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The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye

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Hands down my most enjoyable Singapore literature Tombstone: The Great Chinese Famine, 1958-1962 read ever I m glad I know pretty much every historical detailegarding Singapore in this book I don t think I d enjoy the book less if I was unfamiliar with the context it did feel like an info dump at times but I believe I enjoyed it because I am SO familiar with it So many complex themes and narrative devices at play here I don t know how to start my school essay on this now but I m excited A here I don t know how to start my school essay on this now but I m excited A of the artist as a hero The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye is full of swagger even as it pays tribute to its comics predecessors The virtuosic display of different comics styles the mind boggling meta meta meta narratives the political satire The MAROONED result is an astounding feat which sets a high bar not only for Singapore comics but also for Singapore fiction Yet muchemains familiar Singapore history may be The Two re interpreted but its periodization is not challenged Theeading of the historical protagonists may be flipped but there are still clearly heroes and villains And the greatest hero of all is the artist who is depicted as uncompromisingly dedicated to his art Singapore art needs such a heroic image perhaps given its freuent and forced accommodations to authority Still the terms of the artist s exaltation are traditional he foregoes a love interest gives up having a family disappoints his parents Heterosexual love family and happy parents are self evident goods in the graphic novel they are not subject to the kind of interrogation that the novel applies to political history The artist is essentially male as are all the politicians Women are peripheral characters to the political and the personal stories Having surrendered his claim to a place in bourgeois Chinese Singaporean patriarchy the hero artist easserts his maleness in his art ending aptly with a page of nine panels eight of which depict the phallic instruments of his art Well worth the wait Sonny uses several different art styles to tell the story of a fictional comic book artist creating allegories and alternate histories while confronting the actual events behind the ecent history of Singapore A kind of amazing fictional biography of a Singapore comics artist Charlie Chan Hock Chye that is in part a story of twentieth century Singapore and in that is in part a story of twentieth century Singapore and in a study of comics Part of that study of comics has to do with the Bigfoot Hunters (Tales of the Crypto-Hunter, relationships between western and Asian comics and how they mutually influenced each other This big impressive book employees a very inventive approach with an amazingange of comics styles Drop representing different periods Eisner award nominated Especiallyecommended for students of comics and comics history Thanks to 2 3 Goodreads friends who ecommended it to me I also liked it because Liew worked with Gene Luen Tang on The Shadow Hero For graphic artists there are must eads of the genre that direct the eye to advances in the art and Sonny Liew s contribution may well be one of those Liew shows us many types of comic book art discusses their genesis and early creators but also seaml. The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye is a biography showcasing the life and work of Chan Hock Chye a pioneering but largely forgotten comics artist in Singapore With a career spanning than five decades from pre independent Singapore through its three Prime Ministers Chan’s work eflects the changing political and economic environment in SingaporeContaining Chan’s original illustrations paintings and sketches this is a groundbreaking work and labour. Essly melds the story Brilliant and subversively educational I sometimes feel like Singapore is gaslighting me This book suggests that I m neither insane nor alone I literally could not put this book downI devoured It Messily Poring Through The Pages Lifting messily poring through the pages lifting my glasses to peer closely with long sighted age at the details flipping back and forth forward and back in
time chuckling at 
chuckling at uiet humour marveling at the subtle and not so subtle homages to style and history aising it to look at it this way then that way at the multifaceted piece of work it is knowing that King of Shadows repeatedeadings would throw up even layers If you Training His Boy re a comic bookeader you feel this book as much as you The Purpose Path: A Guide to Pursuing Your Authentic Life's Work read it and you can see the heart and mind of the artist fictional andeal laid if not uite bare then at least sufficiently ajar before you There is an aura here the sense of nostalgia the yearning of a history that never was as well as the timeline that Chan lived through and an ever present yearning for things not done paths not taken goals never uite achieved and a soft demand as to why things can t be this wayThe current Tristan da Cunha reaction to the book isevolving mainly around the brouhaha caused by the withdrawal of the NAC grant but to concentrate on that misses the many other layers that this book has to offer Make no mistake this book does deal with the political history of Singapore and political history can always be sensitive especially when the orthodox narrative or viewpoint is challenged even if in the most gentle of ways But The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye is so so much When I got to the part where Sonny presents the cover of Ah Huat s Giant Robot 1 I had a flashback to a conversation with Sonny at one of the first Singapore Toy Game and Comic Conventions nearly a decade ago He talked about the idea for an alternate history of Singapore comics dating back to the 1930s We never had locally produced comics but what if we had What if we had local superhero comics published alongside ones from the United States and England What would that have looked like Looking at this volume I ealized that this was Sonny pulling the trigger on that idea but taking it much furtherThis is an alternate history but this is also what happened This is a political book but it is also about aspirations and the creative spirit This is a book of tributes but it is completely original This is a personal book but it is also about a particular culture a particular society This is Sonny Liew This not to put too fine a point on it is Art Kudos not just to Sonny but to his editor Joyce Sim whose steady hand I sense just as much in thisTo ecap The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye is structured like a tributebiographyshowcase of the career of the titular artist who has been drawing comic books since the 1950s a tributebiographyshowcase of the career of the titular artist who has been drawing comic books since the 1950s lived through the tumultuous decades surrounding Singapore s independence and up to the present day The comics he draws evolve Wild Children reflecting the styles of the times and move into political allegory as the storieseflect the events of those years The conceit. Of love aimed at ecapturing the portrait of an artist whose deep passion for comics and country is given a fitting tribute by award winning comics artist Sonny Liew3 Eisner Awards 2017 Best US Edition of International Material–AsiaBest WriterArtistBest Publication DesignOther Eisner Award 2017 Nominations Best Graphic Album–NewBest ColoringBest LetteringWinner of the Singapore Literature Prize 2016 for English FictionA New York Times bestselle. .
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Here of course is that Chan Is A Completely Fictional a completely fictional character never existed
and neither did 
neither did comics There was never an Ah Huat s Robot or a Dragon weekly magazine or Roachman but God we wish there wereThe comic book history he emulates is not your typical one it would have been easy and too pat to suggest that Singapore would have had an American Golden Age style comic in the 1940s Instead Sonny has Chan s style being influenced by what comics were actually available to us in that period from early Japanese manga in the Tezuka vein to the Beano Eagle funny animal comics and only later going into Kurtzman s EC war comics and then the Marvel era and beyond This is the kind of book that screams for annotations uite apart from the pages of notes that Sonny provides at the end of the volume The last but one comic showcased Days of August is said by Chan to be inspired by Philip K Dick s The Man in the High Castle but the obvious homage to The Dark Knight Returns is not even commented on for example Roachman predates the Marvel Age by a few years but is definitely a iff not just on Spider Man but the pulpish comics English and non English of the late 50s and a narrative layout and colours eminiscent of Charlton I could go on but that would be too geeky and self indulgent I have to say though that I would gladly pay for a full volume of the Pogo inspired Bukit Chapalang stripsI can t say enough good things about it except to grab you by the lapels and demand that you Mindwarp read it and love it as much as I do This book deserves to get several awards I understand why the NAC doesn t want to get behind it but sadly it seally their loss I would hold this book up for an Eisner as a sterling example of what the comic book medium is capable of This is an ambitious work beyond what we would expect a Singaporean comic to be able to do and Sonny just kicked its assYou completely blew my mind Sonny I m proud to know you I was one of those who bought the book because the National Arts Council withdrew its publication grant But then I found myself with a truly masterful piece of work as someone who doesn t usually Level Up read graphic novels I was introduced to a whole new mode of visual storytelling combining a variety of styles tones and feels It s not often that Singaporeans get to see our history and theapid transformation of our city played out in such detail and depth It s not often that we get to think of our politicians as politicians and to wonder about the many Radical Xingyi Energetics roads Singapore could have gone down And having this opportunity means a lot wel Th best local history book and the magic heightens when it waseported that Charlie Chan was a fictional character Clever way to educating one of Singapore s history and it leaves you to form your own opinion of the events that have carved Singapore s past I am in awe of Sonny s Shintarou's Way research different strokes of the works presented I would definitely buy Roachman Bukit Chapalang and definitely merchandise too Phenomenal Truly an impressive achievement Very very highlyecommende. RAn Economist Book of the Year 2016An NPR Graphic Novel Pick for 2016A Washington Post Best Graphic Novel of 2016A New York Post Best Books of 2016A Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2016A South China Morning Post Top 10 Asian books of 2016An AV Club Best Comics of 2016A Comic Books Resources Top 100 Comics of 2016A Mental Floss Most Interesting Graphic Novel of 2016Winner of the Singapore Book Awards 2016 for Book of the Year and Best Book Cover Desig. .