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Boys By Rachel GieseTo discover that this book is engaging and easy #to read It is truly interesting and addresses ey elements of manhood ie stereotypes of what manhood is supposed #read It is truly interesting and addresses ey elements of manhood ie stereotypes of what manhood is supposed look at and how these mandatory manly things affect both boys and men throughout their livesGiese addresses many supposed look at and how these mandatory manly things affect both boys and men throughout their livesGiese addresses many these ey features including sports video games and hyper sexuality while writing based in fact and research supported by her own personal anecdotes in raising her sonCertainly not a book that will be of interest to everyone but was enjoyable and interesting As the Nana to two young grandsons I think it is crucial that I understand the toxic expectations of masculinity and the complexities of gender I want these lovely youngsters to live their truths This reuires me to think outside my female oriented mindset Giese s thorough review of boys becoming men has opened my eyes and my mind to better understand the issues my grandsons will face as they grow I feel much better prepared to be their ally and if I am truly blessed their confidant I really wanted to like this better Ok I m glad this book was written and Giese does make some good points like when she argues that the boys in academic crisis trope is overblown but I expected something a lot powerful based on what I ve read of Giese s journalism For one thing there is too much background information anyone who picks up this book is almost certain to be pretty familiar with the fundamentals of gender studies there is no need to start the reader at suare one hereAlso Giese is very skilled at discerning and pointing out flaws in others arguments but less so when it comes to putting together a coherent thesis herself For example in the chapter on video games she does a good job of challenging the common wisdom that video games lead to violence Her recommendation that parents familiarize themselves with the games is intriguing but by the end of the chapter she seems to have forgotten one of the ey problems with these particular games the reductive and exploitative portrayal of the female figures Since the main focus of the book is gender relations one really feels the lack of resolution her. Tunities for girls and women as well as a broadening in our understanding of what it means to be female While boys and men have travelled alongside this transformation what it means for them is not always clear Boy aims to make sense of this moment of confusion backlash and sometimes even rage Might boys one day be free of stifling expectations about manhood and masculinity With lively reportage and clear eyed analysis Giese reveals reasons to feel hopeful for our young men and shows that this emerging new gender reality has the potential to liberate us all.

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The Wayward Governess The Undoing Of Daisy Edwards (A Time For Scandal,
D men hostage in some ways so this #book was a great start to broad #was a great start to broad reading nowledge I found a LOT OF VALUE THE TOPICS of value from the topics and the fact that the book concentrated on Canadian and international examples Feminism really does benefit everyone and it s helpful to realize that each person is an individual and can have a multitude of personality traits that may or may not fit what is stereotypical and that s amazing i am not impressed or convinced by this book Great Would Undercover Sheik (Harlequin Intrigue, keep on my own shelf and reread as a refresher every couple of years until I make conscious actions into automatic habits and daily lessons for my boys Full disclosure I read this for a research project I ve also been reading all day and I m exhuasted excuse the grammatical errors I thoroughly enjoyed it and finished in one sitting I skipped over the boys education crisis part it wasn t relevant to my research but I still think i read a good enough chunk of this book to give it a fair rating If you are a beginner in gender and sociology studies like me this book does an excellent job at breaking down complex theories that can already be found in textbooks This book is passionate and it is real I found that much of the things discussed in this book are true and mirror my own experiences as a high school girl looking out at other adolescent boys The missing star is because the first 2 chapters of this book areind ofrocky Some of the opinions displayed wereunder explained and under challenged It is my opinion that books like these should offer two sides of an argument when proving a thesis BOYS gets better at that as the book progresses but still the first two chapters make it worthy of 45 stars for meI d love to read of this author she is clearly deeply researched and methodical in her explanations which is fantastic 35 nothing in here seemed earth shattering to me but I suppose I ve done a fair bit of reading on the subject Still an interesting read and I enjoyed her writing style Some might hesitate upon seeing Boys What It Means to Become a Man in the 21st Century because it seems almost academic in nature It would surprising then. Kes us from a boys only sex education class to recreational sports leagues; talks to Boy Scouts and transgender activists; and plays video games with her son and studies the dynamics of male friendships Drawing on history pop culture and sociological and psychological research she looks at the forces that shape how boys see themselves and how we see them With empathy and insight she tells stories of how boys from different races classes and backgrounds are navigating the transition into manhoodThe successes of the feminist movement have led to greater oppor. .

There s something refreshing about a that showcases alternatives instead of It goes a long way to debunking some of the traditional myths surrounding masculinity and the cause of problems forbyabout Boys rather than starting out with the problematic and ultimately wrong premise that Boys are naturally built to be problems themselves I was surprised at the level of intersectional interaction though would have preferred a deeper involvement there which is the only reason I didn t prompt a 5 star but also at the baseline that says The myths of Masculinity need dismantling in their current form and these are the sources that prove there are alternatives out there One of the big fears I see and have experienced myself is that in abandoning the old traditional and toxic elements of Masculinity what alternative paths exist and how can we not just define them for the academic pursuit but also the practical and down to earth pursuit How can every boy adolescent or man in their own ways and method begin to tackle the problems they can plainly or not so plainly see but feel paralyzed doing something aboutI loved this book It helped to solidify a lot of information I couldn t accurately put together in my head while also reinforcing my desire to be better If you re raising a boy look to Boys as a starting point for ideas on how to do it well in our current world but don t expect a how to how to do it well in our current world but don t expect a how to guide Ms Giese discusses many common problems with modern masculinity and explores some uncommon solutions discovered through her work as a journalist Enlightening as those ideas may be an even greater emphasis on solutions would have been welcome rather than a reiteration of the well nown issues but that may speak to the larger problem facing masculinty we don t yet have #Enough Worthwhile And Proven Solutions #worthwhile and proven solutions Ms Giese to discussIt s up to you fretful parent to determine what you use and what you discard from this book and then where you go next for further info Good luck and try not to screw up you sons too much My feminist reading list has been woefully missing books about masculinity and how that holds boys an. What does it mean to be growing up male right now when ideas about masculinity are in flux and power differences between the sexes are shifting In Boy What It Means to Become a Man in the 21st Century award winning Canadian journalist Rachel Giese connects with readers on both sides of the gender divide as she investigates how we can support boys to become their fullest and most honest selvesBlending reporting cultural analysis and personal narrative Giese aims to reset the conversation about gender identity toxic masculinity and the “boy crisis” She ta.