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Very brutal and confronting story about the life of child soldiers in Sudan I heard the author Majok Tulba speak at the Brisbane Writers Festival where he said that his editor HAD ENCOURAGED HIM TO TAKE OUT encouraged him to take out of the graphic and brutal scenes so it wasn t too confronting for a western audience Given what is still in the book I shudder to think what was taken out Not one for the sueamish but a very real look at the life of Sudanese children recruited to the rebel army This is not the author s story but a story he has researched well and one of which he has vast experience The most amazing thing about this book is that English is not the author s first language yet he wrote the book in English and was able to evoke the feeling of the Sudanese countryside and village life in such vibrant and amazing colour Tulba says he is working on another book and some screenplays both of which I can t wait to see Obinna s life of tending goats in a small village in Sudan comes crashing around his ears one night when rebels enter the village looking for blood and new recruits to fight in the ongoing civil night when rebels enter the village looking for blood and new recruits to fight in the ongoing civil The rebels determine potential recruits by measuring the height of young boys against that of an AK 47 Those taller than the AK 47 are rounded up and taken from the village and those shorter are sparedWhat makes Beneath The Darkening Sky amazing is that Australian Sudanese refugee Majok Tulba is writing from experience rebels came for him on two occasions The first time he was too short and the second time he was so sick the rebels decided he was going to die in a few days anyway Well Tulba survived and made it to a refugee camp and in 2001 came to Australia and Beneat Obinna an 11 year old boy and his brother are taken from their village one night when it is violently ambushed by the SAF Obinna witness s atrocities no child should ever witness and this is his bare all and hold nothing back account of life as a child soldier At times you can *see a glimmer of hope for Obinna as he relentlessly fights *a glimmer of hope for Obinna as he relentlessly fights eep his sanity amongst a group of peopleintent on destroying the child to create a mindless soldier Obinna s story will make you feel everything he sees and is a part of it will make you wish you could change what is happening and most of all it will open your eyes to something so horrific you will wish it was only fictionMajok Tulba has written an extremely powerful and moving novel about a childhood torn apart and forever altered It is also Majok Tulba s own personal what if storyas when he was a child living in Sudan the soldiers in the SAF came to his village Thankfully he was shorter than the AK 47 the soldiers used as a measuring device to determine whether or not they would take them Beneath the Darkening Sky is a novel that is still with me long after I put it down 5 It s loud So loud ISIS RECRUITS WAKE UP PAY ATTENTIONThis is Sudan but now someone needs to write a book like this for ISIS recruits Kids are expendable landmine detectors for the SAE Sudanese Armed Forces and suicide bombers for ISISThis is the reality Cannon fodder in old terms No glory only guts splatteredThese are the words that ept running through my mind massacre slaughter butcher Horrendous barbaric brutal Unbearable INEXCUSABLE People are as primitive and evil now as they ever were during the era of Genghis Khan Attila the Hun the Crusades the list goes on to today s waterboarding torture by so called civilised countries Inexcusable that we can fight something as insidious and invisible as the Ebola virus but can t stop men with great big AK 47s The author escaped being selected by the rebel army because he wasn t tall enough the height of an AK 47 but he describes in this fiction what his life would have been if he d been taken Luckily for him and us he came to Australia as a refugeeThis was well written and horrifically descriptive to the point where I started to skim because I couldn t bear the continued machete strikes the beatings the beheadings But I couldn t avoid them I will share a particularly violent incide. On the day that Obinna’s village is savagely attacked by the rebel army and his father murdered he witnesses violence beyond his imagination Along with his older brother he finds himself thrown into a truck when the soldiers leave to be shaped into. ,
Beneath the Darkening Sky

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Nt because you need to now as I did what is happening to these CHILDREN The rebels march the little boys in front of them and step exactly in the boys footsteps so as not to trip a landmine Obinna called Baboon Ass by the rebels is walking behind another boy when the boy suddenly stops Step back the boy yells I heard a click he says I think I found one I step back pushing the others behind me They don t push back they just move with me Damn Captain he says BOOMThe ground explodes in front of me No fire no flash of light Just brown grey dirt splintering up a hundred thousand pebbles in a grey cloud The boy is covered in the cloud The pebbles fly so fast they gouge into his skin then exit the other side My heart jumps and beats fast As the blood trails after the pebbles the pale dust swallows it up makes it dark grey I see the cuffs of his shorts cut a dozen times each pebble clutching fibres and pulling them up The blast s wind catches each strip of cloth curling it like a flag More pebbles cut into his leg under his thigh and out the top His Free to Accept knee rises pebbles rip through it His leg flings up faster than the rest of him too fast and he begins to spin around The other foot rises off the groundShreds of cloth turn dark the skin at his hip tears Shreds of dusty skin at the end of his leg the foot is gone White dust wraps around him as the pebbles dig and dig The back of his head opens and it s red for less than a moment before the pieces are painted grey Each little stone takes a piece of him with it less and less and less Landmines don till you they eat youAll this in an instant Boom The cloud and pebbles are huge and high taking up all the air in front of me Out of the cloud flies a grey dust painted half person One leg and his stomach fly off the road His left arm sails over my head The wind from the mine icks me backwards and I land on another boyIt s loud So loud Obinna is gradually turned into a soldier but says near the end Here in the jungle we are neither humans nor animals Too intelligent to be forgiven for the deeds of beast too unforgiving for the company of humans Horrendous Barbaric Brutal InexcusableTruePS May 2020 The world continues to disintegrateI ve now just read Colombiano by Rusty Young who lived in Colombia and wrote this in the first person for and about the Colombian child soldiers he befriended It is terrific and horrific and true I reviewed it here Link to my Colombiano review Interesting to read this book it identifies issues that are current in present day Africa I found the story involving enough for me to want to finish it however you really feel the jump from the voice in the first chapter to the much grown up voice from the second chapter even though there was no jump in time The horrific incidents that ensue are told sometimes dispassionately and with some nod to melodrama but lacking real emotional attachment I found the story could ve finished uite satisfactorily about 14 of the way before the actual ending and again at about 15 of the way before the end The end itself was drawn out and seemed rather pointless and akin *To Flogging A Dead Horse *flogging a dead horse try and render any sort of sympathy from the reader at this point If you don t now anything about the rebellion movements in Africa it s probably a good read to find out some of what goes on but if you re familiar through other well told narratives then this book will not bring anything new to the table Words are just useless in this moment for this book It feels even to basic to call it a book when it is in fact a living proof to the atrocities the human race has made A tragedy a story about war death and People who experienced hell Villages human race has made A tragedy a story about war death and People who experienced hell Villages to the ground hundreds or even thousands of people brutally The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater killed and tortured women and girls raped boys beaten terorised and turned into soldiers intoilling machines by demons with human faces And we still have the nerve to call ourselves an inteligent species Some may think these The Esoteric Scene, Cultic Milieu, Occult Tarot kind of books are too violent to brutal but I believe that we shouldnow the An agent of horror – a child soldier Marched through minefields and forced into battle enduring a brutal daily existence Obinna slowly works out which parts of himself to save and which to sacrifice in this world turned upside down Beneath the Dar. .