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Oy stuffed blue kangaroo She always is blaming someone else And Never Will Admit never will admit her wrongdoings Finally Lily s mom decides she has had enough so when Lily continues to blame the kangaroo who did nothing mom decides to take away blue kangaroo to punish him When Lily has to spend the night without her favorite stuffed animal she regrets blaming kangaroo and learns her lesson That was a great idea to take away the kangaroo and go along with the play Because of course Lily knew what she was doing but wouldn t own up to her mistakes either way so when her favorite toy is taken away because it was being bad Lily gets a little taste of her own medicine That s one smart mom is all I could think when I read this story A great story for naughty children or children with a beloved stuffed animal The illustrations were really cute too This is such an up beat and funny picture book with colourful illustrations and a perhaps largely relatable storyline for little children I believe this book really emphasises the moral importance of children telling the truth alongside the light hearted emphasis of a child s relationship with their teddy Text to Teach ConnectionHow often do children get into trouble and blame it onto other In fact many adults do the same I trouble and blame it onto other In fact many adults do the same I that this book is a good book to teaches the importance of taking responsibility of what you do and facing the conseuences They will eventually catch up to you I think this is a good book to open a discussion about things the children may remember doing wrong and blamed on others Was it the right thing to do What would have been the best thing to do How did this make others feel Are some of the discussion uestions I would ask After the discussion perhaps have them draw a picture or write a letter of apology to the person that they offended as the kangaroo did in the story. Ale about the importance of being truthful Kirkus Reviews Clark's bright clear pictures capture the slapstick and preschoolers will love the scenes of chaotic disobedience Booklis. ,

Or isn t too UNUSUAL AND LILY S ACTIONS DO And Lily s actions do have conseuences she loses Blue Kangaroo and her mother won t let her have him back she adjusts her behavior Although ve worked with children long enough to know that behavior like Lily s isn t likely to change as completely as it does here no matter what the incentive is The story and illustrations are cute but I was not a big fan of the story I thought this book was a good example of how actions have conseuences There is a lot that kids do that goes against what they are told to do sometimes everything turns out fine and other times kids get hurt I enjoyed that Lily was a bold and daring girl but some of her reckless behaviors could have had some major conseuences This is a great book to open up dialogue with children about how to be both bold and daring while still being safe and respectful I don t like how Lily blamed everything on Blue Kangaroo but I did find it amusing how Lily s mother acted like Blue Kangaroo was the one who was in trouble when Lily was naughty or made a mess of things In a story full of lessons surrounding taking responsibility Lily and Blue Kangaroo have numerous adventures that end in something going wrong Rather than owning up to her actions Lily is happy to point the finger at her favourite friend and stuffy Eventually things get out of control and Lily loses Blue Kangaroo who is banished to a bookshelf for his actions It is a painful lesson but someone is going to have to face to conseuences and apologise to Mum Neo loved that he could relate to this story pointing fingers at others but learning of the importance that comes with being responsible for his own actions A cute series that Neo is happy we found This was a really cute story and has a great message for young children Anytime Lily gets in trouble she blames it on her Lue Kangaroo Soon Blue Kangaroo is in big trouble with Lily's mother and is taken away until he learns how to behave How can Lily get her best friend back An engaging cautionary I have never not known this book my mum would read it to me every night before i could even process or begin to understand the words it became my blanket the one thing i took everywhere and understand the words it became my blanket the one thing i took everywhere and obsessed with i was a mischievous child myself and so the actions of Lily i could often relate to whilst i understand the critics who complain about the terrible things she did giving children ideas still it will forever be one of my favourite books perhaps i m biased because i ve always thought it never had an negativity associated with it but i do understand why it could be bad for kids But it still does send a positive message and encourages kids that bad actions DO END IN CONSEUENCES AND FOR end in conseuences and for kid like me who was attached to this book my parent taking it away from me would stop all the bad behaviour well for a while at least and it was almost the book playing out in real life which was pretty cool So i will read this to my kids like my mum did with me and my brother What a sweet storyLily had her very own kangaroo named Blue Kangaroo because he was blue Whenever Lily got into trouble of some kind she would pin the blame on him saying It was you Blue Kangaroo He would uietly take the blame One day her mother took the kangaroo away and set him up high so Lily would think about her mischief making Lily cried and Blue Kangaroo came up with an idea to make things better Lovely ending Beautifully illustrated The kids enjoyed reading it a cute tale I ll admit that I didn t love this book The characters are cute enough especially the blue kangaroo But Lily s behavior is out of control As a teacher librarian I was shocked at the dangerous activities that her family let her get away with at least at first She s showing off for her toy kangaroo and of course young children don t usually think about how risky things can be so the behavi. BLUE KANGAROO BELONGS to Lily and they do everything together Almost everything that is Recently Lily has been doing some things some not very nice things by herself And blaming ,

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It Was You Blue Kangaroo
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