[DOWNLOAD] Your Patriarchal Blessing

Your Patriarchal BlessingR own blessings 35 stars A good resource for youth or new members who are trying to learn about what a Patriarchal Blessing is and how to prepare to receive one There wasn t necessarily any NEW information but it was put together well and did offer some good suggestions for sing and applying your blessing in your life Need to desire to learn as much as you need air if drowning Difference between having a gift and receiving it Caesarius Von Arles Und Die Juden using in your life Take notes on and never forget1 The way you are describedalities and attributes 2 Your gifts and blessings "3 Admonitions and exhortations Remember4 Cautions and concerns Beware of5 Lineage Happiest when "Admonitions and exhortations Remember4 Cautions and concerns Beware of5 Lineage Happiest when missionaries 6 Joy of blessings for keeping promises in Blessing All Predicated On Your Faithfulness When All predicated on your faithfulness When Lord blesses you with something He expects you to work Revelation just for you And wo a warningDo not set it aside Cleave to it for protection The greatest need right now is prayer We don t pray like we should Joseph Smith knew how to pray Blessings often talk about it Mon Sat Read BofM Sun read living words from conference When you re in the word of God the word comes into you This was an audio book It was a recording of a fireside by Ed Pinegar It was worth listening to as Brother Pinegar excited the audience about revelation and receiving personal revelation in a Patriarchal Blessing It was also nice to hear tips the auth. Like having your own personalized section of the Doctrine and Covenants In this easy to comprehend volume Pinegar and Allen clarify what a patriarchal blessing is and is not where it comes from and what you need A very enjoyable audiobook for a Sunday afternoon I took a lot of notes and am anxious to share them with my family we will be going through the exercise ed will be going through the exercise Ed recommends to pick out items from your blessing and list them to look at often Loved listening to the audiobook from a live firesidedevotional Great book Geared towards teens preparing to receive their patriarchal blessings but there are some good study tips of what to look for as you reread your blessing One of my favorite things he talked about was to list the attributes the Lord ses to describe you I "ve done this before and it was a great reminder of "done this before and it was a great reminder of divine worth We need to see ourselves as God sees s so we know our potential I also liked how Ed Pinegar said we need to desire learning as much as we want to breathe Our patriarchal blessings are a huge source of knowledge and we need to WANT that knowledge in order to be prepared to receive it Just like we need to receive the Book of Mormon in our lives we need to fully receive our patriarchal blessings So it s a wonderful book very short and sweet and well put together I just happened to notice this book as I was in the library and decided to pick it p I am so glad that I did It is very short and some of it is repetitive however I gained many insights and new perspectives from it I plan to buy this book and have my children read it before and after they receive thei. How would you like to have a compass that could help guide you back to your Father in Heaven You can when you receive your patriarchal blessing It offers counsel and guidance directly from your Heavenly Father It's. .

Or gave about how to study and learn from such a blessing It was worth a listen I was a bit disappointed as there was no new doctrine presented but it was a good fireside I listened to this as an audiobook It is him presenting it as a fireside He has a great sense of humor and presented it in a fun yet serious way I especially liked his tips on how to study your own patriarchal blessing by looking for specific things such as your alities attributes gifts blessings admonitions exhortations and cautions concerns Also by reading just five pages a day in the Book of Mormon you can read the pages a day in the Book of Mormon you can read the book three times a year good for those about to receive their "BLESSINGS AS WELL AS FOR THOSE "as well as for those already have This was a good basic book on nderstanding your patriarchal blessing in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints this is a blessing given by a Patriarch to worthy members and that serves as a personal guide for each individual I read it in about 1 hour and it really wasn t anything I hadn t heard before but it did give a great suggestion on how to #Go Through It And #through it and and write down blessings you ve been given and cautions to heed I recommend it if you re looking to nderstand about your own Patriarchal blessing If you want nderstanding on your patriarchal blessing this is a good book to read If you are preparing to receive your patriarchal blessing then please read this book. O do to prepare to receive it and benefit from this personal treasure of wisdom Makes an ideal gift for young men and young women new members of the Church or anyone who wants to get out of their patriarchal blessi. ,