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Wild TalesWild Tales by Graham Nash A Rock Roll Life is a Crown Rattlesnake Rock publishing release I wasrovided a copy of this book by the Manhattan Muffdiver publisher an Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Graham Nash has had one those rare musical successes which has gone on for decades The Hollies and Crosby Stills Nash and sometimes Young are the groups we know him from I grew up listening to CSN and of course I heard some hits by The Hollies too Still other than David Crosby s epic battles with drugs I really didn t know too much about CSN or Graham Nash So curious I signed on to read this one Rock autobiographies can go several ways They can read like dry history with a list of albums and songs with a few tidbits of gossip all of which a uick internet search could supply or it s a shameless selfromotion and a lot whining and finger The Life of the Skies: Birding at the End of Nature pointing and of course all the issues with drugs which after awhile is just flat boring This one managed to avoid some of those issues I was thankful there was no list of albumssongs and that every single cord or recording session and snit fits wasn t examined to death In this one Graham starts off strong going into his formative years hisarents Black Knight Squadron: Book 1: Foundations problems and how he got started in music Theeriod when Graham was with the Hollies is fun to read about Those days were so exciting in the history of music The Hollies were a hit machine with catchy Tennessee in turmoil: Politics in the Volunteer State, 1920-1932 pop laden tunes and they rarely missed the mark But Graham outgrew The Hollies and longed for something serious or substantial The years he was with CSN were where he spent the bulk of his career While he had much success with The Hollies it was nothing like the incredible times Graham spent with CSN He went through Woodstock sold out arenas hit after hit after hit When I read back over his career with this band I am amazed at the amount work this band did and despite everything managed to stayopular I thought Graham had a uniue way of telling his story which was funny blunt and one could literally see how he changed over time But once the book hit those days of super stardom it became like so many other rock memoirs That feeling of been there done that came up and Graham began to sound like so many other spoiled musicians who have lived in a bubble too long Of course you would be na ve to think this book was The Lunar Cats published with absolutely no intent of selfromotion So yes there was some of that too The first half of the book was told with a fresh strong voice as memories of his childhood and first taste of success are told with what felt like the same awe he had while living through those days But as we approached the second half it was as if he had grown weary of telling this Captain Fantastic part of his life story and reliving it now was exhausting So the book lost a lot of it srevious momentum and it became really tedious I did think Graham was tactful most of the time but also Feel Again pretty honest calling like he saw it or experienced it His relationships with women his music friends band mates drug issues andolitics as well as awards charities benefits are all laid out there Triumphs tragedies ups downs good and bad Graham has certainly lived a full life has seen many changes and came through it all still alive still Far from the Place We Called Home productive stillerforming and living life to it s fullest Overall as rock memoirs go this one was When the Circus Came to Town pretty much standard Not great but not all that bad either This one gets a 3 I suppose ifossible I would give the book 2 12 stars but mostly because of the era described and certainly not for Graham s writing As someone else noted on Goodreads I actually think I like Graham Nash for Graham s writing As someone else noted on Goodreads I actually think I like Graham Nash now after reading his book At times severely sanctimonious yes he did drugs and cheated on his wives but others did far drugs and cheated times and almost always self aggrandizing Graham Nash seems to think every event in his life was deserving of him immediately Der verpasste Mann putting hisen to aper so we would be fortunate enough to get his thoughts And woe him immediately utting his Freizeichen pen toaper so we would be fortunate enough to get his thoughts And woe the critic or so called critic as described by GN who doesn t give Graham Nash a glowing review In one Travels in the Kalahari particularly odiousassage GN bashes the Rolling Stone critic by saying a trained monkey might have brought to the game and that the review lacked insight and any kind of value for the reader Wow sensitive much I can t help but think an authorized autobiography would have been so much better for both GN and the reader If nothing else someone could have told GN how laughable the Your Pregnancy Bible phrase I dug the bread we were making about an 80 s tour really was We get it you are still a true hippie You re really groovy manbut sorry I just didn t dig it You know how sometimes you read a book or a story about someone you like and afterwards you like them less That s what this book did for me Nash told many details of starting his adult years as an under educated lad from a blue collar family Today he is still an under educated lad who has spent arivileged lifetime being gullible self righteous and self indulgent spoiled and melodramatic about simple things in life that most of us deal with daily As one example of many he tells the story about a cover for a new album that had his El guerrero Elfo. Crónicas de Dracontrand photo and a lovely rainbow in the sky behind him OK so far except he got all bent out of shape that a coverroof sent to him showed that a barcode had been laced on the image just at the bottom of the rainbow So he called the record company and said You need to move that barcode there s supposed to be a ot of gold at the end of the rainbow Not a barcode After being told it would stay where it was he called someone in his entourage and demanded that his contract with that record company be terminated REALLY Graham The chronology he relates as the story unfolds is a reminder of how many forgettable albums and music tracks he and Crosby and he as a solo act have The Bald Headed Princess: Cancer, Chemo, And Courage produced over the last 40 yearsGraham you sing nice harmonies and have written a handful of decent songs in the last 40 years You ve been lucky in life despite havingretty William Eggleston poor judgement in friends and in appropriate behavior No one s waiting to takeolitical advice from you so keep your thoughts to yourself Don t take yourself too seriously we the ublic most certainly don t In this book Graham Nash tells his story very much in his own words There is much of interest in the beginning his childhood in Salford Manchester schooldays and his early love of music There is a fasc. Wild Tales by Graham Nash a classic rock memoir of the legendary Hollies front man and member of Crosby Stills Nash Young Graham Nash lead singer and rincipal songwriter of the Hollies then member of supergroup Crosby Stills Nash Young made the incredible and A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian possibly uniue journey from 60s Manchester to Swinging London to sunny California And along the way he created many of the iconic songs which defined a generation that began with the opening salvos of the British Rock revolution and ended with the last embers of Woodstock 'Bus Stop' 'Carrie Anne' 'Marrakesh Express' 'Teach Your Children' among many others In this candid and riveting autobiography Nash tells it all growing up inoverty in ostwar Manchester founding the Hollies with schoolfriend Allan Clarke and the incredible success that followed friends. Inating Untergrundorganisation (Deutschland): Weisse Rose, Bewegung 2. Juni, Rote Armee Fraktion, Weisse Rose Hamburg, Militante Gruppe portrait of the early Beatles arriving for an early gig in Manchester and in many ways Nashaints a very evocative Petualangan si Kembar Tiga (Müller hoch Drei) picture of that era He tells of early success of the Hollies obtaining a recording contract after the Beatles broke down the North South divide and of the excitement of touring in the States In fact everything is here from Joni Mitchell Crosby Still and Nash Neil Young his love ofhotography his attempts to demonstrate and raise money for various causes it is all covered If you love Graham Nash s music then you will certainly enjoy this book and it is fair to say that he opens up his heart and writes with conviction and honesty My only issue is that his chatty style and his strong emotions about certain subjectspeople often detract from the overall feeling of the book as a warm and charming memoir Every so often Nash gets side tracked or has an attack of vitriol which might have been better if not left unsaid then Finding Dorothy possibly reworded I am thinking of a book such as Many Years From Now in which Barry Miles brilliantly used interviews by Paul McCartney but wove the story around them to give the whole a formal structure In other words this book could have been edited uite heavily androbably would have been improved rather than suffered from the attention However it is wonderful that he shared his memories and as I have long been a fan of his music I am glad I read this As a long time fan of Graham Nash s work first with The Hollies and then as Herr Müller, die verrückte Katze und Gott part of Crosby Stills Nash and sometimes Young I came to the reading of Wild Tales A Rock Roll Life with a bit of apprehension Would it be another self indulgent memoir from an aging rocker Regrettably it is Would it offer wise counsel to would be rockers from the current generation Sadly very littleWould it shed light on the reasons for the spotty output of music in theost Deja Vu era Yes it does Will I have to ignore the unnecessary use of far beyond salty language Yes and then some While I appreciated aspects of the book it The Manchester Man probably would be far satisfying as an audiobook for its 300ages strike this reader as having been spoken into a recorder transcribed and re assembled as a manuscript From a literary The Charge point of view it The warts and all history of one of the 1970 s most iconic musical groups told by the sanest member of the uartet Nash is admirably honest about both his failings and the struggles that each member of CSNY overcame during their 40 year journey The most striking thing about the tale is the love that they all share despite or maybe because of what they ve all done to themselves and each other At the end of the day you re left with the desire to revisit all their recordings now that you know what inspired each of them and the wish that you could just spend an evening sharing aint or two with Nash as he spins out the tale Don t do coke I Sind Tote immer leichenblass? Die größten Irrtümer über die Rechtsmedizin participated in a memoir writing workshop recently and the guy across from me a journalist from a localaper talked about the memoir he s Vierteljahreshefte Fur Freie Geschichtsforschung planning He s met a bunch of 60s and 70s rock stars and his chapters would be built around those musicians and what their music meant to him at different stages of his young adulthood Pretty cool eh I mentioned I d just started reading Wild Tales and he told me he d read it but couldn t get over what a narcissist Nash was That made me laugh Is there such an animal as a non narcissistic rock star It s in the DNA I think the only way to survive in that business is through utter focus on one s self And as our wonderful instructorointed out it was in the first announcement she made class well no the first announcement was to warn swore a lot but the second was to Leben Mit Demenz put on the table right there that writing a memoir was theurest act of narcissism Admit it own it move on And don t do coke So no I don t agree that Graham Nash came off in this memoir as A Spirited Evening and Other Stories particularly narcissistic In fact I think he came off as distant and unself awarearticularly when the narrative moved from his childhood and his early years with the Hollies into the heavy 70s And you know why I think that Because he was so fucked up most of the time he can t really remember WHAT he was feeling I love CSN CSNY I have for as long as my musical memory extends and that s into the early 70s when I was a toddler in Corvallis OR Their harmonies like those of Simon and Garfunkel are Manhattan Music part of my heart s song my childhood the development of my ear and my lyrical mind I have seen CSNerform at shitty little county fairs in the 1980s desperate measures by the band to earn some cash because Croz and Stills were bankrupt after snorting through their entire fortunes and I have seen them in the early 2000s at the most magnificent outdoor concert venue in this country with an audience in the tens of thousands riding the wave of Doc: The Rise and Rise of Julius Erving personal sobriety and the country solitical reawakening I love them for their music for their California breeze vibe for how they make me ache to have been a young woman instead of a Der kleine Prinz protozoa then a child in the 60s and 70s But they make me really glad I don t do coke Nash left the UK for America because of a girl That girl was Joni Mitchell Jesus wouldn t you She is sublime Nash met Stills and Croz his first night in town at Joni slace or remet them they d already hung out a bit But it was the first time they sang together And that was i For the sake of full disclosure I ve never been a huge CSN fan though Deja Vu is a true classic I have however always enjoyed Graham Nash s ear for a good Japan's Holy War: The Ideology of Radical Shinto Ultranationalism pop song I think Songs for Beginners and Wild Tales are really enjoyable albums I ve never been enad with Nash s lyrics however I think there is an earthiness and straight forwardness that gives those songs some weight So when I heard Nash on Fresh Air I was excited to dive into Wild Tales While his book comes from alace of honesty his honesty reflects The Trickster Makes A Match poorly on him androvides insight into the greatest moral fissures of his generation There is no humility in this memoir there is no real sense of reflection The book its The Silent Patient prose and content is self indulgence in its worst form I found myself liking Mr Nash less and less as the book went on In his writing he represents the worst aspects of the hippie generation and of hipsters in general false humility excuse giver lip service liberalism self aggrandizement and self importance I do Hips with all the great British bands of the 60s including the Beatles the Stones and the Kinks decamping to America and becoming the lover and muse of Joni Mitchell for whom he wrote 'Our House'achieving superstardom with David Crosby Stephen Stills and Neil Young From London to Laurel Canyon the story is extraordinary the love the sex the jealousy the drugs and the magical music making With an amazing range of characters including John Lennon Mama Cass Janis Joplin Elton John Paul Simon Joni Mitchell Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen not to mention Presidents Carter Clinton and Obama Wild Tales is one of the great rock and rock stories which befits someone who has been inducted not once but twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame This book will be adored by Graham Nash fans and takes its rightfullace in the.

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Ot deny the important role Nash and his For You Libretto Für Eine Oper Von Michael Berkeley partnerslayed in the canon of music however a true artist sees the world beyond their self Mr Nash clearly believes that he does but in this book he reveals himself He sees the world through his eyes and all he receives in return is himself What the reader ends up with here is a few interesting insights into the early years of the Hollies and CSNY but as the book moves on there is a great deal of repetition without substance And I got the sense because Nash couldn t Country of Ash: A Jewish Doctor in Poland, 1939-1945 provide such insights on his own he had to tell us about his money drugs art etc thaterhaps without intending to Nash was telling us why his generation and the counter cultural movement failed there was a lot of music made speeches and opinions The Children Of Witches put forth movements started but for all the words there was little substance behind itand I m afraid that s what I felt upon completing this book I now see a musician and activist that had little interest in anything unless it brought him fame fortune orleasure That s not art And it s not activism Perhaps without knowing it Nash represented the very traits he so freuently complains about in the systemThere are many memoirs and histories of this era that are far betterDave Van Ronk s Mayor of MacDougal Street Bob Dylan s Chronicles Vol 1 David King Dunaway How Can I Keep From Singing The Ballad of Pete Seeger Dangerously Funny The Uncensored Story of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour by David Bianculli I had no idea where to direct my thoughts on Wild TalesSimplyit was one of the best written musical autobiographies I ve ever readI listened to Graham Nash deliver his story and had a hard copy to the side to see the The Trail of the Wild Rose photos includedcandid surprisingly heartwarmingsometimes heart wrenchingI couldn tut it downGraham Nashthe legendary musician and founding member of the iconic bands Crosby Stills Nash and The Hollies has given us a work that belongs on the reading list of every classic rock and roll fanIn a fiercely intense chronicle I feel I had an advantage over some other GR reviewers of this book Years ago I remember viewing an 80 s interview of Nash Hicks Clarke The Earth From The Air 365 Days probably around the time of Holliedaze The journalist asked a uestion about Long Cool Woman Nash jumped in to answer the uestion while the other two Hollies uietly looked at the floor This would have been all well good except Nash wasn t a member of Hollies at thisoint Allan Clarke not only sang the lead he Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love In Eigenen Worten played lead guitar this was a very rare example of Clarkelaying an instrument after the Hollies became famous Clarke co wrote the song If anyone finds this on You Tube let me know I did look I had already read Terry Sylvester s Nash s replacement in the Hollies furious account of what happened at The Hollies induction to the Rock Roll Hall of Fame Reading Nash s account in this memoir you won t even realise Sylvester Bern Calvert founding member Eric Haydock were even Poor Percival Stories (Tale 3): How Percival Helped Jack Get Hisself Home presentSo I started off as someone who actuallyrefer s Terry Sylvester s voice was aware that in spite of Nash s enormous contribution to many Worthy Causes that this was a towering ego who feels the world revolves around him I became a fan of the Hollies during the Sylvester Era William Lloyd Garrison and Giuseppe Mazzini prefer Terry s voice So thereSo I enjoyed this book very much The bestart is his life growing up in Moja Wojna poverty in wartimeost war Great Britain Nash had every reason to strive for success I m sure that is the reason he became a Survivors (Morningstar Strain prudent money managerI would have liked on the Hollies but this was a very shortart of Nash s life Only two years things that aren t important to Nash or may cast him in an unfavourable light are glossed over So Vic Steele making the decision to stick with his union job rather the insecurity of life as a musician was mentioned but Haydock being Fired Wasn TOnce Nash Moves To The wasn tOnce Nash moves to the with by his account very little than his guitar things do get interesting other than the endless drug use but it is an important art of the CSN sometimes Y legend Descriptions of how the songs were written were Fascinating As Well As as well as how much he did do to try to help David Crosby to a lesser extent Stephen Stills There would have been times with a young family that Nash robably didn t want to tour but did so as the other two had blown literally through fortunes Trying to work with the unreliable unpredictable genius that is Neil Young again what a tripBut there are certainly things that a gentleman wouldn t have mentioned in his relationships with woman or in his relationships with friends Much has been made of Nash s repeatedly mentioning Crosby s sore covered swollen body It is gross to read but I think important The life of a desperate drug addict is not a glamourous one Nash also takes swipes at Stills Young a couple of the Hollies As WellNash Mentions as wellNash mentions as a happy family man who adores his second wife Susan I could have read even about his artistic career as there was a lot I didn t knowEnough material for a second book maybe Nash s book was Eine kurze Geschichte vom Glück published in 2013 there have been some uite startling changes since thenThis book reminded me a lot of Ron Wood s autobiography Like Wood s book there is a focus on one friendship where one friend in a non sexual way is the love of his life That is David Crosby who is now longer speaking to Nash even though Crosby supposedly isn t secretive about his wildast drug use he didn t appreciate it being rehashed in this book But he still talks to Stills Young Nash still talks to three of the Hollies he does admit that is Företagets lönsamhet, finansiering och tillväxt : mål, samband och mätmetoder partly because the Hollies were still successful without him2013 Nash still wildly in love with his wife Susan 2016 Out of love with Susan in a relationship with a Joni Mitchell look a like the same age as his kids All three of his kids unhappy about this his sons no longer speak to himBut this is the real Nash I think He walked out on the Hollies got the group s manager to tell them didn t seespeak to them for around fourteen years even though he Allan Clarke had been friends since they were 6 years old Certainly can t argue with his reasons changing musical directions but that was coldI don t have toarticularly like or admire the man to love his music with two of the greatest groups ever if he is constantly utting himself in the most favourable light don t we allRecommended as long as you remember this idol has feet of clay. Pantheon of classic music memoirs alongside Book Dylan's Chronicles Keith Richards' Life and Neil Young's Waging Heavy Peace Graham Nash was born in Blackpool in 1942 and brought up in Salford He was cofounder with his schoolfriend Allan Clarke of the Hollies one of the most successful British op groups of the 1960s for whom he was lead singer and one of the Lonesome River principal songwriters In 1968 he left the UK to live in California where he becameart of the supergroup Crosby Stills Nash later after Neil Young joined Crosby Stills Nash Young Unusually he has been inducted twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the Hollies and for CSNY and in 2010 he received the OBE He is noted for his olitical and charity work he layed Occupy Wall Street in 2011 is a serious hotographer and has homes in California and Hawa. .