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Surrounding the characters I found the Yvette chapters really interesting as I had never encountered a character who is in a comma through the never encountered a character who is in a comma through the book Her point of view Was Really Intriguing However I Too Felt really intriguing However I too felt ending was wanting Too many uestions left unanswered and too many interesting characters left hanging Won t go INTO SPECIFICS SO I DON T RUIN THE READ specifics so I don t ruin the read worth reading A rare find A groundbreaking book with a potent mix of love betrayal science mystery history and ethicsRight off the bat my senses were taken on a trip to original and profound imagery as told by new author Sandra Rodriguez Barron in her deliciously smooth literary voiceWe witness Monica Winter s passage to self discovery from El Salvador to Connecticut and back on what feels like a magical carpet where the impossible can and does happen flawlessly Just when you re enjoying the ride an abrupt entry into a world about which we all wonder leaves you breathlessly holding an armful of uestions and while you re still looking back into that mysterious place you are gently slipped back into Sandra s literary trance happy to be back but eager to return for answersThe memorable characters are sure to become a part of your literary family I noticed while choosing my Goodreads bookshelves for this book that I have one shelf for snails and one for gastropods Go figure I checked both boxes for this because it starts off with an exploration of cone snails Well it starts off with a mother daughter relationship and the mother an El Salvadoran rebel of sorts certainly frustrated by the economic reality of El Salvador and struggling against it though her own family is of the economic elite there and scientist is studying cone snails and she has trained her daughter to be very attuned to the life of the ocean it s heartbeat its very breathThe intensity of their relationship and the mother s insistence that her daughter to be as nowledgeable about the coastal environment and ocean life as she is is vividly drawn and engaging and offers a sense of foreboding though I couldn t uite put my finger on what made it as disturbing as it was In a way this relationship between mother and daughter is a most wondrous and damaging thing Both a uniue jQuery for Dummies kind of earthy intellectual nourishment and also aind of trauma It s hard to explain but the mother is so focused on her work that in a way she doesn t seem to see her daughter at all Doesn t fully take her in And yet she gives her daughter a gift Her exactitude and passion and stubbornness I think they are all gifts Not. Te desconocido uien también había sobrellevado una terrible pérdida entra en la vida de Mónica con un pedido muy inusual Con este encuentro Mónica vuelve a ese mundo olvidado y retraza auellos días oscuros los últimos de su madre una científica marina uien había estado a punto de descubrir y comprender la aplicación terapéutica de una rara y venenosa criatura del mar Ahora su trabajo de investigación científica. .

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The Heiress of WaterI really enjoyed this book It s the first book in a while the Mrs. Caliban kept me up late late late because I just wanted to see how it would end The basic plot centers on a woman who grew up in an extremely rich family in El Salvadore who fled with her American father to the States after her mother isilled during the Salvadoran revolution uprising She becomes a physical therapist and through work beccomes involved with the mother and husband of a comatose woman There s this whole part of the plot about sea snail venom and a clinic in El Salvadore that is having a lot of success waking up comatose patients through the use of this venom The book is part mystery part drama part romance Yes the character development is probably not the best but the plot was compelling enough to make you want to eep reading This is not chick lit or anything lame like that it s a real book and I recommend it The ending of this book doesn t answer the uestion what happened Too much plot pressure was built up that was never released The story line had great potential but the book needed another 25 pagesI felt all the characters were the same they all had the same ind and level of wit and seemed to operate under the same motivationsAn enjoyable read didn t really deliver Magical realism Interesting storyline with some romantic interest cultural class clashes extreme passions broken families secrets mixed together The Heiress of Water by Sandra Rodriguez Barron is a book i blindly picked up from the bargain bin when i needed something to read and was out of rented books for that it was pretty good Partly set in El Salvador and partly in Connecticut it s a very latin american styled book like Isabelle Allende Who Is Even Uoted is even uoted the front Lots of that magical realism sort of thing but a little toned down from some authors The book is about the sea and 2 generations trying to find medicine from some authors The book is about the sea and 2 generations trying to find medicine cone shells This medicine can bring people out of a coma supposively or other benefits too The main character is a woman whose mother was stolen from her by the sea but just not in the way that she thinks It s less boring than it sounds There s a great deal of mystery although not who done it type mystery in this book I would check it out if you re looking for a book that s both smart and entertaining I LOVED this novel I love the mysticalmagical aspects of it I loved the descriptive language that takes me to a whole different world I felt the characters were complex and engaging I especially loved the water imagery throughout and the family mystery. En una clínica remota sobre una playa de arena negra una mujer abre sus ojosCuando la joven Mónica Winters Borrero pierde su madre encantadora en un accidente marítimo ella se encuentra exiliada del paraíso tropical ue una vez fue su hogar En duelo y alejada de una vida dentro de la sociedad salvadoreña Mónica y su padre estadounidense se mudan a Connecticut jurando nunca mirar hacia atrásAños más tarde un intrigan. .
Easy ones Multi dimensional and uestionable but gifts nonethelessAnd then the mother is gone And the daughter and her father who is from the US move to Connecticut and she grows up away from her El Salvadoran family from her childhood home But she never loses her connection to the ocean or to the cone snail The book changes a lot ind of morphs in terms of its focus and tone There were moments when I thought it was going to turn into a horror story A love story A war story I suppose the theme of lost and found finding and story I suppose the theme of lost and found finding and losing and finding uestions of when letting go is important and holding onAnd who people are at their core And do people have a who people are at their core And do people have a Are people the embodiment of some ind of essence Or are we something else entirely And what of love It s a messy business and confusing it can arrive and tangle around us in so many different ways It can be so close and yet unreachable It can be destructive life saving Sometimes the most loving thing to do is let go to let go of people of the past even of hope and that is a hard and strange lesson So this book is philosophical and intriguing and engaging an exploration of love and loss It sags a bit in places and seems to lose track of itself to not fully now what it wants to be doing to get sidetracked a bit Sometimes the writing is really compelling and sometimes a bit dusty But all in all I m glad I read it not sure how I came across it but happy that I did I look forward to reading by this author Here s an interview with her I wish they would have asked uestions about her interest in cone snails and her connection to the events and characters of this book and #a bit less about when did you want to be a writer But still an interesting read #bit less about when did you want to be a writer But still an interesting read are LOTS of thought provoking ideas and contrasting ideas brought updiscussed definitely a good book club read Contrasts like christianitycatholicism versus nature wealth vs poverty traditional medicine vs experimentation Love is a big part of the book and the different aspects of love we all find within our lives and in our hearts I real The Heiress of Water novelI enjoyed this book I felt everything the sea the waves the smells laughter and pain Life and it s circle learning every day something new along with past historyrooting for the goodness of it all Thank you Mother and husband hover over their wife and daughter who has been in a coma for 2 years after a car accident Seeking help they run into Monica a woman who left El Salvador for Connecticut with her father at 12 after her mother drowned Monica has researc. Se encuentra comprometido por una clínica secreta ue afirma poseer el poder de restaurar la consciencia a los comatososLo ue descubre Mónica destruirá la delicada tregua entre su familia y el pasado y obligará a ue todos desafíen sus nociones más profundas sobre lo ue significa estar vivo Etéreo pensante y clásico La heredera del mar es una parábola impresionante sobre el paraíso perdido ue luego se vuelve a hall. .

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