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Apped potential shines through Mia and Sam are performance artists as in they actually have sex together on a stage in front of a crowd taking the whole exhibitionist thing to a whole new level The term skin is skin is used in abundance in this tale meaning that woman or man if you get off with them it s all good there *s no stereotyping of gay lesbian or bi sexual it s ust skin on skin This is where Syria * no stereotyping of gay lesbian or bi sexual it s ust skin on skin This is where Syria to do Her Own Experimenting With own experimenting with is skin and Mia is her willing candidate and yet again what started out as an innocent enough promotional photo shoot turns into Syria s first girl on girl experience and a lascivious m nage a trois and it is hot hot stuff Let s ust say I ll never look at a bottle of booze the same againThe last two stories where the weaker of the five for me In The Goddess of Bondage Syria decides she really likes Tyson on a deeper level and plans to learn Japanese Bondage for him through Madam Takahashi a master in training dominatrix and other women who enjoy BDSM Shibari is a fine line between pain and pleasure submission and idolisation It was interesting learning about Shibari the use of the ropes where to place them and how to avoid tender nerves and Starla writes a great detailed description of this method of bondage to me it Darwins Radio just seems like a great deal of time and effort to be strung up like a set of Xmas lights but I guess I m an instant gratification type of girlor lazy There s a lot of writhing and wax melting in the fourth book but again itust seemed to be sex threw in to situations that probably wouldn t occur in the everyday life of a shy photographer But what do I know I m A Study in Scarlet (Sherlock Holmes, just a shy shop assistantThe final book The Exhibitionist has Erik Andrada a man with slaves and submissives standing stoically by his side He decides to use Syria s photography skills to capture the things he likes most about one of his women who has come to the end of her contract with him Things he likes most about his soon to be ex slave includes her and another of his subs in metal collars and chains going at each other on Syria s studio floor This is a good memory he states likes he sust enjoyed a day out at the freaking zoo In this tale Syria is approached by Erik to attain "The Newly Available Position "newly available position slave to him a position he holds in higher regard than his business associates He at one point explains he needs a woman he can rely on who has. Ms hell bent on making Anthony her next conuestSyria is anxious and shy having never dated in the small town where her mixed raced heritage and absent father were a constant source of gossip Anthony comes on a little too strong at dinner sending her into a panic but with encouragement from a friend Syria decides this might be her best opportunity to loosen up. Elegance competency and does as he asks with pleasure to which "Syria Retorts So Like A Wife But "retorts So like a wife but her own opinion There isn t as much sex in this last one which kind of surprised me given we have a dom subs slaves Syria s den of iniuity aka her studio strippers and BDSM It was an okay read but probably the weakest of the lot with the only silver lining being that Syria gets her Happy Ever After and because there was that little smidgen of emotion mixed with all of that amazing sex gave me a few ideas anyway winkwink I m happyOverall it s a good box set for the price of it and although you could probably read each story as a stand alone it makes sense to read each one after the other because it helps with the progression and expansion of Syria s character to see how far her introverted shy self travels down the path to passion and lust The writing is good there s good descriptive language and each sex scene never feels stale or repetitive which helps propel the book up to the four star mark because let s face it when you re reading erotica the details and variety the better You might not care very much for the secondary characters but you can certainly live vicariously through Syria and enjoy what each of them bring to the table I liked how the ending is so different to others in a way it shocked me that they didn t stay together but that the relationship sort of hangs in the air Ths book was ok It was a little read that ticked all the boxes but that was it It wasn t anything special I m afraid If you need a uick little romance this is it I read this book as part of the Syria s Seduction Boxed Set This was a hot little Syria s Seduction Boxed Set This was a hot little of deflowering Virgins aren t usually my thing but this was well done It s not a deep story by any meansMerely a satisfying uickie The incorporation of boudoir photography was a nice touch It gave Syria an outlet for her burgeoning sexuality and an interesting vocation as the series continues Final verdict It was Short Sweet and SteamyThe epilogue was both disheartening and encouraging at the same time an obvious ploy to get readers invested in continuing the series not that I have a problem with that considering that I have the box setNow I ll be moving on to Book two in the Series Naughty Santa I received an ARC of the Syria s Seduction Boxed Set in exchange for an honest review No character development and very unrealistic uick steamy read. And gain some life experience from someone who knows exactly how to make a woman look and feel beautifulTheir tryst by a lake goes from photo lesson to sexy photo shoot to a seduction that will change Syria's life and open her eyes to both the beauty within her and an art form that will become her new passion12500 words45 pagesSome material for mature readers.

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Syrias SeductionSteamy but unrealistic blah Reviewer NicoleDisclosure This ebook was provided by the author in exchange for an HONEST and not necessarily positive reviewI ve been see sawing between a three and four star for this collection of books for the last two days and here is why The first story in this erotic series is a beautiful and sensual tale It s where we are introduced to the struggling student Syria She is Insecure Shy And Unsure About Almost Every Aspect Of Her shy and unsure about almost every aspect of her and at twenty years old with not much experience of anything until she stumbles upon a rather erotic photo session in the very public stumbles upon a rather erotic photo session in the very public and the cute photographer Anthony directing what is called boudoir photography and this is the turning point in Syria s innocent young life Through Anthony she is tested to her limits throws caution to the wind and engages in a rather sensual and salacious love affair Her firstAlthough very short Syria s Seduction manages to accommodate everything into such a short space We get a good understanding of Syria s character and background and why she has lived in her innocent bubble so long as well as a healthy dose of insta lust and a connection to Anthony her teacher in all things carnal and romantic The only thing that spoiled this story for me was the epilogue but I understood why it had to finish the way it did It was realistic if a bit of a letdown for me The rest of the it did It was realistic if a bit of a letdown for me The rest of the set consisted of sexy filler rather than substance although In Naughty Santa we re propelled sometime into Syria s future where she has now set up as a photographer in New Mexico and is flourishing in her independence and liberation And I guess this is where Syria s freedom to express herself really kick starts She finds herself and her freedom through sexual expression The santa in uestion here is Tyson a buff and sexy six packed male stripper What starts out as an innocent enough photo shoot becomes something a whole hell of a lot Although the sex scenes are hot as Hades with a bit of bondage courtesy of Santa s reindeer reins there s still an underlying tenderness with Tyson and Syria as well as humour an elfish looking penis and a green condom spring to mind Naughty or nice I m an eual opportunity Santa The third Pirate Hooker every time I hear that I think of Ron Burgundy in Anchorman has it all Syria s confidence is growing with each sexcapade and in Pirate Hookers her adventurous and unt. Syria has Lord of Darkness just failed out of her second community college program when she stumbles upon a boudoir photographer shooting an almost naked woman in a public parkThe photographer Anthony asks for her assistance with his euipment but also to help fend off the prowling woman and suggests they have dinner to offer his gratitude for saving him from the cougar who see.