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Write my journal before I could buy a notepad from commissary This is a high nergy tale of swashbuckling naval adventure pirates treasure and notepad from commissary This is a high nergy tale of swashbuckling naval adventure pirates treasure and it takes place in the far future inside a giant balloon that s been sealed to cut out the outside world Inside there s very little gravity so cities are built like wheels and have to spin to create centripetal force The ships float in the air and are like baroue steampunk airships but there are also fast motorcycle type vehicles that use the there are also fast motorcycle type vehicles that use the of air to power themThere is a central mechanical sun a fusion Reactor Called Candesce And called Candesce and smaller suns have popped up Cities are built around these suns and wars are fought over taking over resources and creating new sunsPlaces where suns don t reach the vast majority of the planet are known as Winter Winter is harshIt starts as a simple tale of revenge but gets turned on its head by revelations and retrospect and the threat of warMy biggest complaint is that the protagonist doesn t seem as interesting as any of the people he s surrounded by He s Luke Skywalker in that way I suppose I uite liked it and I m anxious to read the rest of the series A light read Mostly this seems like an xercise in world building for SchroederA bit to steam punky for me on a few occasions but it soon leaves that behindThe prose is not pretty but it is workable and the imagery is certainly lovely in it s own wayIf you went out of your way to read into it all of the stories of Virga are about different types of closed societies dealing with change Steampunk like. D “towns” normous wood and rope wheels that are spun for centripetal gravityThis complex and fascinating world is the setting for the novels of Virga Karl Schroeder’s interstellar far future space habitat sealed off from contaminatio. .

Cities of the Air is an omnibus of the first two novels in Karl Schroeder s Virga seriesI literally had no idea what to xpect going into this I was at work looking for a uick read and noticed that the title of the book was Cities of the Air a concept which has always been a favourite of mine so I grabbed it Schroeder is an amazing worldbuilder that is for damn sure The setting for these novels is so uniue that it defies beliefThe first novel doesn t really concentrate on any one location in Virga the Massive Balloon The Series balloon the series set in The second novel however is centered ntirely on one of the nations of Virga which was neatThis is
the reason both novels irked a bit In the first you are introduced to all these cool and uniue nvironments and they are never Love and Magic I: 9 Paranormal Romances explored In the second you are confined to a singlenvironment This isn t Hummingbird even really a criticism because both are awesome but its something to considerI am definitely going to check out the following novels in the series The second was nothing like what I wasxpecting it to be so I am very interested to see what is to come 35 stars Virga is an almost impossibly uniue world The action adventure plot is compelling Characterization falters slightly and the book is somewhat bloated but otherwise the world and uniue Beyond Identity Politics: Feminism, Power and Politics events taking place allow readers to overlook any potential faults Read my full review here Two books I think Pretty good sci fi with interesting world building in a scene that I ve never been introduced to before I read this in jail I used the inside of the back cover to. It is the distant future The world known as Virga is a fullerene balloon three thousand kilometers in diameter filled with air water and floating chunks of rock The humans who live in this vastnvironment must build their own fusion suns an. ,
Far future world in a hollow sphere setting AKA Ringworld on
Local politics intersect with an takeover by the rest of the galaxy I m still trying to steroids Local politics intersect with an attempted takeover by the rest of the galaxy I m still trying to intersect with an attempted takeover by the rest of the galaxy I m still trying to how the natural resource The True ISTJ (The True Guides to the Personality Types) economy work Great story telling and world building character development was pretty good too But it was slow to start and the second book focused on a better character than the first This steampunk space opera had one of the strongest starts I vever seen well paced beautiful creation of new worlds to stoke the imagination and intriguing ideas of new ways to live This Das alte Haus edition is a compilation of the first 2 books of a trilogy I found the first to be a lot of fun but by the middle of the 2nd book it was too repetitive lots of swashbuckling action and adventure but frankly too much of it without any new ideas or creativity That is not really a criticism since it was still well written and the action was interesting but personally I need pure invention and imagination in my sci fi After the rush of Schroeder s new world wore off this lost alllements of sci fi and was purely an actionadventure novel Still if you know someone into the steampunk aesthetic this is a fun story within a gorgeous world and you couldn t possibly guess what is going to happen on the next page Liked this The combination of what s ssentially a victorian society trapped in a very high tech world indeed Very promisingThe battle scenes mixing sailing ship derring do with high tech science pretty clever Loved the first book Sun of Suns the second ueen of Candesce not so muc. N by the rest of the inhabited universe These books have set a high standard for hard SF adventure in the last decade and now the first two novels Sun of Suns and ueen of Candesce are brought out for the first time in one trade paper omnibus.

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Virga Virga #1 2
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