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Two Renegade Realms Realm Walkers #2

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Small moments shared with those around you And that is why these books are so goodBut seriously the next one needs to come out soon because I want to know what My World in Motion happens next Two Renegade Realms by Donita K Paul is the second book in the Realm Walkers series This second book was a better written and enjoyable story than the first one It wasn t as kiddish to me Iated His Substitute Bride how it ended though I m going toave to wait ow long for the third book lol Joking aside it did end pretty decently It tied up everything from the it did end pretty decently It tied up everything from the and only kept us anging just enough to want the next one in the series It s been two years since the last book and Cantor Blood Lies has been off on adventures ever since With no success at finding Ahma and Odeme feels inadeuate and insecure in A Passionate Love Affair with a Total Stranger his realm walker role Thene is sent on a mission to find Bixby and Dukmee Once Car Wash Blues he locates theme finds it slow going to save the world from the Lymen Invasion when multiple distractions and missions keep coming up Will they be able to figure out the mysteries surrounding the invasion And what about Ahma and Odem Where Daughters of Eden have they been for the last three yearsCantor is my favorite character in the book There is toim than meets the eye and I can t wait to Spilt Milk hear aboutim in the next book Cantor keeps trying to fight The Joy of Tax his attraction to Bixby becausee fears it will distract The Last Man Out of Saigon him from the Lymen invasion But poor Bixby is the one who getsurt in the process Bridger the dragon is as funny and silly as ever but I do wish Cantor would accept A Land More Kind Than Home him already They ve been together for three years Isn t it time for the temper tantrum to be over now lol Dukmee still irritates me becauseis brilliance makes im come off as arrogant and aloofChomountain is an interesting addition to the story He s a much likable character compared to Dukmee but I am confused by the story He s a much likable character compared to Dukmee but I am confused by I think e s supposed to be kind of like an Elijah in the story but I m not sure It wasn t explained well at all Cantor Bridger and Bixby continue to be my favorite characters and I can t wait to see ow their story will come together in the end Overall it s a fun enjoyable read I was given this book free from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for fun enjoyable read I was given this book free from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for onest review Two Renegade Realms Realm Walkers 2 by Donita K Paul Two Renegade Realms takes place two years after One Realm Beyond Cantor Bixby and Dukmee are on a uest to fi Donita K Paul writes A Fool's Alphabet her own flavor of fantasy Her stories are captivating fun andeartwarming Her characters are rich with uirkiness The world in this particular series is fresh and innovative a place I d really like to visitTwo Renegade Realms is set about 2 years after the fist novel in the series One Realm Beyond We get to spend time with our favorite characters Cantor Bridger Duckmee Bixby and Totobee Rodolow along with meeting a couple of new additions to the crew as they puzzle out Dogfight how to save the realms from an alien attack and defeat the corrupt Realm Walkers GuildAppropriate for all audiences Recommended for those ready for a fun read The cover Rocks It depicts the story much better than book one did I think that is the only improvement between the two books SO many things were going on all at once and none of them got the proper space to flesh out The big focus shouldave been the Lymen Invasion aka saving the world and while we did mosey our way there the whole thing was easily wrapped up in a few pages It was like a slow unsteady lead up to a climax that you could miss in a blinkCantor was less enjoyable in this story It felt like Paul may ave been aiming for a Harry Potter book five vibe but Cantor came across as much obnoxious and obtuse He is just sullen and always ready for a battle I feel like e doesn t even do much during the novel but complain about The Wizard: The Life of Stanley Matthews how much time the group is wasting and wanting tount down bad guysIf you a fan of actionfantasy easy middle grade reads this is your pick And it still as talking dragons I m walking away with just 2 stars. Scover while traveling turns their mission upside down and they must now find a way to restore Chomounta. 25 stars rounded up because I love the Dragon Keeper series This review is also available on my blog Read Till DawnAs a long time fan of Donita K Paul s Dragon Keeper books I ve been itching to get my ands on This Series For Years When I Saw series for years When I saw second book available through BookLook Bloggers I knew I The Leadership Secrets of Genghis Khan had to grab it the fact that it was an ebook notwithstanding While reading it I was completely engrossed I found myself drifting away from my school work reading just one page in the middle of doing what I was supposed to be doing I thought I would give it aigh rating maybe 35 or 4 It wasn t uite as good as the Dragon Keeper books but I was definitely loving itThen somehow the ending just kind of dropped me Really I was starting to get antsy by the last third of the book Because the first third sets the book up for amazing things old friends reunited a spark of suppressed romance between two main characters impending doom and the right Just Send Me Word: A True Story of Love and Survival in the Gulag hand of Primen There was some serious potential there and even though they spent a lot of time wandering around in ruins in the middle of a mountain I enjoyed myself The second third involves the loss of two characters one minor a mining slave and one I d thought wasn t so minor Neekohad better be important in the third book because otherwise City of Tiny Lights he serves abolutely no purpose that a bit of magic couldn tave performed It sees the beginning of travel the addition of a bunch of dragons with names that all sort of blur together and this random guy who keeps popping up asking Bixbee to marry The Diviner him and then disappearing again I was sure there would be some sort of great purpose foris presenncem and kind of disappointed about where Identity Crisis he wound up fitting into the plot He d betterave a pretty important role in the third book along with Neekoh otherwise e s a pretty big waste of timeOver all this is a good book from a great author The world building is amazing as always Paul is a world building pro at this point but while I did love the characters I felt like by the final third of the book there were too many mixed in there pulling the focus away from the characters and plot lines that really mattered I am definitely looking forward to the third book though and I think that will be the one to make or break the series If the third book pulls everything together perfectly then One Realm Beyond is a great introduction to a lot of the threads that will be needed for a masterful ending If the third book is disjointed overwhelming and disorganized then this book will ave been the book that set up for that Basically it s a stepping stone for the book that set up for that Basically it s a stepping stone for the arch Whether that step leads upward or downward is still up in the airDisclaimer I received a free ecopy of this book through the BookLook Bloggers program in exchange for an The Penguin Book of Dutch Short Stories honest review I LOVE these books Such great stories filled with adventureilarity good fellowship food and faith I would definitely recommend to all my fantasy lover friendsThe gist of the plot Word of a coming invasion from two renegade planes reaches our crew of The SimCity Planning Commission Handbook heroes and theyurry to prepare for the impending assault This includes gathering two stones and a globe which essentially act as a key to the realm of the Universe But first on their agenda is to rescue the famed Chomountain the right The Serial Killers hand of Primen essentially a Prophet During all of this they must deal with the corrupt members of the Realm Walkers Guild who seek to take over rule of the realms outlaw the true realm walkers loyal to Primen and replace them with their phoniesTo read the full review visit my blog Sarah Plain Average SummaryCantor Bixby Dukmee and Bridger are back for another adventure On their way to discover about a coming Lymen invasion they come across a man whoas no idea that For 91 Days in Savannah he is Chomountain the rightand of Primen They must first remind Aloha Rodeo: Three Hawaiian Cowboys, the World's Greatest Rodeo, and a Hidden History of the American West him whoe is before they continue on their uest But little do they know that the Lymen invasion just might be sooner than th. In book two of the Realm Walkers Series Cantor Bixby and Dukmee must band together to find the storied Ey expectedMy personal reviewThis book was very good However I MUST SAY IT WASN T AS GOOD AS must say it wasn t as good as first The first A Walk Along The Tracks: Britain's Disused Railway Lines half was a tad bit slow and at that part of the book I planned on giving it four stars However the end made up for it nicely and I didn tave a second thought about making it five stars Bixby was Reignited: Scientific Pathways to a Brighter Future her amazing self but I must say that Cantoras changed in this book both physically and emotionally I really missed the short young carefree Cantor and this tall grown up serious Cantor made me pity Bixby Another thing I didn t like was that there were only a few scenes from Cantor s POV when in the last book the majority were Indigos: In a Name his POV But that s not auge dealNegative ContentNear the end there is a Lymen invasion and I won t spoil the book by going into details but there is the mention of blood chopping off limbs and eating children but that s all very minor things and are not very detailedSexual ContentVery little like the last bookBixby is starting to like Cantor and Cantor Bixby but to protect them both Cantor tries to be a bit distant from The Big Book of Treats herThere are two kisses but they are on the cheeks and forehead onlyMy personal rating Five StarsRecommended for ages 11Just because the minimum age is so low does not mean older teens or adults will not like this book This one was better then the first one Two Renegade Realms takes place two years after One Realm Beyond Cantor Bixby and Dukmee are on a uest to find the legendary Chomountain and save the realm from an impending attackI enjoyedow the characters developed both mentally and physically since the previous book especially Cantor who seemed to Among Giants: A Life with Whales have undergone the most changes I still appreciateis relationship between Talk of the town: stories of twelve indian cities him andis
Dragon Bridger They Have An 
Bridger They Perdido Street Station (New Crobuzon, have an connection that keeps growing and retains the reader interest Bridger is such a goof you cannotelp but love Magic Tree House: 8 Books Set [Magic Tree House 1-4 + Research Guides] himThere was a stretch I felt dragged a little but overall the plot was carefully thought out and original Towards the end of the novel itad a science fiction feel Donita K Paul is an exceptional writer She as a talent for visualization symbolism and creativity Two Renegade Realms is a fun book for a young adult or adult It in an imaginative read with Christian values and beliefs This is a book that I would encourage my eleven year old son and is friends to read I also think the series would make great moviesComplimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an Rescued: A Catgirl Harem Adventure honest review I ve been trying to figure outow I will write this review since I finished the book The struggle isn t in deciding if I liked it I did And I will reread it Where I m stuck is Two Renegade Realms while Ouch! Daddy Feels Good having a very clear start and finish feels so much like the middle of a story I turned the last page and thought well yes but whatappens next It doesn t feel fitting and right to give a review now because the story doesn t feel over yetThat said I will try I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel I enjoy The Angel of Death how thoroughly different the world is for oureroes yet Lake Success how alike Donita K Paulas a rare gift for dropping in truths that subtly seep into the pages without being over coming the story with a sense of And Now I will Teach You Something Oftentimes fantasy is an escape Sometimes that escape can lead to looking upon your own life and everything feeling grey I think I figured out what makes Donita K Paul s books different And actually when I was younger it was something that annoyed me In all of Brave New Knits: 26 Projects and Personalities from the Knitting Blogosphere her books the characters will stop andave a meal Attention is paid to meals clothing care for others I remember reading one of The Person Who Changed My Life: Prominent People Recall Their Mentors her books and the characters are just about to save the dayand they stop andave a picnic When I first read it I was gesturing on the inside they re right there Why are you waiting But now I think I understand The real magic isn t in a dragon that can turn into a ball of yarn but in sitting with friends and enjoying a meal In delighting in new lace for a skirt. Ealm walker Chomountain after the devastating attack by the corrupt Realm Walkers Guild But what they di.