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Ent he loses his memory will he remember KhloeThis book is soooooooo full of heartache I literally messaged Marie and told her she was breaking my heart into millions of little pieces I am a sucker for MC books and this one has to be one of my TOP FAVSThank you soo very much for letting me read this beautiful story I absolutely loved it 3 and a half Okay first let me say I loved this story It was uniue and different I loved Kid until he was stupid

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get he his memory but why did the author have to let us be a part of that whole scene I could ve done without reading details of being with Snapper Just my opinion Small SpoilersI liked this one then the 1st Yes sadly the Hero Kid does sleep with ow after him and heroine Khloe I swear that name had me thinking of the Kardashians have somewhat expressed their feelings but in his defence he had a head injury and had memory loss so he didn t remember Khloe Once he realizes what he has done he is incredibly sorry and disgusted by himself Khloe definitely makes him work to have her back as she should the heroine in the first book Em was trying to push Khloe to forgive Kid that annoyed me because she was crazy lady when she thought of her man with someone else so you would think she would be understandingAnyways I look forward to reading from this author why o whyyyyyyy Marie James have you ruined this book spoilers with cheating whyyyyyyyy I am crying right now I just can t yes I consider it cheating Marie James does it again I think Kid is my favorite book by far that she has written Kid and Khloe are my new favorite couple Kid rescues Khloe from a suicide attempt when Khloe s fianc dies in war At only 17 and a ward of the state she doesn t now where 17 and a ward of the state she doesn t now where is going to live but Kid offers her a place to stay at the clubhouse From the first moment he saw her at the BB he is enad with her Kid is a man whore and he has come up with a plan to sleep with a girl in every country that they visit going on their special ops missions But that all an end when he starts to develop feelings for Khloe How will he eep her hands off her until she s 18 living UNDER THE SAME ROOF AS HIM the same roof as him angsty and emotional read Khloe was wounded and just wanted to be loved Kid was a sweet guy who fell hard for Khloe However there are several bumps and one huge hurdle on the road to their happiness If you like angsty stories where evil OW cause major problems for the couple groveling and books that are so heartbreaking they make you cry read this 4 12 stars Hmmmmm new excuse for cheating poor dude lost his memory due to an injury forgot he loved the h and fell into another woman s vagina But he had also tripped and landed in a vagina while waiting for her to age up This guy is unfortunately very clumsy My heart breaks for him. Y gritty but I'm worried that the details won't matter when you find out just how badly I messed everything Title Kid Cerberus MC book 2AuthorMary JamesSeriesCerberus MCPublisherSelfReviewerJoAnnaRelease DateJune 22 2016GenresComing of Age DramaPage Count274Heat Level 4 flames out of 5Rating 4 stars out of 5BlurbKhloeWhen Khloe Devaro s best of Age DramaPage Count274Heat Level 4 flames out of 5Rating 4 stars out of 5BlurbKhloeWhen Khloe Devaro s best and fianc is lost to the war in Ira she s beyond distraught Her intentions of joining him in the afterlife are thwarted by a Cerberus Motorcycle Club member Too young to do anything on her own the only alternative she has now is to take Kid up on his offer to stay at the MC Clubhouse As if that s not A Disaster Waiting To disaster waiting to but anything is better than returning to the foster home she s been forced to live in the last three years KidDustin Kid Andrews spent four years as a Marine training fighting and learning how to survive the most horrendous of conditions He never imagined that holding a BB fundraiser for a local fallen soldier would end up as the catalyst that turns his world upside down Resisting his attraction for a girl he s not even certain is of legal age was easy until he s forced to intervene when her intentions become clear All his training is wasted as far as he s concerned since none of that will help him when it comes to KhloeWill the self proclaimed man whore sleep with a woman in every country he visits as planned or will the beautiful yet feisty girl living down the hall throw a wrench in his plan ReviewChloe had a seemingly well childhood until her parents died and she was then a ward of the state and put into foster care Chloe is seventeen and engaged to her best friend who is about to deploy Her best friend Alec is waiting for her to turn 18 so they can leave together When she loses him she is so distraught she does what she thinks will bring her to him Enter Kid They are having a BB fundraiser for the fallen soldier He sees her and and thwarts her plans She has no one and nowhere to go since Alec s parents give her 24 hours to remove her belongings from his apartment she goes with Kid to the MC Clubhouse When there she sees what it is like She doesn t trust anyone with good reason She sees all the club bunnies and she watches Kid with Snapper club bunny who has a history with her Kid feels like he shouldn T Be Having Thoughts Of be having thoughts of as she isn t eighteen for another thirty days Thirty days that s all he can do it right He can eep his hands to himself can t he Then when one of the club members gets a phone call Kid and BT set out to Vegas to help Things happen and trust is broken in a large way What can she do She has to face it head on and deal with the unthinkable There is a rocky road for these two to travel on to get where they need and want to be Join Chloe and Kid to see what will happen Review Copy of Kid Cerberus MC provided by the Marie JamesSelf for an honest ReviewAlpha. I fell in love with an underage girlThe day we met she downed a bottle of pills and tried to jump off a bridg. ,

Marie James ¶ 7 summary

Book Club Not much of an MC or anything for that matterOk so this is suppose to be an MC not much happens in this book at ALL like literally not just so this is suppose to be an MC not much happens in this book at ALL like literally not just the MC world I mean in every aspectOk so it starts with Khloe who is 17 trying to ill herself because her Best Friend died and he was her way outKid who is in the MC saves her She moves into the MC because she can twon t go back to her foster home Kid wants to be with her but won t until she is 18 So they slowly spend times together So now we will be going by percentagesKid loses memory and cheats with snapper70% Kid gets memory back80% Khloe finally turns 1884% they become physical but not all the way91% they finally go all the way93% book endsSo my uestion is why all the 5 star reviews This book was a lot of nothing My idea of an MC book is definitely different that a lot of reviewers SoooooI am thinking this authors books are not for me Sadly my big issue with book one was the heroine and it s about the same for this book as well Khloe is 17 and a month away from turning 18 and Kid is 24 Kid saves Khloe as she is attempting suicide She is a foster id that eeps getting Marketing Management (10th Edition) knocked down and the latest hit is the death of her best friend I would normally think the way Khloe acted had to do with her age but I think that may just be the way Ms James w WOW just WOW words cannot explain how much I loved this book This is book 2 in the Cerberus MC This is Dustin Kid Andrews Khloe Devaro s book We start with Khloe and Alec They love each other and are waiting till Alec gets back from his 6 mo deployment Next we see Khloe gets rocked with horrific news that her Best Friend and Fianc has beenilled in Ira She of course learns of this via Social Media because Alec s parents don t like her and of course wouldn t tell her Khloe is of course devastated the local MC has decided to do a Memorial for the fallen hero and this is where Kid sees the beautiful but devastated Khloe from a distance He notices something is off with her he sees her pop something into her mouth then try and get up she starts to stumble this is when he decides he needs to follow her He of course catches her just as she is ready to end it allKid is nown as a ladies manhe has been with all the women in the club well all is nown as a ladies manhe has been with all the women in the club well all the Pres s girl he made it his mission a different woman every country he goes to he cant see why his President has decided to settle for just one woman that is until he sees Khloe The one thing stopping Kid from claiming Khloe in that one way is she is just 17 one month and she will be legal I love how Kid changes right before your eyes he now nows what his president feels when you have the love of that one woman you don t need all the others But what happens when Kid is on a mission out of town and there is a accid. ENot exactly the love story you want to tell your grandchildren is itI could go into detail Give you the nitt. Kid Cerberus MC #2

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