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Ustin Case and Mason Dixon series The tone f the story is suited to a second r third grader and there are a few pictures to help break up the text but the vocabulary and particularly the use f Spanish phrases make it closer to a middle grade novel than a true and particularly the use Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man of Spanish phrases make it closer to a middle grade novel than a true chapter book It would be a good choice for kids in fourth grader so who are intimidated by novels but ready for slightly challenging material It would also be an eually good choice for advanced first and second gradersThe black and white pictures by Laura Freeman consist After the Flood of both full page illustrationsf key scenes and smaller spot drawings that break up the text and convey character emotion There are also some appealing life like illustrations Tướng về hưu of the insects and lizards Carlos is interested in The final artwork was not included in the ARC but the style appears to be similar to thatf Jacueline Rogers who illustrates the Calvin Coconut booksKids will like this book for its believable main character its realistic dialogue and its focus Hollywood Kryptonite: The Bulldog, the Lady, and the Death of Superman on animals and sports along with the central family conflict Spanish speaking readers will also enjoy the inclusionf words and phrases in Their Native Language Science Minded native language Science minded will also love learning all about geckos as Carlos tries to teach Bernardo to handle them properly A chapter book for young readers who are progressing with their reading and vocabulary this is a good addition for libraries whether public r school The main characters are Latino boys which will be very appealing especially for. Ool soccer team and even his Papi’s attention Carlos knows he isn’t happy Worse Bernardo starts messing with Carlos’s pet geckos Carlos tries to see past his cousin’s annoying ways but Bernardo sure doesn’t make it. This is a cute chapter book for beginning independent readers Carlos goes to Carver Elementary school and has worked hard to become a good student He tries hard to play soccer to please his dad but really wants to do something involving animals He has an ant farm and 3 geckos but if he gets 100 n 5 spelling tests in a row his dad will get him a butterfly habitat and his room will be his Global Cities oasis When he findsut that his cousin Bernardo is moving in with them and will be sharing his room he is not happy but tries to make the best f it Berna Cute Story About The Conflicts Carlos Has When His Cousin story about the conflicts Carlos has when his cousin to live with them for a short time Bernardo s behavior is annoying and upsetting when he gets attention from his father because he is better at playing soccer than Carlos Lots f good situations that show bullying behaviors and would lend themselves to some good classroom discussions Love the facts about animals embedded in the story since Carlos is a true animal lover Great for grades 2 3 Young readers will easily relate to Carlos feelings about his cousin coming to stay with them and the problems that Carlos experiences will easily relate to Carlos feelings about his cousin coming to stay with them and the problems that Carlos experiences Bernardo Though Carlos wants to be welcoming to his cousin Bernardo who must share his room temporarily while his family relocates he finds himself worrying when Bernardo proves to be a better soccer player than Carlos and acts recklessly around Carlos s beloved pet geckosI would place this book at the very highest end f the beginning chapter book spectrum along with the Alvin Ho Carlos isn’t sure how he feels about the news that his cousin Bernardo will be joining his class at Carver Elementary But when Bernardo comes to live with him temporarily taking ver Carlos’s top bunk his spot n the sch. ,

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Dont Feed the Geckos! (The Carver Chronicles, #3)Those f that population to be able to read SOMETHING ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE THEMSELVES FAMILY IS ALSO IMPORTANT about people like themselves Family is also important this able to read something about people like themselves Family is also important in this as well as learning how to stand up for neself Good for a 2 3 grade boy Carlos has to share his room with his visiting cousin Bernardo and it s not going to be easy since he has to give up the top bunk and tell Bernardo the rules for the care and feeding f his Geckos They are in the same classroom at school Ms Shelby Ortiz has Carlos help Bernardo get settled in and learn the rules f the class These two cousins have a lot to learn about No Man Can A-Hinder Me: A Message of Defiance from My Plantation Mothers and Fathers one another s likes and dislikes strengths and weaknesses daily habits and lifestyles In Don t Feed the Geckos Carlos findsut that having his cousin stay with him isn t as fun as he hoped Carlos feels Candy or less like a real kid with kid worries though maybe a bit intelligent when it comes to animals Like manyf English s books the plot is fairly heavy Man's Search for Meaning on the issues with someccasional nods toward what being a child is really like At times the lesson part is a bit too Mrs. Morris and the Ghost obvious and the ending is a bit rushed I think young readers who are gaining confidence in their reading abilities will find things to like and gain a bit confidence in their skills by the endNote ARC received via Vine in exchange for review ARC NetgalleyAn adorable heartfelt chapter book for youngsters new to chapter books Carlos learned about misunderstandings jealousy and responsibilities tone s family This series gives the reader insights to well rounded and realistic character. Easy Will Carlos and his geckos survive Bernardo's visit Can he keep the peace for his family’s sake     Emerging and newly independent readers are sure to recognize themselves in this humorous school and family story. ,

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