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Feed the Flames


Ok and let us into the past of Seyia and Lyre The last chapter was sweet It was nice to see Seyia and Lyre in a different way I would recommended this book to others This provided an interesting glimpse #into the mind and memories of Seiya Considering she s mostly been portrayed as someone who is #the mind and memories of Seiya Considering she s mostly been portrayed as someone who is opposed to Piper and her relationship of Seiya Considering she s mostly been portrayed as someone who is opposed to Piper and her relationship Ash it felt appropriate to Have Some Clearer Understanding some clearer understanding her perspective on events leading up to and during the past few booksI liked that Lyre who hasn t been as featured much lately finally confronted Seiya about her behavior toward PiperAsh and explained why her attitude was harmful than protective It was also neat to see Lyre display some of his impressive talents during their escape attempts I can already tell that his spell weaving abilities along with the teasing snippets regarding his family will play a significant role in future stories We know from book 3 that Seiya and Lyre were captured by the Ra demons and in this novella we learn of their predicamentSeiya I m sorry to say is still an unsympathetic little whiner But Lyre he made this story worthwhile We get a tantalizing glimpse into his family background and his past prior to meeting up with Ash Who knew his family would think of him the way they do Personally when Ash s and Piper s story has come to a conclusion I would very much like a Lyre spin off Just saying 08282020 Reread Read to my son Maddox08232020 Reread07242020 Reread10222019 Reread05152019 Reread03032019 RereadI received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewI really love this novella I really loved getting a deeper glimpse into both Lyre and Seiya By the end of the novella you can see something change inside Seiya I think that the experience changed her deeply It made her look at things differently from before You also really get to see the kind of person Lyre really is He makes a sacrifice for Seiya and it shows how compassionate he is It was really touching I had so many feels for Lyre in this one He is such a curious individual There is so much underneath the surface Would I Recommend ItYes If you are a fan of the series then you MUST read this It not only adds to the story but adds to the character development It s awesome I would love to read novellas like this one about some of the other characters. Learn what fate their captors are planning for them Steel Stone Universe BooksSTEEL STONEChase the Dark #1Bind the Soul #2Yield the Night #3Feed the Flames #35Reap the Shadows #4Unleash the Storm #5Steel Stone #6SPELL WEAVERThe Night Realm #1The Shadow Weave #2The Blood Curse
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Ed the dialogues between Seiya and Lyre while they were imprisoned by their captors Through the t te t te it gave me a glimpse of her internal struggles It was nice to see that underneath the angry exterior there is a compassionate and fierce woman waiting to emergeThe story ends with a thrilling heart pounding escape attempt that left me wanting I do like this novella Though it s really too short for me to develop a deep fondness for it I do appreciate the supporting characters much I look forward to seeing them in Reap the Shadows Steel and Stone 4 and Unleash the Storm Steel and Stone 5 4 Lyre STARSI loved this so much I wasn t sure if I wanted to read it but it s so short and I saw there was great deepth in Lyre s character which is already my fave so I couldn t say noEven when this is told in Freiya s POV we get to see her and Lyre in a different clearer light while they re dealing with the aftermath of the last book I liked the fact we re given some special hints about their pasts that add mystery but also a background to get to know #who they are betterIn Freiya s case we re shown of her past to help us see what she s #they are betterIn Freiya s case we re shown of her past to help us see what she s through and get why she acts the way she does towards Piper and Ash even though I don t like how she has acted i enjoyed getting to know about her Now Lyre stole the show like always I mega love the secretive calculative smart funny heroes so getting a closer look about Lyre s past was a gift He has been hiding or better said deflecting who he is and his potential through his CHARMS BUT WE GET TO LEARN but we get to learn interesting stuff such as his family and hidden talents even when he doesn t want to give anything away I really love his character he is a pretty down to earth guy so he knows how to react in different situations and he is smart af I really enjoy the fact that his charms and humor make those treats blurr in a way no one can see at first sight how much he really isNow I ust gotta say THAT ENDING THO I m deff umping now to the next book bc I need to know what happens If you re a fan of this saga or Lyre you won t regret reading this one 1 star because i hate Seiya but then another 2 stars because i love Lyre Annette Marie maths is a complex thing Great Short Story I really like this book I like the plot and how the storyline was easy to follow I like how the author included this bo. Lyre has been taken prisoner Separated from Ash his fate unknown and tormented by memories of her imprisonment in Asphodel she must put her faith in Lyre and his carefully guarded secrets To have any chance of escape they’ll have to work together to find a way out before they. Thorough thoughtful insightful Pages 61My rating starsRead other books from this author in the future yesI love this series but I will so a series review in book 5 Because Lyre I never really liked Seiya despite seeing where she came from when she went at it with Piper This novella didn t really help me see her point of view because I d already understood it in Yield the Night but it did give of an insight on Lyre He #is a gem let me tell you that Beneath his easy #a gem let me tell you that Beneath his easy flirtatious attitude we have a cunning and powerful incubus with a lot to hide Beneath his okes and witty comments I suspect a very capable warrior Lyre also proves to be a very loyal friend here In Chase the Dark he d defended Ash even after what he d done I ve come to see Lyre as a very open minded person managing the other person to see their problem in another point of view It definitely was helpful in Seiya s case where she kept hating on Piper I love Lyre for that I am curious about Lyre now than I was ever before Original Post Feed the Flames Steel and Stone 35 at FLYL F wwwflylefcomFEED THE FLAMES by Annette Marie is an itty bitty novella that explains the fate of Seiya and Lyre following the conclusion of Yield the Night Steel and Stone 3 For a short story I was pleasantly surprised that it was still emotionally dense and highly entertainingThis novella has completely changed my impression of Lyre and improved my perception of Seiya I ve always enjoyed Lyre but I never saw him as anything Than Ash S Dear Ash s dear and hopeless flirt As for Seiya I ve always ust tolerated her impetuous character I have misunderstood these CharactersLyre Is An Incubus A is an incubus a sexy incubus But hidden behind a constant stream of okes and inappropriate humor that keeps anyone from looking at him too closely is a man with carefully guarded secrets His past is shrouded in mystery and he carries with him a story laden with untold pain and scars that are highly intriguing If you happen to read this Ms Annette I m officially petitioning a new series with Lyre as the starring role Please and thank youI ve always found Seiya to be a little immature and hotheaded She lacks depth and blames all of her and Ash s troubles on poor Piper So I shelved her away as the temperamental yet protective younger sister Feed the Flames shows a different side of Seiya I really enjoy. In this short story addition to the Steel Stone series discover the fate of Seiya and Lyre following the conclusion of Yield the Night Steel Stone #3Seiya wants nothing than to disappear with her brother safe from all the enemies that would tear them apart But now she along with.