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Ening and feel like they missed a book between this one and the one before And that s how I felt while reading most of this bookFirst of all you cannot drop bombs in the first two pages of the book and pretend like nothing happened You cannot take for granted that the reader will connect the dots and fill in the blanks and then act like if it s the most natural thing in the world And yes I m refering to the fact that view spoiler Xev is Nick s whatever grandad and I do not know where that came from I do not remember it being explained in the previous book and there is not a single line in this one that makes reference to how Nick came to that conclusion hide spoiler Nick Gautier and friends are back in a brand new adventure When Nick s malachai demon powers are being drained by a dark and sinister force Nick and friends must travel far in time to figure out what is happening Can they succeed before it is too late Read and find out for yourself This was a pretty good installment of the Chronicles of Nick series If you loved the dark hunter series and Sherrilyn Kenyon or supernatural stories definitely check this series out It is recommended that you read Infinity and the rest of the series before you read this one It is available at and the rest of the series before you read this one It is available at local library and wherever books are sold This is definitely my least favorite in the series so far The plot didn t progress much at all The author decided now was the time to info dump all of the different types of beings and how they re all interrelated to each other which was too much And Nick s characterization changed a ton for the worse He was raised by strong women who instilled in him an enormous amount of respect for women but now he views them as his woman or his girl and it doesn t sit right I hope he gets an attitude adjustment and the books start coming with relevant family trees and an encyclopedia of supernatural beings OMG my head is spinning don t know which way is up or down I feel like I m on some funky acid trip right now That is the only way I can sum up Invision by Sherrilyn Kenyon for you It s a wild crazy information overload adventure filled with our favourite characters and Kenyon S Overly Imaginative Mind My Note s overly imaginative mind My note skills were seriously put to task in this one In true Kenyon fashion she continues her CON series by answering uestions from the past book creating new uestions and dropping bombs on us we don t see coming These bombs leave our head spinning aw hanging open and in the words of Achmed the Dead Terrorist yelling out Holy Crap I don t know how many times I said that along with my other favourites I tend to shout out No way Oh come on seriously I thought my aw was going to come unhinged by books end from all the shock factor she generates in Invision However as much as Kenyon drove me crazy and made me feel like this book should ve been longer for all the information she tossed my way I did love this addition to her CON series There was never a dull moment in this one Speaking of which the information comes at us fast and furious and there really are moments when you will find yourself re reading a paragraph or page 2 or 3 times to make sure you read that right The bombs Kenyon drops on us are mind boggling and make sure you read that right The bombs Kenyon drops on us are mind boggling and ll ust have to read this one to find out what they are because as you all know I don t like to spoil plot lines and those types of reveals I prefer to let you experience those reveals as I did and enjoy Kenyon s gift for wowing the audience Some of these bomb drops include learning about Cherise and Kody and Retaliation (Stargate, just what they mean to Nick and his Malachai the reveal of Xev and Caleb s dad and their connection to Nick yes Xev and Caleb are half siblings the reveal of who Jared s parents are and his connection to Nick the reveal of Xev s mom we finally learnust who and what Verlyn is Nick s connection to M adoc the Dream warrior and what it would mean should Nick fall before having a son Apollymi s brother isthus connecting her to her Nick as wellThese reveals left me shocked and sp. No one is ever going to tell this stubborn Cajun who and what he really is Or how to live his lifeNot even the Fates of the Universe But now that he and his team of ancient gods and demons have claimed the Eye of Ananke and he sees the missteps of the future he has to. Invision Chronicles of Nick #7Uttering and needing to remember to breath One event Kenyon finally explains and I don t feel I m spoiling anything for you if I tell is how the first Malachai Monakribos came into existence It s no wonder the Malachai is one pissed off preternatural being Monakribos was in love with Rhubati but he was tricked into killing her by Grimm and Laguerre because they drugged him Once the drugs wore off he saw what he d done and went crazy took her blood and painted the Malachai symbols on his body and using magic damned all the world and everyone in it to hell until they fixed the wrong done to him Hell I d be pissed too if that was done to me and you can t help but feel for the guy and see where he s coming from We also learn that from Rhubati s death Bathymaas springs forth from her body at the moment but is a shell of Rhubati because she s missing her heart It s not until Bethany is reborn from Bathymaas and Styxx falls in love with her giving her back her heart that Rhubati is finally complete So this is why Kody has felt connected to Nick from the very beginning of the seriesWe also learn about the Eye of Ananke and ust what it does It shows you the why of the matter or person and it can t lie or distort the truth What you see has either happened or will come into being Thanks to the eye Nick keeps having these visions of events pastMonakribosRhubati and events to come With events to come Kenyon launches us into the far future where we meet everyone s grown kids Kyrian s Nick s Simi s etc all doing battle against the Malachai Ciprian Ciprian has freed Noir and Azuza by opening the Gates to Azmodea and we also learn that Simi s son Lucien is in love with Nick s daughter Charity but never find out who the father of Simi s kids are because Kody says it would ve altered the future if Nick had learned that tidbit Now I really want to know that answer but in true Kenyon form she doesn t speak of it again arrrrr so frustrating I guess we ust keep reading the series By books end another bombshell is dropped as we learn Ciprian is Nick s kid as well but I was completely stunned and pissed off by the reveal of his mother There s no way Nick would get together with this female if she were the last female standing I m thinking he had to have been tricked like Monakribos was before becoming the Malachai I really wish the next book were released already Why must Kenyon make me wait another year to find out about this reveal and everything else she dropped on my head in Invision Oops before I forget one little tidbit we find out that is funny but answers a few uestions about our zombie hunting fave Bubba His Dad Is Actually A dad is actually a Hellchaser but that part of Bubba s blood is dormant and his father never told him about it but feels guilty because one of his dad s enemies is the one responsible for Bubba s wife and son s death His dad feels guilty over it and keeps a close watch on his son now No wonder Nick and Bubba hit it off so well and why Bubba is attracted to Nick s mom Yes once again the plot thickens No wonder the guy is a little cooky but we love him all the same That part of the book had me howling with laughter along with many others parts of InvisionAs I said at the beginning of my review I felt like I was on some crazy acid trip by the time I was finished this one Invision is everything you come to expect from a Kenyon novel well developed characters you can t help but come to love humour and sarcasm in bundles twists and turns you never see coming and reveals about characters that leave you stunned speechless yelling like a loon you Kobo e reader I don t know how Kenyon plans to pull yelling like a loon at you Kobo e reader I don t know how Kenyon plans to pull together past present and future by the time this series ends and we get Nick s adult DH book but one thing we can count on we ll be in for a wild ride to get there For all you Menyon and CON fans out there Invision is a must read and great installment to the seriesUntil next time my fellow Menyon fans happy reading and I m off to try and find my zen again LOLMarcie TRC. Battle the demons within that are far deadlier and treacherous than any he’s battled before All the while his arch nemesis is back and determined to reclaim his place as the harbinger for Armageddon Even if it means killing Nick and barbecuing everyone he loves to do. 355 Ingl sEspa olI m not sure how I feel about this book I mean I love Sherrilyn Kenyon s books but lately I feel I can no longer keep up with them This book is full of information and sometimes I didn t know if all that the author was telling me This book is all over the place It has multiple information dumps as if the author needed to fill in the empty spaces of the story so she decides to give us every character s back story all in one book The repeated flashbacks were tedious The words filler book seem to be appropriate but let s face itthis series is the one that won t end Even Rowling stopped at 7 books It is odd that she chose to give some major information About Characters Who Really Have Of A characters who really have of a in her adult series than her YA series in the confines of the YA book Though I m sure her adult fans read both This has always concerned me Young readers who want to know about these characters will naturally be led to the adult books which are steamy romances that discuss what grown ups do with other grown ups and not what a younger YA crowd should be reading Nick is feeling a little overwhelmed with all the possible futures he can see through the newly acuired Eye When his powers start draining he and his friends must figure out who is responsible They are forced to ask for help from unlikely sources When Nick travels forward in time to try to contact Ambrose he is faced with a future that is even horrific than he was led to believe It brings uestions than answersI think I liked this book the best so far The Eye gave him the power to see things in the past and future but I like that Nick has begun to uestion whether or not he should try to change what is going to happen Sometimes it is better not knowing and The Presley Arrangement just making the best decision you can at that moment Unfortunately by the time Nick has begun to wonder about this he has already gone forward in time and the uestions raised by what he sees can t help but tempt you to keep reading the series It might be a little while before I can get the next book but it s definitely going on my list I did not understand this bookI was totally into the whole series in the beginning but now I must confused with all this information dump and names I Beauty and Power just can t keep up with Everyone s related to each other everyone is some form of demon or hunter like seriously is ANYONE normal I was upset because SPOILER seven books in and we find out Nick isn t going to destroy the world yaybut his son is I don t need another malachai and the new kid Nathan I m convinced it s him and it s making me mad I skimmed this book and even then I feel like i got the main gist of the story bring on the next book I really don t care I must reading this for nicks character which is getting weakersound familiar coughcough book five Ok so this installment gave some great background on some of the main demon characters of the series but this ending has my head reeling I have to see how this plays out but I am a tad hesitant because of the reviews on the next and final book A lot of disappointment by readers but will obviously go ahead and read it since reviews never stopped me before I THINK THE REVEAL ON CALEB S the reveal on Caleb s connection to Nick was probably my favorite part of this book and though it had some battles I was not as into them as I was the revealing of some of the demons pasts My uick and simple overall a good installment that covers of characters Now on to the final book I need this book right nowDear Kenyon 06052016 Ok I collected my thoughts and I think I m ready to give my opinion on this one Final verdict 3 STARSNow before anyone starts throwing stones at me let me tell you that it hurts me than you to give this rating to a SK book However after the last CON books there are some things I cannot get past any It s one thing to leave your reader mildly confused and wondering what you mean because they are consumed by the mistery It s an entirely different thing to make your readers feel stupid because they do not understand what s happ. Think your life is complicated and confusing Nick Gautier was born to bring about the end of the worldIt’s not easy being the heir of a demon overlordBut Nick is determined to thwart his destiny and get into a good college To be than his genetics and prophecy foretell.

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