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Horses Asteroid eW of who you really are Playing For Keeps tells just that storyCassie and Matt have reached a cross roads in their relationship She wants Matt to push his sexual boundaries but will his reluctance to give Cassie what she wants cost him her heartAfter a disastrous first attempt at satisfying Cassie s needs Matt takes things into his own hands and in doing so opens both himself and Cassie up to a world of newrotic Love Thy Neighbor experiences and challengesMatt suspects Cassie of having submissive tenancies but not in his wildest dreams did hisxpect to find what he did when he slowly peeled back her layers A weekend unlike no other takes their lives in a totally new direction and one which will ultimately reveal the fascinating world of BDSM Cassie has read about it but now is the time for her to live itThis is ultimately a story of love between two people and what they must overcome to save their relationship from a slow and painful death by sexual frustrationThis is the first much awaited book from Glenda Horsfall and one which will delight Indian Erotic Stories erotica readers worldwide It sxtremely hot full of mind blowing orgasms and scenes which will melt your The Detroit Almanac e reader It you love yourrotic romance then you will love this storyReviewed on behalf of Jezabell Girl Friends Holy mother of chocolate cupcakesThis love this storyReviewed on behalf of Jezabell Girl Friends Holy mother of chocolate cupcakesThis is captivating Crazy Love (Steele Street, endearing and steamyCassie and Matt have been dating for a while Cassie is trying to spice up their relationship but slightlymbarrassed to ask for what she xactly wants Matt feels silly trying out the role playing that Cassie keeps suggestingInstead of this becoming a bigger rift in thier relationship than it is Matt decides to give things an open minded try What happens is xtraordinaryLike I said it s a steamy book not for the faint or vanilla of heart Book does show some "BDSM situations and POVs of realistic characters and mind setsThis book " situations and POVs of realistic characters and mind setsThis book you of the meaning be careful what you wish for That being said The book is hot Recommended by a friend I read this book in one sitting and was taken by surprise that this was a debut novel From a new author that s saying a lot By the time I finished the book I craved for and wished Horsfall had books on her shelf Back to the book Playing for Keeps is a book about communication and trust between partners The chemistry between Matt And Cassie Sizzled To and Cassie sizzled to dimensions when Cassie spices up their sex life with role play Although uncomfortable with the idea Matt loves Cassie nough to try it over a special birthday weekend vacationTogether they mbark on a huge learning curve and xplore the world of BDSM and the roles of Dom and Sub Although the cover to the book is dark and mysterious don t be misled This is definitely a book about love and reaching out and xploring as a couple Communication Trust and truly Gifting oneself brings about immense pleasure THAT is why BDSM works for couples This book is well crafted and the love scenes are HOT AS HELL so if you like Orleans explicit sex scenes with highly chargedmotion go get this book Definitely up for the sopho book when Horsfall gets to it Sex. Pointed that the ‘highlight’ of the weekend is to be a costume party A costume party is not the kind of role play she’s fantasized about She is surprised when she realizes it will be a party for two and that Matt has actually taken her to a BDSM clubCassie agrees to be his ‘love slave’ for the weekend and promises to obey all her ‘Master’s’ comman. HOLY SMOKESGlenda has nailed it on #her first novel In Playing for Keeps the sex scenes are absolutely HOTTT Cassie and Matt have been dating for #first novel In Playing for Keeps the sex scenes are absolutely HOTTT Cassie and Matt have been dating for while and are generally happy Where the Forest Meets the Stars except Cassie wants to spice things up in the bedroom and Matt wants no part of it Matt wants to satisfy Cassie invery way possible so he plans a trip which Cassie is not so thrilled with what she believes is planned for her birthday trip away Cassie never dreamed that Matt would take her away to a BDSM club and she is thrilled that Matt is doing this for and is than ready to do as her Master commandsBut warning be careful what you wish for not all wishes have a happy Spike, the Black Wolf ending Or do theyI highly recommend this book if you are interested in HOTTT Steamy Sex you will reallynjoy this book Now this is an xplicitly xciting read good main characters with fitting secondary characters Well paced with well written Two-Minute Mysteries examples in BDSM for the characters This breathtaking read promises and delivers sensualismagerness titillation indulgence and fulfilment Cassie is looking to add some xcitement to her relationship with boyfriend Matt Communication appears to be a measure of difficulty between them generating confusion and doubt in both Cassie and Matt for the future of their relationship Cassie tries to initiate role play without much success although Matt does not understand Cassie s desires the thought of what Cassie is asking him leaves him a little cold Matt considers her reuests he wants to fulfil her needs he wants her to want him but all he perceives it to be is abuse and humiliation Matt delves into the world BDSM and discovers not only a hidden side of himself but gets a greater understanding of Cassie s real needs Can MATT TAKE CASSIE TO THE LEVEL take Cassie to the level desires Matt must take a risk and hope that what he has found will answer his need to understand Cassie and fulfil her cravings for a meaningful relationship He wants to claim her make her his forever but has he gone too far An xcellent and recommended debut I first read a short story from Glenda Horsfall in a book of short stores called Masuerade I really Parallel Apocrypha enjoyed the Domsub theme in her short story which prompted me to buy this bookPlaying For Keepsxplores the dynamics between a young couple as they xperiment with role playing in their relationship It is not without some struggles as the couple xplores Domsub role playing They are committed to making their relationship work during their sexual Das verlorene Symbol (Robert Langdon, exploration And yes the sex is really hawt Many first time sexualxperiences are World in Peril explored by the couple which adds to the hotness factor Ms Horsfall s writing style flows wonderfully which makes this book a verynjoyable read It was also a very realistic storyline meaning it seamed like a new couple to a masterslave relationship would go through the same communication issues faced by our Hh I recommend this book to readers who like role playing hawt sex and their bdsm on the light side How far would you go to spice up your love life Would you reveal your darkest fantasies or would you continue to live in the shado. Matt is worried Their relationship is in trouble Cassie has been begging him to add role play to their lovemaking but the kind of role Cassie wants him to play leaves him cold When he discovers her stash of rotic romance novels he comes to suspect that what she really wants is dominanceMatt takes Cassie away for the weekend to celebrate her birthday She is disap. Sex kinky sex domination and submission anal sex sex kinky sex I imagine you get the point Ms Horsfall does not leave much to the imagination but that being said her book imagine you get the point Ms Horsfall does not leave much to the imagination but that being said her book for Keeps kept me reading and interested throughout I thoroughly njoyed the book and read it in one sitting Holy crapola this book is an HOTT 5 stars After reading this book you will need your husband or new batteries lol Matt is worried is relationship is in troubleCassie wants him to role play in the bedroom but he s not comfortable with the roles she wants him to play Cassie doesn t know how to tell Matt in so many words xactly what she wants So to try to get a better understanding Matt takes some of her romance novels she s always talking about So he thinks he s figured out what she needs but wants To Find Out For Sure So He Takes Her To find out for sure So he takes her to bdsm club and has her be his love slave Will he finally figure out what Cassie needs or will he push to far Warning this book has some hot steamy sex scenes so if your not into that stay away but if you are then you definitely need to read this book I will keep an ye out for from this author I definitely recommend this book Tara s 2 Star Review Cassie wanted to spice up her love life with Matt When she suggests role playing Matt is less then nthusiastic about her ideas of spicing things up Feeling like he is on the verge of losing her Matt takes Cassie away for a weekend and shows her he can be something other then vanilla in the bedroomThe premise of this book could have been so much The scenes that these two test out "Do Not Fit Into " not fit into they were intended to be well not in this day and age anyway This book felt dated to me There were a few decent sex scenes but I just could not connect with most of this book I had high hopes for this story as I could relate to wanting to spice things up but it just fell short for me on the deliveryIt s a very short book only took me a little over an hour to read it might be for you but it just did not work for me unfortunatelyA gifted copy was received by the authorpublisher in xchange for an honest reviewBe sure to check out of my reviews at Cassie is a little unhappy with her sex life She wants to inject a little bit of spice into her routine with role play but this is not for Matt The idea of playing shady characters سنت، مدرنیته، پست مدرن even if they are just make believe doesn t sit well with him and he can t summon up thenthusiasm to play his part Things are all looking pretty dreadful until he gets his hands on a book and discovers the tenets of BDSMFrom that moment forward Matt is in charge and it s Cassie who is going to have the ride of her life albeit kicking and screaming at first Whilst the lifestyle is all new to her she uickly settles into her role and begins to understand Integrative Assessment of Adult Personality exactly what being a submissive willntail Thoughts An Il potere del cane erotic romance cleverly told with wonderful flow and plenty of detail The characters are very believable and life like and I was chuckling along as Cassie recounted her thoughts For lovers of romance androtica this is sure to be hit Thoroughly Café Blue enjoyed mysel. Ds Matt is surprised at hernthusiasm and is turned on by her ready acceptance of his dominationAt last he understands her desire to role play and Matt indulges her fantasies along with a few of his own However the weekend away has changed their relationship and has taken them in a direction he hadn’t foreseen Now he’s wondering if they can survive the chang.

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