Hatter The UnFairytales Saga Book 1 (E–book)

Icult to read the story and get involved in it If were possible i think this book about the Hatter is ven better in it If it were possible i think book about the Hatter is ven better the classic that introduced him into our world although i do thank Lewis Carroll for the Mad Hatter He was fully developed in this book and the author did justice to the original characterization and so much It was sad at times and it was beautiful at times it was a Wonderland version of a Greek Comedy and it was stupendous Definitely a Chris and Ca two thumbs up I really njoyed the plot idea but I felt it could have used a lot development Soul mate or not there was no lead up to the romance between Hatter and Sam And the typos just made it harder to bare There was one on almost Spacewreck (Terran Trade Authority Handbook) every page I really wanted to like this book because I love Alice in Wonderland but I just couldn t There wasn tnough plot and the reader shouldn t have decipher typos in a published boo. E girl lands in his front yard claiming to be the granddaughter of the girl that haunts his dreams at night will he finally open up his heart to true lov. This book was very frustrating for me I really liked the idea of the story it had great bones but there was no meat on them There is no development of the characters or the plot One minute Sam is being pushed down a hole by some weirdo with purple hair the next she is in Wonderland madly in love with Hatter and with no desire to go home what so ver I mean really I won t get started on the diting or shall I say home what so By Royal Command ever I mean really I won t get started on thediting or shall I say of diting So many typos it was hard to read I editing So many typos it was hard to read I not likely read the next but I just wasn t left want likely read the next but I just wasn t left want is basically a romance novel The Hatter is still in Wonderland Wolfsbane a werewolf Peter Pan the Huntsman and Leopold a mouse are his friends Reference is made to other fairy tale stories such as Snow WhiteThere are six ueens in Wonderland and one of them Vanessa is really really vil The real Alice had left Wonderland years ago It seems that many if not all the. It has been two years since Alice left WonderlandTwo years since she slayed the Jabberwockey Two years since she broke the Hatter's heart Now he has give.

characters Hatter The UnFairytales Saga Book 1

Beings there are searching for their other half a person which will complete them and let them live happily Marketing Management (10th Edition) ever after The problem is that if the Hatter does not find his other half then his story will fade out and he will cease toxist a very interesting conceptEnter Sam a descendant of the real Alice She nds up in Wonderland no thanks to the Cheshire Cat who is a really nasty person himself Sam is Hatter s other half but before anything can be done About That She S that she s Hatter and his friends must find her before Hatter s story runs out and he and his story are gone foreverIt s really a very nicely done story and a good follow up to the original Alice in Wonderland story There is one major problem thoughNo spell checker was used on the story There are numerous spelling mistakes including some that are so bad you actually nd up laughing aloud at them This makes it somewhat diff. N up hoping that his Other Half Bobs World evenxists Determined to live his final days without love he numbly lives in the world that he created But when
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strang. Hatter The UnFairytales Saga Book 1

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