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Bending steel

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S at how we imagine heroes and thus core cultural values Great read for comic fans and an excellent one for non thus core cultural values Great read for comic fans and an excellent one for non folks Disclaimer I received a free ecopy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI enjoyed this book a lot It starts out slow and can be a bit dry at times There is a lot of material that introduces the comic book superhero Once the author gets through that and into the meat of the book things get interesting ickThis feels like it was approached similar to an academic paper to some degree It starts out by looking at early American adventure stories He examines character tropes themes and cultural influences that shaped these stories and ltimately led to the creation of superheroes The book benefits from this because it is very thoughtful and The book benefits from this because it is very thoughtful and But it has the potential to turn off readers that are inte. Fiction as a means of explaining national and personal identities to themselves and to the world In so doing they created characters and stories that sometimes affirmed but other times subverted conventional notions of race class gender and nationalismThe cultural conversation articulated through the nation's early heroic fiction eventually led to a new heroic type the brightly clad super powered pro social action heroes
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first appeared in comic books starting in the late 1930s Although indelibly shaped by the Great Depression and World War II sensibilities of the second generation immigrants most responsible for their creation comic book superheroes remain a mainstay of. 4 stars from Bill My one issue with the book are his first Few Chapters While Regalado chapters While Regalado a strong case that American superheroes have their origins in earlier American heroic fiction his need to explore this in two full chapters felt nnecessary It feels as though he realized his central focus on comic book superheroes wasn t enough on comic book superheroes wasn t enough a full monograph and decided to combine it with previous articles on heroic fiction Other than that I just slightly disagree on his interpretation Other than that I just slightly disagree on his interpretation evidence but not enough to drastically downgrade his workOverall an excellent work for those wanting a complete Murder at the Vicarage understanding of American masculinity American literary heroes and their relationship with various periods of modernity A critical and fun analysis of goldensilver age comic heroes often through the lens of critical race theory that get. How superheroes grappled with industrialization modernization and capitalismFaster than a speeding bullet More powerful than a locomotive Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound It's Superman Bending Steel examines the historical origins and cultural significance of Superman and his fellow American crusaders Cultural historian Aldo J Regalado asserts that the superhero seems a direct response to modernity often fighting the interrelated processes of industrializationrbanization immigration and capitalism that transformed the United States from the early nineteenth century to the present Reeling from these exciting but rapid and destabilizing forces Americans turned to heroic. Rested in the later periods discussedThe payoff to this slow buildup is worth it though the slow buildup is worth it though The is able to draw comparisons between those earlier pieces and their creators with the superheroes that came out in comic books and those creators He does give a good overview of the history of comic books as well That information might not be as seful to diehard fans that are familiar with it I felt like it was well presented and gave me a lot of knowledge that I didn t already haveThere is a bit of focus on major comic book series from Marvel and DC This works well to establish the tone of the books and eras discussed I would have liked some mention of independent comic books that follow along the path that he creates through the book Overall this is a great read for anyone that has an interest in comic books specifically superheroes. interest in comic books specifically superheroes. popular cultureTracing superhero fiction all the way back to the nineteenth century Regalado firmly bases his analysis of dime novels pulp fiction and comics in historical biographical and reader response sources He explores the roles played by creators producers and consumers in crafting superhero fiction ltimately concluding that these narratives are essential for nderstanding vital trajectories in American cultureALDO J REGALADO Homestead Florida is a teacher of history and American studies at Palmer Trinity School an adjunct lecturer through the American Studies Program at the University of Miami and an adjunct lecturer in US history at Florida International Universit. ,

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