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To Die For eThis is a beautifully photographed book and reads like a novel The narrative isxtremely well written and the author definitely has a gift for words The recipes though are not very practical for your average at home cook One of the Celestial Teachings exotic recipes calls for tobacco water which is made with water and the tobacco leaves of a good uality cigar I liked the book and I respect the art of the recipes inside of it but it is of a coffee table book than a cookbook Edward Lee s cookbook is a panegyric to the simultaneouslasticity and rootedness of Southern foodways The Brooklyn raised son of Korean immigrants has made his home in Louisville Kentucky cooking Southern food in a way that makes the most of both his location and his own roots As an Belly Up (FunJungle) ex pat southerner who brings both my background and myxperience of life and travel to my kitchen Lee s approach resonates with me as did his comparison of the Viet Cong ephemeral artxpressed in both graffiti and cooking He also xpressed my long held position that along with sour salty bitter sweet and umami smoke is the sixth flavor I haven t made any of the recipes in here yet but worth a read for his memories Got a signed copy from Louisville s great indie bookstore Carmichael s 610 has a place in my heart I ate there back in the 70 s when it opened as one of the first fineexperimental dining places in Louisville and in the city itself Old Louisville about 3 blocks from my apartment So I was so glad to hear Chef Lee took over the space I have also been lucky nough to Wofford College, South Carolina eat there since he has taken the space over My intro to halibut cheeks Nice twists on traditional Louisville food Good life stories Seems like the kind of guy you d love to chat w over a few glasses of fine bourbon Truthfully I appreciated this book for its memoir style stories than its recipes the majority of which just didn t appeal But that isntirely because of my tastes and cooking style not because of anything wrong with the recipesRegarding the stories though it was really interesting to read the author s recollections of how his tastes Seduced by the CEO evolved through his life and I particularlynjoyed reading his stories of transitioning to life in Kentucky There is a great voice throughout the book and I admire his interest in creating awareness and familiarity with the value of cooking with locally raised meats Great recipes and tells a story as well as any cookbook I ve seen Food from the American South with a bit of a twist is what this book promised which hopefully won t scare ultra conservative traditionalists awayThe author has adopted Southern food as his own style but lements of his Korean roots and classical French culinary training seep through Through this book it is hoped that the reader will be able to do it for themselves without any problem with over 100 foolproof recipes on offer In between the recipes is a bit of a diary style look at the author s life to date to provide additional context and a bit of an interesting read to bootYou can sense this is a bit of an unconventional book from the start No other cookbook would feature a full page picture of a partially aten meal with just a few french fries and pickles remaining to be aten smeared partially aten meal with just a few french fries and pickles remaining to be aten smeared with tomato sauce This really DID grab this reviewer s attention This book is a lot than just a collection of recipes and a bit of binding text It is a total culinary journey Sure you could skip past the various life portraits and background text and just grab the very good recipes but you would be losing out In some ways the recipes are less important as strange as this may sound yet they are also important Think of it as a hot dog you can have use the sausage in many ways without the roll and of course the roll can be used with other fillings But when put together with mustard and onion they are truly something different and uniueThe book is split into key categories based on the main ingredient lamb beef vegetables and so on but sadly there is a faux "cute labelling which just irritated this reviewer and felt truly out of place with the book Birds and Bluegrass Buttermilk and "labelling which just irritated this reviewer and felt truly out of place with the book Birds and Bluegrass Buttermilk and or Veggies and Charity are some of the less annoying titles but to be truthful they all just grated This is a book to sit down with when you have the time to xplore to dream and to think The cooking can wait To Have or to Be? The Nature of the Psyche even though you might be inspired to hit the kitchen running You can sense the author s love andnthusiasm oozing out from within the pages The photography is xcellent and acts as a good companion to the book as a whole No afterthought at all The only gripes are uite common ones The measures are Only Given In US Imperial Units No given in US imperial units No of preparation and total cooking times So many books tend to forget these small but often important little basics Everything lse is just perfect Clear instructions Prisoner (The Contractors, engaging text surprising twists here and there A book to be seen purchased and treasuredOne hopes that this book has a good comprehensive index to allow you to navigate andxploit it to the full Unfortunately this pre publication review copy was missing the index so if that sort of thing is important to you you better check it out before purchase That said this is one of those books that would still be good without an index yet why have a good steak if you can have a VERY good steak instead This book was a good find perhaps you will agreeSmoke and Pickles written by Edward Lee and published by Artisan ISBN 9781579654924 304 pages Typical priceUSD2995 YYYYY This review appeared in YUMfi and is reproduced here in full with permission. Chef Edward Lee's story and his food could only happen in America Raised in Brooklyn by a family of Korean immigrants he ventually settled down in his adopted hometown of Louisville Kentucky where he owns the acclaimed restaurant 610 Magnolia A multiple James Beard Award nominee for his uniue patchwork cuisine Edward create. .
Smoke and Pickles

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Of YUMfi YUMfi celebrates the worldwide diversity of food and drink as presented through the humble book Whether you call it a cookery book cook book recipe book or something lse in the language of your choice YUM will provide you with news and reviews of the latest books on the marketplace WOWSuch great diversity Although this book is on loan from my town library it needs to be owned I will definitely look to purchase this in the near future I admire the combination of Lee s Southern French and Korean creations For me this was the most uniue cookbook read of 2013 update This The Meaning of Creation excellent cookbook remains my new favorite and a great birthday gift from H The recipes are workable and delicious and don t usually reuirexcessively obscure ingredients Well at least these are all staples in my pantry His guiding philosophy seems to be My Brothers Keeper everything tastes better with vinegar Words to live bySince last summer I ve made 3 batches of pickles plus pickled grapes the adobo fried chicken with dipping sauce the butter beans 2x and have plans for many My only difficulty is theuipment I m dying to make his lamb prosciutto but apparently I need an La decisión de Stinger empty refrigerator in which to hang a leg of lamb for 66 days Every once in a while the limitations of living in a small city apartment thwart me I recently stumbled upon an interesting cooking site food52 which features anven interesting cookbook competition The Piglet It is admittedly subjective paring two books to be reviewed by a well known food personalitychef The winner goes on with another to be reviewed again by another judge until there is a single winnerWhile some of the reviewers toss off their task with little Celebrity Pass effort others write prose that is positively lyricalI found this a review by the KoreanSouthern Louisville chef Edward LeeI had never heard of Lee chef proprietor of Magnolia but as I read I was stunned by the beauty of his writing I bookmarked the site for when I had time to learn I discovered that he had fared well in the previous year s The Piglet with his own volume Smoke and Pickles Recipes and Stories from a New Southern Kitchen making it to the semi final roundHere is Edward Lee from the Preface of Smoke and Pickles What do you cook It s a uestion I get asked all the time There s the short answer and there s the long answer The short one sasy I reach for labels like Farm to Table Field to Fork Soil to Mouth Local Global New Asian New Southern New AnythingI might show photos of my garden in full bloom woven baskets of fruits and vegetables with a smattering of soil still clinging to the Dirty Desire (Dread and Terrible, edges or a handful of the heirloom seeds I ve collected over the years I offer a belabored speech about local farms and ingredients at the peak of freshness It s not insincere but it s rehearsed The simplest uestions are the most difficult to answer because lurking just behind those innocent words is a complex response This book is the long answer What I cook is who I am Browsing through reviews I sensed that I would not cook in Edward Lee s style and didn t want to shell out the bucks for it so I borrowed Smoke Pickles from our town library Reading it cover to cover I reveled in the stories he told about his upbringing in a Korean home in Brooklyn how he and his sister sneaked away from the garment factory where their parents worked to indulge in their favorite gastronomic delight gyros of his teen year misadventures his lowdown on bourbon I never met a bourbon I didn t like of his travels in in the North African neighborhoods of Franceating braewats and Bisteeya and lamb tagine lamb in the context of North African history it was lamb the way they must have Star Wars Myths Fables eaten it for generations It was their story I just got toavesdropI love reading of his journey of cooking that led to his first Bill Graham Presents establishment a Korean BB joint where his success as a coolstablishment colliding with a less than happy visit from Jeremiah Tower of Chez Panisse led him to doubt All that revelry and cash started to feel like failureI was a literature major so I like to see things as metaphors The bland beef was only the surface of this hulking mass of a disappointment I d builtI knew inside that there was to life than grilled meat and teuila shots I don t remember xactly why I decided to go to the Kentucky Derby For a city kid from Brooklyn that seersucker and bourbon spectacle somehow seemed like the panacea to my urban hell A friend from Brooklyn that seersucker and bourbon spectacle somehow seemed like the panacea to my urban hell A friend a friend knew of a restaurant in Louisville that would hire me for the weekend of the Derby so I could make a little cash and see a bit of the bluegrass I wanted to take my shoes off and walk barefoot through the fields of clover I wanted to walk alongside the cows that grazed on the same grass that was below my feet I packed my bag for a week And it was a week that would change my life forever p45With a degree in English he knows how to tell a story with love and humor and grace Here is what he says about his grandmother at whose side he learned to cook Before she died my grandmother made me promise I d choose a good wife I said I would I knew she meant a Korean wife but neither of us wanted to say it I also told her I had just found a great job that would make me rich I lied But it made her relax which meant "her pain would go away for a few hours My grandmother died on New Year s Day of 1997 "pain would go away for a few hours My grandmother died on New Year s Day of 1997 xact same day Townes Van Zandt died I sometimes dream they are waiting in line next to ach other at the heavenly gates He plays her a song and she tells him how familiar it sounds My grandson listened to that song she d say always tryin. S recipes filled with pickling fermenting frying curing and smoking that reflect the overlapping flavors and techniues that led this Korean American boy to feel right at home in the South Dishes like Chicken Fried Pork Steak with Ramen Crust and Buttermilk Pepper Gravy; Collards and Kimchi; Braised Beef Kalbi with Soft Grits. G to impress the white girl Then they d laugh about it and walk peacefully into the next world p162Lee describes his visit to a humanely run abattoir a sojourn he felt compelled to take He says the writer political activist humanist farmer and philosopher Wendell Berry s statement Eating is an agricultural act that no other five words have made of an impact on my career I need to see firsthand what happens to these animals the agricultural act that links these farms to my table As he adds Animals far from being just property are sentient beings And must be treated humanely Lee doesn t flinch at telling us what he sees there but neither does he linger on the gore Why does he do it I ve been backand to other abattoirs in the region and when I occasionally tell people about these xperiences I get a range of reactions some curious some disgusted What s a chef doing killing animals Shouldn t I be in the kitchen I know I don t belong in the kill room But where do I belong On a farm picking berries Behind an The Gondola Maker expo line shouting orders In front of a camera talking nonsense Or maybe in front of my computer writing about it to give some public voice to a process that generally goes unnoticed to a group of unnamed pigs who became delicious meals This is my attempt at an agricultural act p 101Lee s love of family is a strong thread that runs through his life through his tales He speaks freuently of the deep affection he has for his grandmother his parents his sister his wife Dianne His description of theirngagement to his family is touching I told Dianne that whatever happened that night when he introduced her to his family as his fianc Diwali e just keepating kimchi like there was no tomorrow When I announced our Drawing with Your Four- to Eleven-Year-Old engagement all of a suddenveryone was talking in Korean which we never did Dianne was so brave and strong and beautiful and patient and she ate about a pound of kimchiMy mom got uiet and I could tell she was fighting her Oklahoma Outbreak (American Chillers, emotions She wanted to find something to like about Dianne something she could say to welcome her into the family After a long silence she looked up at me and said She likes kimchi huh She said it in English And that was how she gave us her blessing p 162And then to Dianne s family Now it was my turn to meet Dianne s family We drove up to Ferdinand Indiana Population very small and very German Catholic I d say it was a uaint town but uaint implies cozy and cozy implies imperfection and Ferdinand is perfectThis was Dianne s world humble yet resourceful Dinners with Dianne s family are never long winded affairs They are condensed and scripted There is no unnecessary lingering Asach family member leaves Dianne s mom carefully hands out jars of sauerkraut It seems random most get one jar some get two others get none I ve never been able to figure out her system I ve stopped tryingWhen I made that important first visit to Ferdinand I came with a letter I d written to Dianne s parents I read it to them in their living room I told them how much I loved their daughter and how I wanted to spend my life with her They gave me their blessings but like my parents they kept their Wanderers Eastward, Wanderers West emotions restrained We had a pleasant dinner and gossiped aboutveryone in Ferdinand At the Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb end of the night as we were leaving Dianne s mom gave us six jars of sauerkraut p 163Lee calls himself a tough guy but he is not afraid as depicted here to show his softer compassionate side There is this Inded up cooking dinner at the Louisville Metro Youth Detention Center which is a place for teen offenders who are too young for penitentiaries I made BB with an array of sides and peach cobblerI scooped their dinner onto Styrofoam plates and talked to them as they walked through the buffet line All of these kids had made bad choices some so than others but what surprised me was that in their yes they were still kids Most were shy they giggled at anything like all teens do They were inuisitive and curious and hungry They were
Kids The Warden Asked 
The warden asked to say something to them I didn t give a lecture or tell my life story All I said was that I believed in my heart that veryone deserves a good meal and that included them They gave me hugs and asked if I d come back They wrote me letters As I said I consider myself a pretty tough guy and I thought I was ready for anything but I never thought I d have to swallow my tears as these kids smiled and waved good bye to me in their brown jumpsuits and slippers p 189Edward Lee is a man who Spawn of the Winds embraces lifenjoys an amazing joie de vivre and appreciates all the good his life has brought He is an ngaging charming funny writer He is charitable and serious and warm someone I would like to meetOn second thought maybe I will spend the bucks for my "own copy of Smoke and Pickles Who knows I might someday "copy of Smoke and Pickles Who knows I might someday some of his recipes Perhaps Rice and R moulade a Braised Brisket Bourbon and Coke Meatloaf Sandwich Tamarind Strawberry Glazed Ham Or how about Southern Fried Rice or Bourbon Ginger Glazed Carrots or WTF Potato Salad On of the ways I am like my mother is that I can and do read cookbooks like some folks read novels In the modern ra cookbook publishers seem to cater to readers and I m not sure which I The Testaments (The Handmaids Tale, enjoyed Lee s stories or his recipesI am a native Kentuckian who can debate horses bar b ue and bourbon all day I have only recently discovered Korean food What makes this cookbook special is how Lee finds andxplores similarities in Korean and Kentucky culture There are several recipes I plan to try More than anything I want to make the drive to Louisville to at his food. And Scallions; and Miso Smothered Chicken all share a place on his table Born with the storytelling gene of a true Southerner Lee fills his debut cookbook with tales of the restaurant world New York City Kentucky and his time competing on Top Chef plus than 130 xceptional recipes for food with Korean roots and Southern sou. .