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In Zodiac Light iThe magazine as a free lance writer and happens to be one of the writers on the same project as Mia Mias determined not to fall back Forgotten Voices of D-Day: A Powerful New History of the Normandy Landings in the Words of Those Who Were There into Jensen s arms But Jensens willing to do anything and everything to make Mia his once againOne of my favorite tropes The Seduction of Valentine Day Part 1: Temptation is second chance romances and this was not only that but filled with so much angst I felt my heart was being twisted and tortured I blame Mia for most of the angst I understood why she was hurt and I get she was afraid to trustn Jensen again but God Damn I know Bertie the Blitz Dog if I weren her shoes I would have run willingly Finding Monsieur Right into his arms Butf Mia had gone my route this would have been an entirely different story and over way too soonI ADORED Jensen He loved Mia to damn near obsession We get his voice Teenagers Translated: A Parent's Survival Guide in the beginning of most of the chapters through excerpts from his blogs which are publishedn a newspaper Every blog entry Love Changes Everything is like an open love letter to Mia his Life Sweetheart Jensen has never gotten over Mia and even though five years have gone by his love has only grown stronger for her His sole purposes to get his girl back and to never let his little road runner run away from him again I m a total sucker for any book boyfriend who would cut up tiny pieces of paper hearts and write little love notes on them for his lady I am just The Mennyms in love with Claire Contreras writing I nearly highlighted the entire book and there were a few moments towards the end where I even shed a few tears Oliver Elle and the entire gang from the first book are backn this one as well It was like coming back home and getting to spend some time with some good friends They brought a lot of humor Stop What You're Doing and Read...Banned Books: Lady Chatterley's Lover Moll Flanders into the story and I just loved how they were so supportive as wellTo anyone out there who hasn t picked up this series you need to maket a priority to get to Everyday UX it You will lose your hearts to these amazing book boyfriends I do believe that I am leaning towards Jensen as my favorite for now 45 Stars Jensen and Mia falln love young they share a special connection but when Jensen moves to New York for college the choices they make change everything Heartbroken they go their separate ways Now years later they find themselves The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Fifty: How to Maintain or Regain a Spicy, Satisfying Sex Life in the same city and those feelings of the past resurface Jensens determined to get another chance with Mia she King of Scars (Nikolai Duology, is the only woman for him While Mia struggles to deny her feelings for Jensen shesn t sure she can let go of the painful memories of their past You can keep walking away from this and I m going to keep letting you because even when you think you leave your heart always stays and Bloom it s something I carry with pride Paper Hearts was an emotional story After reading Torn Hearts I knew my heart was going to be put through the wringer My heart broke for Mian that pivotal moment but at the same time I sympathized with Jensen as well Throughout Paper Hearts Jensen puts his heart on his sleeve doing everything he can to prove himself to Mia and to be honest I started to get a bit annoyed with Mia with her constant running But I found their story engaging with a perfect blend of angst humor and romance I could not put Bloom: Using Flower Essences for Personal Development and Spiritual Growth it down Overall this was a well written second chance romance I adored Jensen and Mia most of time and the side characters were great Real love stories never end I had high expectations whent came to Jensen and Mia s story and Claire Contreras delivered flawlessly The exuisite writing the flawed yet relatable characters and the beautiful second chance love story Finding My Virginity: The New Autobiography is what makes Paper Hearts an unforgettable read for me When I read Kaleidoscope Hearts and met Jensen and Miat becomes apparent that there s something between them and that Forever My Love it went bad So bad that Mia still refuses to be civil to Jensen even after five years Claire Contreras gave us a glimpse of what went wrong with Jensen and Mian Torn Hearts Both of them made a decision that would forever 5 stars After reading this story I am blown away I had a feeling I would love this book I love all Claire s books She writes with so much feeling and emotion I can t help but to fall Why Pandas Do Handstands: And Other Curious Truths About Animals in love with her stories Paper Hearts left me with such a book hangover I ve read a few books since andt s still on my mind I highlighted n this book than any other Pages and pages of uotes I can t rave enough about this gorgeous Story Every Chapter Was Special Every chapter was special page every word It was all beyond ncredible I loved Mia Jensen and their second chance romance so much When Jensen and Mia were younger they were My World in Motion inseparable They weren love A real and true forever kind of love When Jensen went off to college things changed He made one choice that changed both of their lives forever It s been years since the two of them were a couple Since they were best friends and the most His Substitute Bride important person to the other Now they ren the same city again and old feelings come to the surface Jensen knows the mistake he made was huge but he wants another chance with the only woman he s ever truly loved He wants Mia As much as Mia tries to deny Beer Trip to Llandudno it Jensens still the only man she s truly loved But how do you move forward and forgive someone that shattered your heart It s not easy but t may be possible You can keep walking away from this and I m going to keep letting you because even when you think you leave your heart always stays And It S Something I Carry With Pride Mia And it s something I carry with pride Mia and were both amazing characters After reading Torn Hearts I wasn t sure f I could ever 100% forgive Jensen or move on from that It hurt my heart I can t even A Passionate Love Affair with a Total Stranger imagine trying to forgive and move past something like that Any time I wanted Mia to give the poor guy a break I remembered how I felt when I read that scene and I completely sympathized with her Whent comes down to Car Wash Blues it Jensen was not perfect He made one choice and had to live with the conseuences He than made up for that decision He wasncredibly romantic when Daughters of Eden it came to Mia His writingn the story was wonderful Some say I loved her to the point of madness bordering on obsession Perhaps they re all right Perhaps they re all right Perhaps I am mad And Spilt Milk if that s the case to be frank I don t give a damn What I knows that she sets me on fire and I d rather live my life n flames than be numb without her Some of my most favorite parts of the book were those chapters that FEATURED JENSEN S COLUMN IT WAS Jensen s column It was to get n his head and see what he was thinking and feeling I absolutely loved all his thoughts My thought for today be cautious with yourself Be cautious because others will beat you down enough You shouldn t have to add to that pain You will though because that s what you do But you ll also get back up because that s what you do Aside from Mia and Jensen The Last Man Out of Saigon it was great to catch up with the rest of the gang from KH I especially loved Mia s brother Rob and her parents They brought some much needed laughs to the story And any scene with Olivia was also fantastic Paper Heartss by far the most engaging well written and stunning story I ve read this year Claire s writing A Land More Kind Than Home is brilliant This story moved me It s madet s way to the very top of my favorites list and I can t wait for everyone to read t and fall n love with Mia and Jensen just as I di. I fell Dinner for Dogs in love with hern the first place And this time I'm going to do everything n my power to never let her go. Paper Hearts Hearts #2

Claire Contreras ´ 7 Review

5 Stars Now LIVE US UK I had so many feels reading this book Dogfight it was a wonderful second chance romance that will break your heart before puttingt all back together againTorn Hearts was the preuel novella n which we found out about the conseuences of Jensen s mistake when he and Mia were on a break during their first year he was at college This novella s The Wizard: The Life of Stanley Matthews included at the beginning of Paper Hearts so don t worryf you haven t read Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered it If you have though you will know how poor Mia was suffering and how heartbroken she was to learn that Jensen could no longer be a part of her futureFive years later Mias moving to NYC for a temporary job as a photographer for a magazine It The Leadership Secrets of Genghis Khan is a job that she really needs to do before she takes up a permanent one backn Cali but the placement happens to be where Jensen Just Send Me Word: A True Story of Love and Survival in the Gulag is a freelance writerJensens now a successful author and freelancer who has made a name for himself and City of Tiny Lights is living a great life His life would be perfectf only he could get his ex bestfriend and lover to be a part of The Diviner it again and seek for her forgiveness for hurting her so badly Some say I loved her to the point of madness bordering on obsession They end up working together which enables them to spend time togethern order to try and move forward either for closure or to at least become friends again but their attraction and chemistry Identity Crisis is so strong that Mia findst hard to cope with she was so broken that she can t contemplate ever feeling that way again I hate him I hate her I hate New York I hate love I hate my heart for being a fucking living reminder of his love I fucking hate everything I would absolutely find t so hard to forgive anyone for doing what Jensen did but the way he won her over and proved to her over and over again that he loved her so completely would sway anyone He was no longer the young man embarking on his life but a grown man with responsibilities and he knew without a doubt that Mia was the one he wanted to be with foreverI loved all the emotions I felt whilst reading this book and although t was often uite angsty the joyous moments than made up for The Penguin Book of Dutch Short Stories it The writing was amazingly good and I have so many highlighted passages that I keep reading back overt was simply stunningPaper Hearts was told from Mia s POV with snippets from Jensen s Sunday newspaper column I loved how The SimCity Planning Commission Handbook it was writtent was just a beautiful story I can t recommend The Serial Killers it enough PS I loved her dad he wins the award for best supporting cast ARC gratefully received from the authorn exchange for an honest review IT S LIVE 5 BEAUTIFUL STARS Real love stories never end This was such a beautiful emotional For 91 Days in Savannah intense and heartbroken story From the moment I read the novella I couldn t wait to continue Jensen and Mia s story This books about forgiveness second chances and love I have read books before from Claire and I loved them In this one she captivated me with her story the writing was so poetic that I couldn t put Aloha Rodeo: Three Hawaiian Cowboys, the World's Greatest Rodeo, and a Hidden History of the American West it down And when I had to stop my mind kept going back to the storyAfter five years apart Mia and Jensen meet again But things aren t easy for them Mia can t still can t accept what happenedn the past between her and Jensen Jensen has a kid nowLove A Walk Along The Tracks: Britain's Disused Railway Lines is so powerful can reconnect them orsn t enoughI don t want to give anything else awayIt s one of these stories that you need to read yourself to enjoy the experienceI fell Reignited: Scientific Pathways to a Brighter Future in love with Jensen and Mia they have became one of my top favorite book couples My heart ached for them and I couldn t wait to finally have their happy ending Because they were perfect for each other even though sometimes life had other plans for themI loved how their love story developed with the ups and downs between these twoThere were moments that I was upset with Jensen and I liked the fact that Mia didn t go back to Jensenmmediately Their chemistry was of the charts and you could feel the passion and tension You could feel their love and you would hope that you could also find your own true love The ending was so beautiful that I was crying I wish there could be another book with these twoI loved so many uotes n the book that I wanted to wrote all of them but I couldn tI highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys second chances romances ARC provided by the Author In Exchange For An Honest Review in exchange for an honest review love stories never end Paper Hearts s the second book n Claire Contreras Hearts Series Although t can be read as a standalone you should most definitely read the novella Torn Hearts Among Giants: A Life with Whales in order to get the backstory of the main characters I will also add that the first bookn the series Kaleidoscope Hearts Talk of the town: stories of twelve indian cities is a must read All of the characters arenner connected and beautifully written Ours was a story that would remain untold because living Perdido Street Station (New Crobuzon, it was painful enough MiaMias a flourishing photographer Although she has spent her entire life Magic Tree House: 8 Books Set [Magic Tree House 1-4 + Research Guides] in sunny California she has been given the opportunity of a lifetimen New York City She has been hired to work for a magazine on a special piece on second chances As Mia ventures off to the big city one uestion s weighing her down will she run nto the man who broke her heart I let her go not because I loved her too much to ask her to stay but because I couldn t bear to hear her tell me she wouldn t Still every once Rescued: A Catgirl Harem Adventure in a while I wonder And nothings haunting then regret JensenJensen Ouch! Daddy Feels Good is a popular author and blogger He loves lifen the big city and writes about his adventures The Angel of Death in dating as a single dadn the big apple Jensen has always regretted loosing his first love When Mia and Jensen cross paths all of the feelings come crashing Lake Success in like a tsunami Mia and Jensen grew up together and traveln the same group of friends Although Jensen and Mia have always had success with keeping their relationship civil being face to face Mia have always had success with keeping their relationship civil being face to face on a daily basis shifts the balance between the two Being together for the first time Brave New Knits: 26 Projects and Personalities from the Knitting Blogosphere is like adding fuel to a slow burning fire This was real cut throat I hate you and want to choke you tension Mia Jensens desperate to prove to Mia that the love they had between them never died Mia s determined to protect herself from the pain If she can just manage to make t through this assignment she can return to California and forget manage to make Jennifer's Triad it through this assignment she can return to California and forget seeing Jensen again Because every time he looked at me that way like I was special like I was some sort of medal he wanted to win I felt like melting Mia Every time I felt sorry for Jensen I remembered why they were torn apartn the first place Although I still felt sympathy for them both I felt a kinship to Mia and I felt like her actions were than understandable And yet aren t we all guilty of making mistakes Are we meant to pay for them for eternity At first glance Giraffe Problems it might appear that Paper Heartss just another second chance romance full of angst and gooey feels However I found Paper Hearts to be a truly cathartic read about transformation growth and the sensibility of learning from your past experiences Jensen and Mia s journey thoroughly explores every aspect of being broken down and the beauty of being put back together again I think following your heart reuires the right timing and I haven t had great luck with tim. I lost her No I threw her away She was my best friend I was never supposed to fall n love with her I was careless. Ing thus far JensenThe writing s told Drawing Cartoons in dual POV Mia s POVs first person and Jensen s POV Sauvez le Kursk ! is shared through the writing of his blog Both characters are complex and well developed The setting of the book comes to life making both NYC and Sunny CA additional charactersn the book The secondary characters were also uniue to this read because their The Forever Dream input and support became critical to the success of Mia and Jensen s reconciliation Homes where I am Jensen Overall I cannot rave enough about the beauty Breast Cancer Husband: How to Help Your Wife (and Yourself) During Diagnosis, Treatment and Beyond in Paper Hearts I could not stop highlighting the text because the writings so well crafted The emotions are explored so thoroughly that I felt the tension and release right along with the characters The flow of the writing Mermaid's Song isntense and yet the witty banter between Mia and Jensen kept a smile on my face the entire read Additionally the passion between this book couple was on maximum steam Imagine how you would feel being together again after spending years apart It The Soldier’s Curse is simply raw and beautiful I want to getnside you and fck you endlessly I need to erase any memory this has that doesn t The Legends of Pensam involve me Jensen Whent comes to second chance romances I am a huge fan However for me Jensen and Mia s story Never Mind is than just a second chance romance Its a story about forgiveness It Bark, Bitch! (Pet Play, Puppy Play, Role Play, BDSM, Bondage, Humiliation, Spanking) is a story about adapting to life even when things don t go the way we expected them to We don t always get the chance at winning back the one that got away Paper Heartss a beautiful reminder to live the life you have to Keep Writing: Bk. 2: A Writing Course For Arab Students (Kewr) its fullest Love as many people as you can Be annspiration to many Most of all have faith that love truly will prevail Thank you Ms Contreras for creating another masterpiece I have enjoyed every piece of literature that you have created Paper Hearts Let Me Feed You: Everyday Recipes Offering the Comfort of Home is a must read for contemporary romance fans andt definitely tops my favorite of 2015 Don t miss this amazing read Claire Contreras Professor Chandra Follows His Bliss is a one click buy for me and I will be anxiously awaiting the nextnstallment Atlas Alone in this series ARC graciously given by authorn exchange for an honest reviewOriginal read September 9 2015Re READ with my Shh Sisters for an amazing BR Can You See Me? in honor of Broken Heroes reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit 12 Paper Hearts stand alone book 2 of X A story of broken hearts second chances heart stopping love They sayt takes twenty one days to break a habit It s been approximately one thousand eight hundred and twenty six since I last held her hand The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, Volume 2: Geography in mine and I m still waiting for the remnants of her to break off of me Booksn Hearts series are stand alonesBook 1 Kaleidoscope HeartsBook 15 Torn Hearts Preuel Cardmaster includedn book 2Book 2 Paper HeartsPaper Hearts book 2 Johns Hopkins: A Silhouette including preuels a story of an epic love and second chances The preuel takes us back The Learning Curve in time to 18 year old high school student Mia Bennett Meep aka Road runner and 22 year old university student Jensen Reynolds budding romance and later their devastating breakup when Jensen shattered Mia s heartFast forward five long years story picks up as now aspiring photographer Mia and popular newspaper columnist Jensen s paths cross again when Mia takes a temporary jobn New York at the same newspaper Even though she moved on Mia The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day is still broken Jensen matured his life went on but his futile attempts to apologize and make amends met with silence And nothings haunting than regret Story follows them finding their way through rehashing past hurts and could have beens and their take on the events to broke them apart It s about opening the lines of communication forgiveness second chances and heart healing love I ve lived Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture in pain since the moment I lost you I ve learned to live witht but I haven t learned to accept Stalin's Police: Public Order and Mass Repression in the USSR, 1926–1941 it Jensen Reynolds the man the lover the rebel the writer the poet and the father Love love love his voice And as much as I am a sucker for ruthless moguls I am awarding five stars to easy going lovable matured patient frustrated reflectivensightful and humorous He captivated me with his wit humility sincerity and his unwavering love I d rather live my life Challenging Slavery in the Chesapeake: Black and White Resistance to Human Bondage, 1775–1865 in flames than be numb without her Though I can appreciate Mia Bennett Meep aka Road runner s pain I might have wished for less miscommunication and honesty Six words to describe Mia Broken determinedmmature private wishy washy and stubborn Come back to me my little Road Runner my world Soldiering for Freedom is cold and boring without you Paper Heartss told from Mia s POV but sprinkled Wilderness First Aid Field Guide in with Jensen s Talks his highly popular newspaper column where he gives candid glimpsesnto his life and feelings It s a bittersweet yet heart warming tale of mistakes and pain regrets and amends love and healing Then ending was perfect with epilogue several years Andrew Jackson: The Course of American Freedom, 1822-1832 into the futureHeart breaking set up Heart tugging plot Heart warming story telling Heart stealing Jensen Reynolds Missing my muse If found please return Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 35 starsSexual tension rating 4 starsSex scenes rating 45 starsSex scenes freuency 4 starsPlot rating 4 starsDialogue rating 45 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating 5 starsBook editing rating 5 no edits spotted NA ARCOverall rating 45 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series Maybe laterWould I read future books by this author YesThank you to all the shhluts Liz Jabby Tanaka WaWa Timi LoLo Maricris Kay Mer Myla Mad Snow Dawn Naw for F Buddy reading on Shh ARC to be provided to me by author Claire Contrerasn exchange for an honest review OMG The Feels This book completely owned my heart and when I finished I just wanted I stumbled upon Claire when my bestie recommend her an REAL LOVE STORIES never end Claire Contreras delivered one of the best second chance romance stories that I have read this year I m not typically a fan of second chance stories because usually one of the characters totally screws up andor outside A Story of Yhwh: Cultural Translation and Subversive Reception in Israelite History influences mess with my couple butn this story the author made Stigma 2.0: Abuse, Insults and Mocking on the Internet it work This novel kindlyncludes the Torn Hearts novella Since I hadn t read this beforehand here s a uick recap of heartbreaking downfall of Mia Jensen Torn Hearts 4 Stars Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen image error FIVE STARSARC Generously Provided by Authorn Exchange For Honest ReviewBR with Mel and Dee I never stop thinking about you For years my thoughts don t have any room that doesn t Ancient Britons the Antiquarian Imagination: Ideas from the Renaissance to the Regency include you You re everywhere Absolutely LOVED this one HARD Goingnto this book I was convinced I couldn t possibly love this than Kaleidoscope Hearts That my heart couldn t be swayed from Oliver I was dead WRONG Jensen Reynolds completely swept me off my feet He made this book a FIVE STAR me off my feet He made this book a FIVE STAR for me I was completely enad with his beautiful words Claire Contreras has just now been added to my Favorite Authors shelf and I know that I must read some of her other works ASAPIn Torn Hearts we get a brief glimpse Sublime Noise into Jensen and Mia s past We also learned what happened to tear them apart If you haven t read the novella you actually can skipt since t s ncluded SQL Tips and Techniques in the beginning of Paper Hearts Five years after their break up Mia finds herselfn NYC She s landed a two month gig with Newsweek as the photographer for a story about Second Chances As luck would have Hello English Grade 6a Workbook Tal Edition it Jensen also works for. She was heartbroken I thought I was doing fine But here shes years later forced to work with me reminding me why.