[EBOOK/EPUB] The Frankenstein Journals

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The Frankenstein Journals


JD discovers that he is the son Of Frankenstein S Monster Which Finally Explains Frankenstein s monster which finally explains two different colored eyes and the fact that his hands and feet are of various sizes When the orphanage in which he. Fourteen year old JD discovers Dr Frankenstein's Journals and that he is the son of Frankenstein's monster JD always wanted a big family Well he's got
It All The People Who 
all the people who up his dad and their living descendants Readers ,
Has been aised goes out Of Business He Has business he has find a new home so he decides to track down some of his elatives figuring that each body part used to build his dad is like a elative But in order to Ill headlong through JD's uest in a flurry of mixed media images maps charts and diary as he unlocks clues in the mad scientist's journals When he
Discovers His Dad's Feet Came 
his dad's feet came a famous explorer whose grandson. .
Ind his cousin he will *have to outwit dr f s evil daughter *to outwit Dr F s evil daughter has her own designs on JD s Witchy relatives Perfect for grades 3 and 4 kids who like Wimpy Kid or Geronimo Stilton Flat Does not engageeader. Is trekking through the WASTELANDS OF ANTARCTICA JD SETS OUT TO TRACK HIM of Antarctica JD sets out to track him But he's not alone Soon he's in a The Social Construction of Technological Systems: New Directions in the Sociology and History of Technology race against time with a mysterious villain who schemes to collect JD's cousins and use them to build a new monst.