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T also insecure and generous He has moved from the suburbs to Brooklyn and claims he doesn t wish to last the Brooklyn and claims he doesn t wish to last the whilst also trying to write a book He grows to love its vitality and endless possibilities and for chance connections He doesn t really want to die probably just bored But a re acuaintance with his nephew Tom would lead to a friendship he least expected he and Nathan share long conversations about the nature of things Tom s nine year old niece Lucy turns p out of the blue refusing to speak Suddenly these three bridge a gap from their past lives and help each other with the possibility of reclaiming hope Tom and Nathan take her on a car trip and fatefully escape

a crash the 
crash the owner dies leaving it to Tom Nathan rescues Aurora Lucy s mother from a lunatic husband Nathan Tom and Aurora get girlfriends This could only be Auster it s oddly compelling pretty much all the way through Because he is simply such a gifted storyteller whether things are slightly bizarre is irrelevant he draws you into a world you don t want to leave with characters to warm the soul The Brooklyn Follies was a pleasure to read but it does carry a sense of literary coasting It is strong on set pieces ans conversation but as the story gathers pace the thread between these fragments starts to fray There is nothing wrong with being anxious about humankind s ignorance and impotence but Auster can be too eager to shoehorn in reminders about the randomness of fate and the effects this has on everyday people A solid Auster novel not in my view him at his peak but it s warm humour within the pages was a joy to behold I know that there have been mixed reviews of this book I picked it Locked On up in the bargain bin and then looked itp on Some loved it Some hated it saying that their beloved writer had been abducted by aliens and forced to write this book by money grubbing editors They claimed that there was no plot nothing happened and I looked at the cheesy cover with trepidation thinking that I had spent some hard earned cash on what would amount to a dust collector and could ve spent it on mm a latteAnyway I must be part of the provincial masses because I simply didn t nderstand the backlash I thought the book was well simply didn t Spartan Gold understand the backlash I thought the book was well and enjoyable moving along at a clip Yes it did get muddy in parts and yes there was a bit of melodrama that could ve been saved for a Merchant Ivory film but overall I thought the book was good I don t know if I ve lost my literary skill or if those who were writing scathing reviews had expected far too much or something different But the characters were well drawn In fact I wouldn t have minded if the book was longer There was no lesson characters were flawed but not charicaturesnless that was the point and I didn t find myself slogging through endless metaphor So all in all I liked it Revoke my English degree if you must or stone me for not liking one of Auster s premiere works But truthfully if you re looking for a Unicorns Are Real uick fun read then pick itp and just take the dust jacket off to avoid any stares from the far literate critcs at the coffee sho. Hkene ottaa häntä vastuulleen semminkin kun tyttö ei suostu puhua pukahtamaan sanaakaan He yrittävät tytön muiden sukulaisten hoiviin mutta matkasta sukeutuukin odottamattomien sattumusten taival Ja sillä aikaa Harry järjestää heille kaikkien aikojen yllätyksenNathanin ympärille kertyy vähitellen monilukuinen rakastava perhe Sen sijaan että hänestä olisi tullut hiljainen kaupunkierakko hän on elämässä kiinni tiukemmin kuin koskaan enn. An old dude gives a nine year old girl her bath A niece Tells Her Uncle About her Selected Stories uncle about own personal experiences with oral sex YuckThat there is anrge to be risue makes the conservative too Crystal Singer uick to be astonished writer a humongous dud in this instanceOnly when tackling meta terrains is this esteemed writer of ANY practicalse Great story about Nathan his nephew a little girls and a bookshop Read while in Switzerland I d like to give this book 45 stars but goodreadscom fails to strive for precision I really really really enjoyed this book The voice and tone of it is so warm and an inviting I loved every character in the book not so much for their personalities but rather that Auster portrays each one with so much sensitivity and kindness There is no judgement or scorn in his approach to these people despite their follies There isn t much of a story here Really for me the story occurs on the last page when the events of the book are placed in a context larger tha Paul Auster s The brooklyn Follies presents a stark contrast to the first work of his that I ve read The New Trilogy although the majority of it takes place in New York the two are different night and day Novels that comprise The New York Trilogy have been largely experimental post modern cat and mouse between the author and the reader The Brooklyn Follies is a novel with a pretty straightforward but nevertheless compelling plot and characters one can care about As the title suggests it is a novel about folly what follies do we put ourselves in voluntarily or not and what are their conseuencesThe protagonist and narrator is a man named Nathan Glass a 60 year old ex insurance salesman who went through lung cancer and has recently became a divorcee has sort of given p on life and wants to calmly wait it cancer and has recently became a divorcee has sort of given p on life and wants to calmly wait it Aventuras de Huck Finn until its end spending the savings he has attained Looking for aiet place to die Sad Love Love upon someone s recommendation he moves back to Brooklyn the place he kept returning to as he lived there as a child While browsing the area Nathan Wood encounters his newhew Tom once a promising academician now a former cab driver and a currentsed book store employee He introduces Nathan to his boss Harry Duncan a character with a colorful past who still has a few schemes and plans The LOVE Series Love up his sleeve To pass the time Nathan began a project of his own The Book of Human Folly an accounts of mishaps and mistakes which as the title suggest might have ended as the text of the very novel we re readingStarting with a wish to die The Brooklyn Follies slowly movesp towards the will to live Reading the novel is a journey during which we witness the transformation of the characters their redemption and reconfirmation regaining of life The tone is much jovial than the one of The New York Trilogy and the characters often end p in mishap and folly but there is poignancy a sense of place and time a community before the 911 attacks peacefulness and ordinariness The plot is captivating and the drama is real to say would be to spoil it The characters are colorful and the book never drags in fact I wouldn t mind if it Nathan Glass on kuusikymppinen henkivakuutusasiamies jolla on todettu keuhkosyöpä ja jonka avioliitto on mennyttä kalua Hän ostaa itselleen asunnon Brooklynista ja vetäytyy sinne viettämään viimeisiä hiljaisia elinpäiviään Aikansa kuluksi hän keräilee ja kirjoittaa muistiin ihmisille sattuneita ihmeellisiä tapahtumia joista hän aikoo koota Ihmiselämän mielettömyyden kirjaMutta kohta Nathan saa huomata että hänkin voi kokea ihmeellisi. The Brooklyn Follies
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As longer theme of the book the folly is an important one We all are a part of life and observe it The characters in the novel all have ben lost resigned or misplaced we observe how they slowly get their lives back and change from willing to die to wanting to live Perhaps beneath the tiredness and mundanity there is still something worth striving for and these people have taken their chancesAlthough not the most original of ideas the novel is captivating and full of colorful characters The writing is crisp and the lack of surreal elements and impersonal cold serves greatly to its favor Auster paints his Brooklyn with warm strokes and gives his characters original and likable personalities the novel is a gentle and tender one where the reader genuinely cares about the fate of people he s reading aboutIt s humorous engaging and inspiring it s human drama done well A good choice to spend several hours involved in the life of an everyman his aspirations dreams triumphs failures and hopes At worst you l put it away and not think much of it at best it might inspire you and re engage you with everyday activities and make you see them in a different light Oh hey look another book by a pompous old white man peopled almost entirely by pompous white men holding forth on existence and the meaning of life and the inner workings of the mind and their own bloated legacies and women as playthings and agents of growthIs this what Paul Auster is always like I think the only other of his books I ve ever read is t Brooklyn Follies is a wonderfully entertaining novel with lively characters and an absorbing plot Like most of the other Auster books I have read there is some crude language and a few raunchy parts that might not suit all readers Wasn t sure whether I d like Auster but I enjoyed this book about NYC I can see Al Pacino doing the main part in a future movie Now I still have the Book of Illusions on my shelf waiting for me to pick it p The Brooklyn Follies Paul AusterThe Brooklyn Follies is a 2005 novel by Paul Auster 60 year old Nathan Glass returns to Brooklyn after his wife has left him He is recovering from lung cancer and is looking for a iet place to die In Brooklyn he meets his nephew Tom whom he has not seen in several years Tom has seemingly given p on life and has resigned himself to he has not seen in several years Tom has seemingly given The Subterraneans and Pic up on life and has resigned himself to string of meaningless jobs as he waits for his life to change They develop a close friendship entertaining each other in their misery as they both try to avoid taking part in life 2008 1386 357 9789643692957 21 Nathan Glass Fifty nine retired and divorced who is not normally prone to bouts of self pity declares his desire to seek a silent end to my sad and ridiculous life the same Nathan Glass who is writing a book dedicated to his life s collection of verbal flubs physical mishaps failed ideas and social gaffs Auster s postmodern idea s are built around a host of such recurrent themes identity and feeling lost in the world Auster s prose here is nothing new but that s a good thing Sharp simple and compelling I warmed to Nathan immediatelyrbane and funny bu. ä tapahtumia Kaikki alkaa siitä kun hän törmää antikvaarisessa kirjakaupassa sisarenpoikaansa Tom Woodiin jota hän ei ole tavannut vuosiin ja jonka elämä on suistunut pahanlaisesti raiteiltaan Tom tutustuttaa Nathanin työnantajaansa Harry Brightmaniin entiseen taidekauppias Dunkeliin jonka elämäntarina on värikkyydessä vertaa vaillaSeuraavaksi Tomin ja Nathanin luo tulla tupsahtaa pieni sukulaistyttö Kaksi yksinäistä miestä ei oikein ro.

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