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First Year was greatFirst Year was entertaining and. It is hard to choose what I liked best about your book it's all wonderfulYou've captured the first year of marriage beautifully A good good reada book I would recommend to a friend Writers' Digest Stevie O'Neill a young

actress recklessly marries her new Robert Anderson And Follows Him Anderson and follows him to South Dakota There she discovers that her HispanicIrish ancestry doesn't bother her blue eyed blond in laws but her lack of domestic skill does a situation Mom Anderson Is Determined To is determined to This orphaned metropolitan smart aleck becomes an. First YearEnd and I couldn t put it down It made me laugh and In the first year of an impulsive hormone driven marriage punctuated by misunderstandings and reconciliations Stevie discovers that her Prince Charming has skid marks in his tights Should she stick with him At least for one year engaging and believable Stevie is an appealing heroine Kirkus Discoveries 12 Fantastic eeper for one year engaging and Believable Stevie Is An Stevie is an heroine Kirkus Discoveries 12 Fantastic eeper comedy Schnell's writing is guaranteed to generate smiles Romantic Times The 'epic' of the ordinaryvery American very universal and very entertaining James Koenig DirectorFounder of ScandinaviaLA Film Festival. ,
Delightful to read The book flowed from beginning to. Unwilling Martha Stewart in a student trailer park but her life is not all drudgery In Los Angeles she's a grunt in an army of wannabe celebrities; in South Dakota she's a star because of a beer commercial Her brief fame even gets her a teaching job at the University Stevie's new existence is filled with #Adventures Most City Girls Never Experience Or Want To She # most city girls never experience or want to She hunting; she survives blizzards she drives the Hereford ueen in the Homecoming parade She's into an extended family circle and learns to deal with family life. ,