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Take Back the MorningMy first disclaimer this book is listed in the Christian Book Category

I have some definite frustration the Christianity that is Flirting with the Doc of Her Dreams portrayed in the book The main character Justin is unable to formulate a good argument for faith in Jesus without the aid of aendant that appears to give him the edge in his David Walliams Collection (3 Books) preaching that edge seems to be achieved by how theendant seems to capture the listener and sway them If the speaker is evil then the Hired by MR Right pendant sways towards evil If the speaker is good then it sways towards goodAlso the book talks about loving each other and living ineace than it does about Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior Yes there are The Man, The Ring, The Wedding parts in the novel where Jesus is shown in a good light and as the one who changes lives but the main message appears watered down than correctNOW FOR THE REVIEW OF THE BOOK without taking theology into accountJustin Connelly disappeared and wasresumed dead after the 911 attacks He was in the North Tower along with his coworkers They were stockbrokers He and his employer Candace fled down the stairs and got out just as the tower started to collapseJustin took the opportunity to disappear from his former life He was ashamed of his actions of deception in stock trading and he was ashamed of his actions in regards to his marriage to ToriNow two years later we catch up with Justin as he is sailing with friends and they run into a storm and are almost drowned Justin rescues one of his friends but then ends up in a coma for six hours really a coma lasts longer than that During the time of his coma he has a near death experience of visiting hell and eventually meeting Jesus He is given a second chance and sent back to earth to finish a taskThe book has mystery spiritual warfare romance historyarcheology There is an interesting story weaved here by Howard but I couldn t get The Winter King passed what I termed aoor #TheologySo The Book Gets #the book gets star for being Christian it is a very Spirit Bird Journey poor reflection of Christianity and 5 stars for intrigue and mystery Thus I end up with three starsI m not sure who to recommend this to Yes it is fiction but the theology isoor and should have been developed carefully Take Back the MorningEvan HowardCopyright 2014Evan Howard crafts a novel that is full of suspense from the very first Gender and Consumption pageTake Back the Morning is the story of a corrupt stockbrocker named Justin Connely a man that is believed to. A corrupt stockbroker on the run An economy in turmoil And a mysteriousendant sought by the richest woman on Wall StreetTerrified of going to jail Justin Connelly faked his death and fled the seductions of Manhattan for the uiet corners of Providence Rhode Island His only keepsake was an antiue Rahasia-rahasia Shalat pendant engraved with strange markings But then a sailing accident almost kills him for real In his near death state Justin is taken to the depths of Hell itself where he sees things that drive him out of hiding and back to his abandoned wife in New York But Tori’s moved on and his old enemies on Wall Street are not happy to see him They want theendant which in the wrong hands could destroy humanity and. Have died on September 11 2001 but twenty months later it was discovered that was not the caseIt is discovered thathe has been living under an assumed name in Providence for the ast 20 monthsTori has moved on with #Her Life Shes Been Dating A Man #life shes been dating a man Paul for the The World As Design past nine months She has moved on but knowing Justin is alive confuses her How could he stay hidden so longThere is a fantasy aspect to this Romantic thriller as well when Justin talks about a magicalendant that ultimately would lead to his salvation If you are a fan of Romantic thrillers as I am then I would recommend Take Back the MorningFive Stars for an "excellent bookHappy Reading This is kind of a weird book I didn " bookHappy Reading This is kind of a weird book I didn realize it was categorized as a Christian fiction book until later but I have a hard time even thinking it was that genre as it seemed of a mysticalfantasy read Yes the True North powerfulendant gave Justin the ability to speak in Christian terms I thought the Kurt Kanunu power of theendant would be turn off to Christian readers I also didn t really buy into Justin s reasons for faking his death and the uick resolution to his decisions A mediocre thriller that feels like a fantasy book I was so disappointed this book was listed as Christian It is not This The Heartbreak Pill pendant that is talked about is used by the main character Justin to give him words to speak The Lord would never have His children touch some item in this case aendant that would give them ower to speak the right words Additionally these right words Justin supposedly speaks are in most cases not Biblical at allFor example The Bible says we ve been created in the image of God male and female We feel fully alive when we bond with our opposite gender within That s the way to discover our own genius and ability to love HuhAlso another assage says Jesus of Nazareth than anyone who has ever lived embraced both the masculine and the feminine in himself He had an extraordinary ability to relate to men and women He broke down barriers between them Embraced both the masculine and the feminine in himself What is this book talking about This book is definitely Black-Out Convention pushing some New Agey spiritualist mumbo jumbo but it is definitely not Christian Would not recommend at all Part mystery novelart religious sermonan interesting combination but it really didn t work The Addicted to Womanhood plot of the novel kept getting interrupted by long religious monologues The biblical histo. Justin’s former boss definitely has the wrong hands The only way out is to swallow hisride and his doubt and work with Tori and her new fiancé to expose the truth As world economies and his own soul hang in the balance Justin must decide how much he is willing to sacrifice A spiritual thriller critically relevant to the crises of our timeAbout the AuthorEvan Howard grew up in western Washington and spent four years on the island of Guam He is a graduate of the University of Washington BA Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary MDiv and Boston University School of Theology ThD After Nocturnos publishing four nonfiction books and many articles he began writing novels in 1997 Ten years later he selfublished. ,


Ry was interesting but much of the ersonal dialogue was stiff and unlikely iethe Czasami wołam w niebo phrase intimate marriage was used repeatedly by several of the main characters I really wanted to like it but just didn t I willass the book along to some of my conservative Christian friends to see what they think A lot of twists and edge of your seat lotsOnce you start you can t ut it downWhole family read and loved it It seems that I am in awful lonesomeness again Perhaps that is because I can t seem to turn off my editing skills or maybe because I keep hoping for some really good Christian fiction It s out there because I ve read it What I do not understand is how Christian Scarred for Life (Jessica Daniel, publishing houses canublish something like this I am definitely glad that I got this book for free from NetGalley and did not ay for it myselfI found this story totally off the wall and too on the edge of Christian for my taste To me it smacks of New Age junk rather than a life changing or thought rocess changing experienceFor example God wants His children to lean on Him for everything and to Stories from 1001 Arabian Nights pray to Him without ceasing It is too unlike God for somehysical object to be the focus of near worship because it helps a erson to say the right words and because it gives comfort What a crock I could not set aside my credulity because this teetered over the edgeWhile I #Have Never Been In #never been in coma nor do I know anyone who was in a coma I seriously doubt that a erson can have a near death experience while in a coma There is nothing about near death in a coma except that REAR-ENDED....ON THE LAST LAP physical activity has ceased All the vital signs are regular and everything is workingroperly except for the consciousness to speak out loud The eyes are closed whether in sleep or wakefulness is unknown This gets one star Nothing believable about it I was sent this book for review by the Only By His Touch (Only, publisher Here is my honest reviewI hesitate to call this a review since I haven t finished the book Theremise sounded very intriguing which led to my reuest At about 13% I kept اصول و مبانی مایندفولنس مدیتیشن قرن 21 plodding through sure the story would capture my interest I m at 46% currently and have decided to not finish at thisoint There are a lot of Mit i tehnologija Rodžera Zelaznija platitudes and cliches for the spiritual aspect of this book Yet I just don t feel like any of it is trulyointing to God Certainly He has hardly been alluded to in a specific manner by Jesus There are bits and ieces that just feel His first manuscript This novel is now called The Galilean Secret It garnered an extensive review
The Providence Journal and became com bestseller and a finalist in the USA “Best Books Awards” competition In 2010 Guideposts Books ublished The Galilean Secret in hardcover Two years later the novel was translated into Portuguese and released in Brazil The Galilean Secret is also available as an eBookThe story of Evan’s self As I Remember It publishing journey has been featured in Publisher’s Weekly and he has been interviewed on television and radio He has served asastor of the Community Church of Providence RI since 1988 He and his wife Carol have been married since 1978 and are the م‍ب‍ان‍ی‌ روان‌ک‍اوی‌ ف‍روی‍د - ل‍ک‍ان‌ parents of two so.

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