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Continuing Discourse on Language A Functional PerspectiveStudy Carol Taylor Torsello Anthony Baldry both Universita Padova; 13 in Computational Contexts Mick O'Donnell John Bateman University of Bremen; 14 Acuired Language Disorders Perspective Elizabeth Armstrong Macuarie University Alison Ferguson University of Newcastle Australia Lynne Mortensen Macuarie University and Leanne Togher University of Sydney; 15 SFL and the Study of Literature Jonathan Webster and Annabelle Lukin; 16 Semantic Variation Geoff Williams; 17 Halliday and Translation Theory Erich Steiner Universitat des Saarlandes Volume Two Part Four Inside Language 18 The 'Architecture' of LanguageAccording to Systemic Functional Theory Christian Matthiessen; 19 From Microfunction to Metaphor Clare Painter University Of New South of New South Beverley Derewianka University of Wollongong and Jane Torr Macuarie University; 20 The Work of Concepts David Butt and Rebekah Wegener Macuarie University; 21 Field in Multimodal Texts Wendy Bowcher Tokyo Gakugei University; 22 Models of Discourse Carmel Cloran Universi. .

Table of Contents Volume One Part One The Beginnings 1 MAK #Halliday The Early Years 1925 70 Jonathan Webster City University Hong #The Early Years 1925 70 Jonathan Webster City University Hong 2 The of Systemic Functional Linguistics in China Huang Guowen Sun Yat sen University Guangzhou China; 3 SFL A Working Model of Language Christian Matthiessen Macuarie University and Ruaiya Hasan Part Two Around Language 4 Language and Society Ruaiya Hasan; 5 Method and Imagination in Halliday's Science of Linguistics David Butt University of Sydney; 6 Topics in Multimodality Martinec; 7 Interpersonal to Meaning and Mind Paul Thibault Universita Ca' Foscari di Venezia Part Three With Language 8 What People Do to Know Astika Kappagoda University of Wollongong; 9 Developing Dimensions of an Educational Linguistics Frances Christie University of Sydney and Len Unsworth University of New England Australia; 10 Designing Literacy Pedagogy JR Martin and David Rose; 11 Grammatics in Schools Geoff Williams University of Sydney; 12 SFL in Text Based Web Enhanced Language.

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Ty of Wollangong Virginia Stuart Smith and Young Carleton University; 23 Unfolding Theme Thompson University of Liverpool; 24 Semantic Networks Ruaiya Hasan Carmel Cloran Geoff Williams University of Sydney and Annabelle Lukin Macuarie University; 25 Invoking Attitude JR Martin University of Sydney and Susan Hood University of Technology Sydney 26 Sydney SFL Grammar Christian Matthiessen; 27 A Systemic Functional Approach to the Typology of MOOD Process Kazuhiro Teruya Ernest Akerejola Macuarie University Alice Caffarel University of Sydney Julia Lavid Universidade Computense Christian Matthiessen Uwe Helm Petersen Odense Universitet Flemming Smedegaard Odense Universitet Thomas Hestbaek Andersen Odense Universitet and Pattama Patpong Macuarie University; 28 Auxiliary Extensions Robin Fawcett Cardiff University; 29 Between Lexis and Grammar Gordon Tucker Cardiff 30 Intonation in Systemic Functional Linguistics William GREAVES YORK UNIVERSITY CANADA 2 VOLS York University Canada 2 vols Publishing 2005 vol 1 2007 vol.