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Two Cuckolding FemDom Stories kTween them which persists for almost two years Is this realistic Possibly We ve seen several of theseinds of affairs in our own tabloidsMihaela is the pivotal character of the book She deceives her husband to carry on with this child but we later learn she is also capable of betraying Rivi In one revolting scene she lures Rivi to a tryst with a 50 year old sculptor the two of them get the girl drunk and drugged and try to engage in a threesome As an drugged and try to engage in a threesome As an Rivi confronts her former teacher and asks How could you have done what you did Mihaela responds that she did it for love And yet it is Mihaela and not Rivi who seems most damaged by the affairThe gay and lesbian community in Israel rejected this book and one can see why Lesbianism is presented as a choice the older Rivi has affairs with men marries and has two daughters of her own and is also conflated with the very touchy issue of pedophilia I too found the messages problematic Rivi reverts to hetrosexuality and traditional motherhood and is rewarded by happiness while Mihaela continues to prey on younger female student develops cancer and dies in her fiftiesThere are many complex strands here which is what makes the book interesting and worth reading But the message ultimately seems not just subversive but perverse This book drops you into the end of the story with no hints of where you are For this reason I had to try it twice before it took And I m glad that I did The story picks up right around the time that Rivi finds her childhood diaries So push on until there if you are unsure of this book then decideMost of the book is Rivi s childhood diaries about her relationship with her female teacher They don t read to me like an actual young girl writing but if you ignore that it actually works this is less important in an adult work than work for children anywayI ran through many emotions in reading this book I was absolutely disgusted with Michaela for starting a sexual relationship with a child As one who works with children that is just repulsive to me And yet the whole relationship is described in undeniably erotic and earnest terms And you can t help but fall into that So you are pulled in so many directions by this bookI would like to read this in the original Hebrew I now I am missing many shades of meaning especially where I can make some guesses as to the original prose There is even a line in the book somewhere about how one should try to read books in the original if possible Sadly my reading Hebrew is terribly limited and certainly not up to modern HebrewAbsolutely worth reading Because of the way this book is structured it is impossible to describe it without giving away most of the plot of which there is little The writing is very fine and the diary entries felt realThis is the story of a love affair between a fourteen year old girl and her twenty seven year old teacher female that lasts for over two years and the emotional connection lasts long after the affair ends and is told primarily through the diary entries of the girl In an interesting and perhaps controversial move the girl pretends that she is writing to Anne Frank who was the same age when she began her diary and wrote to an Imaginary Friend This Works On friend This works on whole However one major reason for the widespread appeal of Anne Frank s diary is its universality so much of what she writes about herself is the story of thirteen year old girls So while the stories have interesting similarities this diary Although extremely explicit at times i found this book to be beautiful The writing style was fluid poetic The author s storytelling was gorgeous and complexraw evenI don t have enough words s storytelling was gorgeous and complexraw evenI don t have enough words my vocabulary to describe this book or to express my sincere love for it but i feel everyone should read this at some point. He forbidden love that shaped her futureJudith Katzir was born in Haifa Israel in 1963 Her previous works include Inland Lighthouses and Matisse Has the Sun in His Belly for which she received the Book Publishers Association's Platinum and Gold Book Prizes the Prime Minister's Prize and the French WIZO PrizeDalya Bilu is a well nown translator of Hebrew literature She has been awarded the Israel Culture and Education Ministry Prize for Translati.

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Dearest AnneIn the novel Dearest Anne a young Israeli girl chronicles the tumultuous two years she spends in a clandestine relationship with her married literature teacher Rivi is enad of her beautiful teacher Michaela from the moment she sees her In Rivi s eyes Michaela is perfect and soon the feelings she has for her develop into something powerful than just a student teacher admiration At first Rivi harbors her secret crush confiding only in her journal the confusing desire she feels for the older woman However what Rivi does not realize is that Michaela has also noticed her singling her out in class as the brightest student with a passion for poetry beyond her fourteen yearsThe relationship between the two women uickly explodes into a fiercely passionate love affair For Rivi this is her first time exploring the complex feelings of lust love and jealousy Throughout the novel Rivi reveals her innermost thoughts and feelings in the only way she nows how through writing She has a uniue connection with Anne Frank and addresses all of her diary entries to her Dearest Anne is not your typical coming of age story however throughout the novel the reader grows with Rivi as she struggles to find her own identity and defend her controversial first loveThe structure of Judith Katzir s novel is interesting because it begins with Rivi as an adult looking back on her relationship with Michaela After Rivi discovers her childhood journals the novel commences through the narration of Rivi s diary entries to Anne Frank In these entries Rivi takes on the persona of Kitty the imaginary best friend Anne writes to during her time in hiding Katzir s descriptions of Rivi and Michaela s passion for each other is vivid and poetic focusing on the love they shared rather than the social taboo surrounding their relationshipThis is not to say these issues are ignored in the novel Throughout their time together Michaela commonly refers to ignored in the novel Throughout their time together Michaela commonly refers to as iddo and while her partner s young age does not stop her the nickname eeps the age difference BETWEEN THE WOMEN PRESENT IN THE READER S MIND the women present in the reader s mind readers may be put off by the strong graphic sexual scenes in the novel Katzir does not pass judgment on the relationship in her descriptions she simply tells a story of two women involved in a relationship unaccepted by others but one that changes both of their lives foreverReview by Samara Sousa I couldn t go any further than halfway with this book it s getting a bit erotic for my liking I tend to like erotica if it s between adults but a 14 year old is pushing me way past my limits maybe I should have read of the reviews on this book if I had have done I would have stayed well clearI didn t for once consider this story would have sex scenes described a crusha forbidden love but no not sex I m officially creeped out and also learned a hard lessonSaying all that this was very well written and you wouldn t guess this had been translated 35 starsStarted off very moving Nice contrast between distant mother and supportive teacher Ending was too long but good ending overallbut not that i but good ending overallBut not that I about the teacher s age It s a little disturbing to think that someone in their twenties could fall for a 14 yo girl It s too icky now I really liked this book First off the writing was really beautiful and poetic This does not read like a translated book at all The command of language is so great I find it hard to believe this wasn t written in English In addition to the glorious prose the characters are complicated and fascinating Rivi herself is a great narrator with an incredibly rich inner life even if her precocity occasionally seemed inauthentic and the damaged adults that surround her are similarly compelling even though we only see them through Rivi s eyes they feel like well rounded characters This. I read the book with wonder and emotion The love between Michaela and Rivi is depicted precisely and delicately It's beautiful Amos OzMore than anything else the book is a temple of love to the imaginary and to literature as an option for deep and vigorous living Ya'ara Muki Time OutWritten by best selling Israeli author Judith Katzir Dearest Anne is a stirring record of an artist's coming of age during the 1970s and the story of a hidden erotic. Book covers a lot of the staples of the of age Novel In A Perceptive in a sensitive way while also feeling fresh and original The historical setting late 1970 s Israel was also very interesting and framing device was great Having Rivi write her diary to Anne Frank and the continual allusions to her life was also an inspired move I could definitely see people having moral ualms with this book because to some extent it does seem to morally excuse teacherstudent sexual relationships and some of the many sex scenes are very explicit I appreciate the need for an artist to push boundaries and explore controversial topics in unconventional ways but I completely understand that many people would not want to read a book that portrays the sexual exploitation of a young teenager by an adult portrayed in anything but a wholly negative lightFor me despite some uibbles at how unrealistic the brazenness of Rivi and Michaela s relationship was at times these two have hours of unsupervised time together virtually every day for a good chunk of their affair which I guess is explained away on Rivi s end because of the parental neglect she suffers but it still strained my suspension of disbelief I had enough insight into why the relationship was happening and what drew these characters to each other to really appreciate this story This is a smart complex book that will definitely challenge your perceptions and pull your thoughts and feelings in a lot of different directions I am really glad I read it This book filled me with so many feelings It felt odd to read a book about my city the city I grew up in the city my parents grew up in especially since they were young adults at the end of the seventies like the characters in the book As I read Katzir s words raised a ghostly image in front of my eyes of a Haifa that I as a nineties child I have never now This is a lesbian Israeli version of Lolita if I can sum it up This is so well written that it flows like poetry I read the English translation I am not fluent enough in Hebrew to read a whole novel that way yet This book will appeal to literature lovers lgbt history lovers romance lovers It can be called an epistolary novel The main character writes in her diary a lot of things that bring us the details of her past while she is having present day interaction as well I thoroughly enjoyed it and I was inda sad to have it come to an end I m a little conflicted about how to review this boo On one hand it s well written and provocative and it does present a beautifully observed time capsule of Israel in the late 1970s when the country s youth was freeing itself from the strictures of classic Zionism and opening itself to the world of hedonistic sexual liberationOn the other hand there s something very nasty rotten and vile at the center of the book that the author only half acknowledges an affair between a 14 year old girl and her 28 year old English teacherThe fact that this is a lesbian affair didn t bother me The fact that such blatant child abuse is presented as something beautiful and precious didThe book is cast in the form of a diary written by 14 year old Rivi Shenhav Inspired by Anne Frank who wrote her diary to an imaginary friend she called Kitty Rivi writes her diary to Anne and signs her entries Kitty Some suggested this device is disrespectful to the Holocaust and the memory of its victims I don t agree Rivi and Anne share many characteristics not least a literary talent I don t agree Rivi and Anne share many characteristics not least a literary talent poetic sensibility Rivi gets to grow up and experience life and love and disillunionment in a way Anne was never able toRivi is bruised by her parents divorce and her father s inexplicable decision to shun her She hero worships her literature teacher Mihaela a married women with flaming hair Soon a love affair develops be. Love affair between a teenaged girl and her married teacher MichaelaAfter reading Anne Frank's diary young Rivi starts a series of writing notebooks that document the angst of growing up in rural Israel The entries reveal how her crush on her literature teacher develops into a poignant and turbulent love affair that lasts for years before its scandalous endDecades later the grown Rivi now a mother wife and established author comes to terms with