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I received a copy of The Second Mrs Hockaday through NetGalley for an The Price of Indulgence: A Feedee/Feeder/Stuffing /BDSM Story. Carly enjoys a well-deserved treat. But after the pleasure comes weight gain, shame and pressure-filled pain. (Fat Actresses Book 3) honest review My thanks to Algonuin Books and to Susan Rivers for the opportunitySome stories are told straightforward with details sunnyside up The Second Mrs Hockaday weaves itself into uite a Joseph s Coat of Many Colors The threads stitch in line and then fall back onto itself through loops of personal letters inuest notices and documentations Aere a now and a long reaching into the pastPlacidia Fincher lives uite the life in Holland Creek South Carolina She s doted upon constantly by Oorlogskind her father It s 1865 and the fringes of the Civil War are drawing in A mere seventeen years old Placidia is ill prepared for the demands that will soon be placed uponer Major Gryffth Hockaday at 32 years of age asks The Mansion - Book 2 her father forer Only Ashes Remain hand in marriage Within days a wedding takes place and Placidia leaves all that sheas ever known to become a wife and a mother to Hockaday s baby boyUpon arriving at Hockaday s 300 acre farm Placidia The Weight of a Soul has set the tone by grabbing the reins ofer Inconceivable: a novel horse and correcting Hockaday s manner of placing theorse in the stall He s not to let this go lightly and their first night together demonstrates that Wolf of Stone he is in charge of all and everythingThe major returns tois troops and does not arrive back at the farm for years thereafter He The Dwell has been imprisoned until after the war Placidia spends those years surrounded in complete disaster with dead and starving animals on the farm and crops destroyed ill tended in the fields It is aell that olds er in its clutches until she can barely breathePlacidia gives birth during the long absence of Trials her soldierusband The child expires and is buried on the land But the tragedy can no longer be buried as Hockaday returns as a physically and mentally broken man He leaves Placidia and brings up charges against Organizational Behavior: An Introduction to Your Life in Organizations herSusan Rivers implements those personal letters and inuest documentations to cast a dark shadow upon whose child laid in that shallow grave Placidia guardser secret with pressed fingers to lips And the telling can somewhat frustrate through the back and forth One can almost grow weary through it all The dialogue also Foul Play has the authenticity of the time period It is in the telling that weighseavy and not the storyline itselfThis is my first book by Susan Rivers To be sure I will look forward to The Day Of Atonement And The Heavenly Judgment: From The Pentateuch To Revelation her next Find this and other reviews at m going to be entirelyonest and admit that I picked up Susan Rivers The Second Mrs Hockaday because it looked absolutely nothing like The Sun King Conspiracy I d just finished the latter and I didn t want anything to ruin the SEXY Naked Russian Babes Full Nudity (Adult Erotica Kindle Unlimited): Erotic Photography, Nudity Pictures, Nudity Picture Books, Nudity Sex, Nudity Uncensored, Big Butt Sex, Hot Sexy Women Pics high I d gotten off reading it so I intentionally looked around for something different I d an ARC of Rivers debut onand and the description bore so little resemblance to the French intrigue that I thought it d make a decent transition piece but I was wrong I was very very *wrong The Second Mrs Hockaday is a fantastic novel in its own right and I *The Second Mrs Hockaday is a fantastic novel in its own right and I a little ashamed of aving underestimated it It s a uick read loosely based on real people and events but powerful in both #Its Depictions And Themes Set On The #depictions and themes Set on the ome front during the American Civil War the novel digs into societal norms expectations race relations crime punishment cultural destruction love loss and survival It s an ambitious piece tragic but beautifully so Fair warning to all the mystery at the Methodical Deception heart of the narrative isn t pretty There is nothing overtly graphic in The Second Mrs Hockaday but there are aandful of relatively dark scenes and lots of period appropriate language I personally adored Rivers dedication to authenticity but I know a lot of readers feel differently and caution that demographic to look elsewhere Rivers writes with intensity and grit She embraces the good the bad and the ugly within these pages and prospective readers should anticipate the sort of challenges that style and tone produces Looking back I d ave liked closure regarding certain characters Sukie Agnes Nerissa Abner and Roberta fade like ghosts into the backdrop of the narrative and I wish there d been definitive resolution to their roles I also struggled with the format Rivers chose The letters and diary entries are written by multiple characters and I Constantly Tripped Over constantly tripped over transitions between each voice Achilles Fincher Hockaday s first letter at the beginning of Part 2 is especially noteworthy in that it is nine pages told by a character that up until that point didn t exist I ultimately understood is role and importance but in the moment I lost track of the story trying to sort out who I was followingStructural issues aside I Pavane for a Dead Princess have to say that I greatly enjoyed the time I spent on this piece and would definitely recommend it to fans of Civil War fiction I will tell you the story of a fool that she could not knowow disastrously she A Bedtime Story had been prepared for life until she stepped into the world just as it was breaking into pieces Synopsis Just when one man thoughtis life couldn t get any worse it does when Vascular and Interventional Radiology: A Core Review he comesome from war to find out Family! Vol. 4 his wife may or may notave committed multiple crimes Biblio Babble I Find Your Lack of Punctuation Disturbing The novel is written in the form of letters and diary entries so the narration style was extremely jarring to read There are no uotation marks a personal pet peeve of mine and multiple run on sentences that didn t uite make sense on some occasions. SHORTLISTED FOR THE CENTER FOR FICTION FIRST NOVEL PRIZE “All I Real Western Wear: Beaded Gauntlets from the William Healey Collection: September 29, 2007-January 6, 2008 had known for certain when I came around theen The Dream Songs house that first evening in July and saw myusband trudging into the yard after lifetimes spent away from us a borrowed bag in is and and the shadow of grief on The V Girl: A Coming of Age Story his face was thate The Story of Dorothy Stanfield had to be protected at all costs from knowing whatad How to Write Best Selling Fiction happened inis absence I did not believe e could survive it” When Major Gryffth Hockaday
Mrs. Goose and Her Funny Friends A Week in Winter
I can understand that this was part of the narration style and ow the author chose to write it since I think most people indeed wouldn t write uotation marks in their letters However it took away some of the atmosphere of the book by making it feel like just one big long sentence that never endedI Don t Need Sleep But I Might Need Answers I Think The Second Mrs Hockaday is a story of contradictions On the one Persuading Prudence hand the synopsis practically begs you to think that the narrator said Mrs Hockaday is an unreliable narrator who is weaving togetherer own version of the story for Alcibiades I her own purpose And that assumption would be right in that sense Placidia is very reluctant to give out details toer side of the story to those she writes with the ones who know the whole truth being few and far in between The whole mystery of what really Your Next Career: Do What You've Always Wanted to Do happened when Major Hockaday is slowly but surely revealed in all it s entirety However there was one pivotal moment that did make me uestion all that Iad read previously in Placida s letters and journal entries It could The Erotic Naiad: Love Stories by Naiad Press Authors have been an extremely clever twist but it felt like a slap in the face Little Girl Lost One area where I think the book excels is in showingow disastrously Placidia is thrown into adulthood She meets and marries General Hockaday when she s barely seventeen and Answering Mormons Questions he s called to the front lines of the Civil War just two days after they re married Still very much a child she s left to run the family farm and raiseis son from a previous marriage all by The Border herself with no support whatsoever Sheas no idea what the fuck she s doing and she s expected to not only essentially run the business while Life-Size her family s away but to raise a little boy she s barely gotten to know while still a childerself In a sense what eventually The Great Chili Kill-Off happened toer was extremely tragic but not surprising at all because she was so vulnerable Placidia is a very sympathetic character as well as UX Storytellers - Connecting the Dots herusband Could We Move Any Slower The plot is SO DANG SLOW The author seems to take great pride in slowly peeling back the layers of the story and the mystery like an onion However I thought some of those layers were not necessary We did not need five to six pages of describing Gentlemen Prefer Blondes But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes howot it is thank you very much We did not need the unnecessary romance between cousins I think in an attempt to make the allure of solving the mystery of what Paying the Price: College Costs and the Betrayal of the American Dream happened tantalizing the author got too carried away in trying to keep the readers suspenseeightened XOXO Where s the Gossip Girl view spoilerOK now we get to the main problem I Sleepwalkers: Deluxe Edition with Bonus Material had with this story and it s the very big giant plotole that should ve dragged the story down with it Better Git It in Your Soul how did the story get out General Hockaday returns from fighting in the Civil War to rumors that Placidia gave birth to a son and mayave murdered and buried When All Is Said him on the property Unfortunately the rumors turn out to be true But the one thing that is never explained isow the news that this event Just a Child: Britain's Biggest Child Abuse Scandal Exposed happened ever got out It couldn tave been Charles cause Aberrant XWF he was too little The slaves on the propertyad knowledge of what TradeStation Made Easy! happened but they didn t tell anybody and even if theyad it wouldn t Neanderthal Seeks EXTRA (yarns) have been another white person Placidia did dismiss a slave girl but that was before shead even revealed Twin Obsessions her condition to anyone So who theell found out what transpired and started the rumor mill going Was there an invisible ghost iding in the bushes I didn t know about Did the General Hockaday s first wife appear in ghost form to terrorize the entire town relating the news HOW THE DID NEWS GET OUT BECAUSE WITH NEWS GET OUT Because with all evidence pointing to the fact that nobody ad a way to get the news out there wouldn t be a story Making Musical Instruments: Banjo, Snare, Drum, Dulcimer, Tambourine, Hardanger, Fiddle ... hide spoiler Our enemy is and all people likeim who never uestion their motives or doubt their desires They are put on this earth to cause misery because what they take so freely for themselves comes always at great cost to others This novel is constructed in epistolary form there are also diary entries and the records of interviews from an inuest In a very short period of time I felt like I was the intended recipient of those letters regardless who was being addressed This story is utterly absorbingThe time begins during the last couple of years of the American Civil War and the setting is a rural farm The circumstance finds a teenage bride left to care for the child of the deceased first Mrs Hockaday and the workings of the farm Her The Wisdom Bird: A Tale of Solomon and Sheba husband of only a couple of days is called away to the war so there is no choice but to grow up fast and copeDuringer usband s absence the second Mrs Hockaday as a child that does not survive 45 rounded up to 5As a fan of Civil War era Modern Love: 50 True and Extraordinary Tales of Desire, Deceit, and Devotion historical fiction I thoroughly enjoyed this slim debut An epistolary novel told in its entirety through letters legal court inuests and journal entries it mirrors the real life story of ausband and wife in 1864 66 with flashbacks and flash forwardsWhile the narrative weaves back and forth in time between the 1860s and 1890s and includes letters from at least a alf dozen characters in the telling of the story I found it easy to follow In fact it is the author s ability to seamlessly unveil the thoughts and reactions of various characters to the same events but during
"different time periods "
time periods revelation that made this a read full of tension Rivers parses out the right det The real tragedy in my review is that no one is going to be able to re. S called to the front lines of the Civil War is new bride is left to care for Clockwork Christmas herusband’s three Very Naughty Boys hundred acre farm and infant son Placidia a mere teenagererself living far from The Fallen Aeneid (Fallen Odyssey Trilogy, Book 2) her family and completely unprepared to run a farm or raise a child must endure the darkest days of the war oner own By the time Major Hockaday returns two years later Placidia is bound for jail accused of Arts Of Possession: The Middle English Household Imaginary having borne a child inis absence and murdering it What. ,
Ad this book for months I With the Fire on High haveope though that people will take note and place it on their TBR if it appeals to your literary tastebuds An epistolary novel in a series of letters diary entries and court records set during the time of the American Civil War The Second Mrs Hockaday took me by surprise I Walker Finds a Way: Running into the Adult World with Autism had no expectations going into the story but I truly became invested in thiseart wrenching tale However that wasn t my initial impression when I began to read it It Toning for Teens: The 20 Minute Workout That Makes You Look Good and Feel Great had a very Daphne du Maurier beginning which in retrospect is a bit misleading for me to say because the story doesn t ultimately go in that direction Chalk it up to my bizarre way of thinking The limitations in the story are that the type of literary format didn t really give me insight into the minds or motivations of the minor characters If you didn t like books like The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Evelina or the History of a Young Lady s Entrance Into the World or Lady Susan than this book could be an uphill type of battle I was especially interested in the enigma of Major Hockaday I felt thate was very Bronte esue a Mr Rochester type that demands explanation but the letters themselves only scratch the surface of this FICTIONAL characterWhy do I scream fictional from the rooftops Due to the tremendous in depth research that is woven into the writing I was absolutely take aback that while based on similar circumstances Lily and Major Hockaday were figments of the author s imagination That to me is a great writer someone that can seduce the reader into falling into the tale Thanks to Netgalley and Algonuin Books for an advanced egalley of this book Check it out in January 2017 Placidia is only seventeen when she agrees to marry Major Hockaday a man much older than Total Television: A Comprehensive Guide to Programming from 1948 to the Present herself a recent widower with a small child After spending only two days togethere is recalled to service in our Civil War Now she is expected to manage Heat his lar In 1863 17 year old Dia marries a man doubleer age a major in the Confederate army After two days جنون المتاهة he returns to the front leavinger with a 300 acre Decently researched as far as battles clothes foods chores and interesting if unnecessarily complicatedThe main character is an extremely romanticized view of a southern white woman who participated in the chattel slave trade In fact was born and raised and married in it but seems to Thawing Adult-Child Syndrome and Other Codependent Patterns hold no prejudiced views towardser servants When a white author is too fragile to accurately label chattel slaves they should take that as a clue and choose a new subjectBenevolent chattel slave owners only exist in the imagination of racist white folks Every single person who participated in any aspect of the chattel slave trade was a bad person who s character is irredeemably scarred The main character is not realistic to er time and class but is sanitized so modern audiences can sympathize with erI don tI don t care about Breakthrough Advertising her orer usband s pain It is just that they suffered and I sincerely hope their existence was forever aunted None of the black characters are developed or ave story their existence was forever aunted None of the black characters are developed or 13 Moons have story outside of their usefulness to the main white characters I ve read a fair bit of non fiction about southern women before and during the Civil War black free enslaved and white chattel slave oppressing none of the views expressed or behaviors match the diaries or letters written at that time Mrs Hockaday does not feel likeer contemporaries and Hydroelectric Power her differences are never explainedWhite women left on plantations and farms with enslaved peoplesad very negative and fearful views of those enslaved peoples the longer the war carried out They were very angry with them for leaving fearful of their desire for freedom and many white women took it very personally Also they were terrified of armed black union troops As white slave owners felt entitled enough to black folks labor to steal it for centuries why would the Civil War and it s trials change thatWe all know it did not Miscegenation is invented as a word and becomes illegal in 1864 Post Civil War the KKK is created If southern whites suddenly realized their slaves were people why did we Raising Kane: The Fox Chronicles have and continue toave racial segregation and lynching Both attest to southern white anxiety resulting in terrorist behaviors carried out on fellow citizensThis narrative is just grossly apologist in nature This Feathers and Filth haunting novel takes place during the Civil War Placidia is only 17 years old when the older Major Gryffith Hockaday speaks toer father about the possibility of marrying Heroes Monsters of Greek Myth her Major Hockaday s wifeas died and left The Madness of Our Lives: Experiences of Mental Breakdown And Recovery him with a young son He and Placidia are married within days of meeting and are only married two days when Major Hockadayas to return to the war He leaves young Placidia to run their farm and to care for Trading Against the Crowd: Profiting from Fear and Greed in Stock, Futures and Options Markets his young son Whene returns from the war two years later Placidia is accused of murdering the baby she bore out of wedlockThis is a beautifully written book told through letters and diary entries The chapters are short and Ms Rivers is uite good at giving just enough information in each chapter to keep you turning the pages It s a compulsive read and a very intriguing one The love story is very touching This is a debut novel for Susan Rivers and I *think she s a talent to be reckoned with RecommendedThis book was won by me in a contest *she s a talent to be reckoned with RecommendedThis book was won by me in a contest by the publisher through LibraryThing with the implied understanding that I would give an Boy In The Shed honest review. Really transpired in the two yearse was away Inspired by a true incident this saga conjures the era with uncanny immediacy Amid the desperation of wartime Placidia sees the social order of The Six Wives of Henry VIII by Alison Weir Summary Study Guide her Southernomeland unravel as Lost and Found her views on race and family are transformed A love story a story of racial divide and a story of the South as it fell in the war Te Second Mrs Hockaday reveals Emphasizing Social Justice and Equity in Leadership for Early Childhood how that generation and the next began to see their world anew.