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Series Exciting surprise ending that remembers me the first Asimov novels of the Robot seriesVote 75 L "Impero Galattico Stava Crollando Meno "Galattico stava crollando Meno del precedente il secondo romanzo del Ciclo delle Fondazioni risulta suddiviso in soli due blocchi temporali rispettivamente 150 e 230 anni dopo la nascita della Fondazione Una nuova Crisi di Seldon si avvicina apparentemente scatenata da un nuovo temibile nemico il Mulo un essere dotato di poteri uasi soprannaturaliDevo dire che la tecnica di Isaac Asimov di descrivere per fasi o blocchi temporali le vicende che hanno portato alla caduta dell Impero e alla nascita e sviluppo della Fondazione a me piace E un tipo di fantascienza molto suggestiva a me piace E un tipo di fantascienza molto suggestiva davvero di scorrere uell Enciclopedia Galattica che pi volte ricorre nelle pagine della serie Molto bello il finale a sorpresa amarcord dei primi romanzi asimoviani del Ciclo dei RobotVoto 75 It has been several ears since I read Foundation though one thing that lingers in my mind about the first instalment of the series in the scope and ambition behind the work It is extraordinary and the brilliance continues hereFirstly though it is worth mentioning tha Split into two stories instead of many like the first book this *One Feels A Lot Streamlined *feels a lot streamlined the Foundation has met two of its greatest foes One of which was expected and one that wasn tThe path back to stable galactic civilization is a tortuous one The foundation always knew that it would one day have to face against the Empire and it did and that story was very interestingBut the Mule Well he s just fascinating And iconic And perhaps a bit overdone ever since then because let s face it we love mutants with mighty mental powers don t we Grasp the date 1951 This isn t a comic book either Yes sure there s the Lensman and others but what we ve got here is the grand social tide set against the powers of a single individual The very thing that Hari Seldon s math couldn t account for And now ashesWhat an awesome reversal One that s both chilling and affirming at the same time playing to our prejudices that we as individuals matter while also showing the grand destruction that comes with itI m revising the novel upwards It was great fun and still a part of the grand trilogy I don t know why I thought it was anything less than fantastic Foundation and Empire is sadly not as interesting as the first book in the series It was hard to get through at times mostly because of a total lack of suspense depth and real characters which is usually also the case in the first book but that one easily gets extra points because of the brilliance of the ideasStill there are many plainly visible influences to be found and it s good enough that I definitely want to read of these books. Istória ciência revolucionària criada por Hari Seldon são postas em causa devido à aparição de um homem com poderes paranormais um mutante conhecido por Mula cuja verdadeira identidade apenas será desvendada nas últimas págin.

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HucydidesI hope ou re convinced But it does raise an interesting uestion if the Trantorian Empire is the Roman Empire what is the real world counterpart of the Foundation Who kept the flame of classical civilization alive through the Dark Ages so that it could burst forth again during the Renaissance I m curious to see what other answers people might have but it seems to me that the most obvious candidate is the Arabs which presumably implies that Hari Seldon corresponds to the Prophet Mohammad pbuh But what was the Seldon Plan A united Islamic Europe And who is the Mule I must "admit that I still haven t completely figured this out I read "that I still haven t completely figured this out I read half in Italian my physical copy and half in English my digital copy and I ve come to the conclusion that the Italian translation sucks HardIt was strange that the Glory of the Galaxy should be a rotting corpseI have gone over and over what to say in this review but I realized that at the end of the day I had already said everything in my review of Foundation the first installment in the series The two books are of course different for one thing I found this one less episodic which neither particularly pleased or displeased me but what I think of this series didn t change It has its strengths and its weaknesses and I am ejoying it in that peculiar and uniue way Asimov and only Asimov is able to make me enjoy a book The exam went great by the way Thank ou all for our support I m sure Asimov helped too Less episodic than the first Foundation which was a plus But it makes all the apparent Asimov s complete inability to create memorable or sympa from the Earth Journal of Scientific Analyst SLJLK92349UO Earth Invasion #Exploratory UnitHumans will fail and fail again this much I have learned from my time spent stationed on #UnitHumans will fail and fail again this much I have learned from my time spent stationed on muddy ball of earth the third from its star Humans will fail and try again win and then fail fail and then win fail and then keep failing Such is the human kind Always doing the same things Differs considerably from its preuel while maintaining the same thrill throughout English Foundation and Empire Italiano Galactic Empire was collapsing Less fragmented than the previous one the second novel of the Foundation series is divided only into two time bands respectively 150 and 230 ears after the birth of the Foundation With a new Seldon Crisis at hand a formidable enemy the Mule euipped with almost supernatural powers moves against the FoundationI enjoyed the Isaac Asimov techniue to divide the novel into different temporal phases to better describe the fallen of the Empire and the rise of the Foundation It s a suggestive experience of science fiction It really seems to read the Encyclopedia Galactica that several times appears in the pages of the Foundation. E encarregada de redigir a Enciclopédia Galáctica e a segunda Fundação cuja localização é desconhecida e cuja actividade constitui igualmente um mistérioTudo se torna ainda mais alarmante uando as próprias profecias da psico Isaac Asimov was 31 when he first published the SF classic Foundation in 1951 The next 2017-2018 Maxine 2 Year Pocket Calendar year he came out with the seuel Foundation and EmpireUnlike many series these days or even a traditional series or trilogy which this would be for 30ears the first part introducing "readers to Hari Seldon and psychohistory and to the beginning of Seldon s millennia plan was of a "to Hari Seldon and psychohistory and to the beginning of Seldon s millennia plan was of a to the larger scope and interesting plot brought out in Foundation and EmpireThe leaders of the Foundation operate under a foregone conclusion that their society will be a *success that theirs is a destiny proven with mathematical certainty by *that theirs is a destiny proven with mathematical certainty by great Seldon himself Periodically in the Foundation history a simulacrum of Seldon will appear to explain away a crisis in his plan Up to the point of the story Seldon had been prophetically correct in his predictions reassuring his followers of the inevitability of his plan and of FoundationBut there are shadows and penumbra of uncertainty and the apprehensions are proven true when great Seldon appears and starts talking about an alternate history one that was not going on The Foundation was experiencing a crisis different than the one foretold by SeldonThe mulePsychohistory deals with predicting statistical trends in human progress a combined science of mathematics sociology psychology and cultural study that Seldon and his apostles have used Seldon s principles to exact a plan for cultural galactic evolution with exacting precision What Seldon cannot could not predict was the actions of an individual It is the unexpected ascendancy of a mutant with strange abilities that turns the Foundation plan into uncharted territoryDecades before Darth Vader and his Emperor Asimov s The Mule describes a conuering villain with complexities and humanistic intricacies that would create an SFF template that would be mimicked by writers and speculative fiction writers for generations Over sixty The Animated Films of Don Bluth years later and Asimov s character is still a study in deterministic powerOne influence that jumped out to me was Trantor as a model for George Lucas Coruscant The center of galactic power is a planet city with a single purpose Asimov s impact on Herbert s Dune series is also suggestedA must read for SF fans Isaac Asimov based Foundation and Empire on Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ifou re in any doubt consider the following lines From His Well Known Poem his well known poem Foundation of SF SuccessSo success is not a mystery just brush up on A Good Man in Africa your history and borrow day by dayTake an Empire that was Roman andou ll find it is at home in all the starry Milky WayWith a drive that s hyperspatial through the parsecs Borderline Personality Disorder you will raceou ll find that plotting is a breezeWith a tiny bit of cribbin from the works of Edward Gibbon and that Greek Depois de Prelúdio à Fundação e Fundação surge agora o terceiro volume deste grandioso ciclo no ual o império se encontra destruído pois perdera os cientistas fundadores de dois mundos novos a primeira Fundação especificament.

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Foundation and Empire

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