you can see a glimmer of hope for Obinna as he relentlessly fights to keep his sanity amongst a group of peopleintent on destroying the child to create a mindless soldier Obinna s story will make you feel everything he sees and is a part of it will make you wish you could change what is happening and most of all it will open your eyes to something so horrific you will wish it was only fictionMajok Tulba has written an extremely powerful and moving novel about a childhood torn apart and forever altered It is also Majok Tulba s own personal what if storyas when he was a child living in Sudan the soldiers in the SAF came to his village Thankfully he was shorter than the AK 47 the soldiers used as a measuring device to determine whether or not they would take them Beneath the Darkening Sky is a novel that is still with me long after I put
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down Beneath Darkening Sky tells the horrifying story of the life of Obinna One night the rebels come to Obinna s village to wreak havoc burning huts randomly beheading the men and lining up the children taking anyone higher than the size of an AK 47 Obinna and his brother Akot find themselves taken to The Mind Has Mountains: Reflections on Society and Psychiatry join th Interesting to read this book it identifies issues that are current in present day Africa I found the story involving enough for me to want to finish On the day that Obinna’s village is savagely attacked by the rebel army and his father murdered he witnesses violence beyond his imagination Along with his older brother he finds himself thrown into a truck when the soldiers leave to be shaped into. T however you really feel theump from the voice in the first chapter to the much grown up voice from the second chapter even though there was no ump in time The horrific incidents that ensue are told sometimes dispassionately and with some nod to melodrama but lacking real emotional attachment I found the story could ve finished uite satisfactorily about 14 OF THE WAY BEFORE THE ACTUAL ENDING AND AGAIN the way before the actual ending and again about 15 of the way before the end The end itself was drawn out and seemed rather pointless and akin to flogging a dead horse to try and render any sort of sympathy from the reader at this point If you don t know anything about the rebellion movements in Africa it s probably a good read to find out some of what goes on but if you re familiar through other well told narratives then this book will not bring anything new to the table Obinna s life of tending goats in a small village in Sudan comes crashing around his ears one night when rebels enter the village looking for blood and new Beneath the Darkening Sky is disturbing brutal and tragic It s also beautifully written and perfectly Weighted I Read Every I read every of this book It tells the truth in a way that transcends the fictional nature of the novel Possibly not for everyone but I loved it I learnt about this title from a brief interview with Get Reading organiser Cheryl Akyl and Majok Tulba and was immediately interested When Tulba was nine the Sudanese Armed Forces invaded his village and murdered many its people including members of Majok s family Separated from his parents during the attack Majok fled the village with his younger brother and other boys too small to be forced into the SAF He spent most of his time moving between refugee camps along the border of South Sudan and Uganda before being granted an Australian visa in 2001 aged ust sixteen Beneath The Darkening Sky is a compelling fictionalised account of what may have happened to him had he been forced into service a fate that is all too real for someObinna having been forced to witness the beheading of his father and the rape and beating of his mother is bundled into a truck along with his older brother and friends forcibly recruited to serve the Sudanese rebel army These scenes of brutal violence witnessed through the eyes of an 11 year old boy are a confronting launch into Africa s civil war and Obinna s ourney as a boy soldierThe first person point of view works beautifully in this story Obinna s observations his thoughts his hopes and fears are so simply expressed and all the powerful for it Obinna effortlessly evokes emotion in the reader certainly a great deal of empathy but also a range of emotions from veering between admiration to disgust Though Obinna does his best to retain his humanity in such a of emotions from veering between admiration to disgust Though Obinna does his best to retain his humanity in such a situation he eventually succumbs to the intense psychological and physical pressure to become a soldier Not wholly but still he wields a gun with the rebels as they continue their rampage through tiny Sudanese villagesThe casual disregard for human life the nonsensical political rhetoric and the sheer horror shared in Beneath The Darkening Sky is hard to comprehend That the author himself witnessed such atrocities and heard first hand accounts of much worse is even disturbingIn Beneath the Darkening Sky there is little difference between the actions of the rebels and the government forces though the author resists preaching about the politicalsocial climate of Africa allowing Obinna to remain grounded in his experience A uick Google search will provide a history of the conflict and confirm that this novel while a fictionalised account reveals truth than imaginationBeneath the Darkening Sky shines a light on the experience of thousands of children in Africa with An agent of horror – a child soldier Marched through minefields and forced into battle enduring a brutal daily existence Obinna slowly works out which parts of himself to save and which to sacrifice in this world turned upside down Beneath the Dar. ,

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