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When people conclude that it must be soooo much fun to work on The Muppets it s like assuming the Oompa Loompas love every minute working at Willy Wonka s chocolate factory To outsiders it s all chocolate waterfalls and funny songs But late at night someone s got to clean up after all those nut to clean up after all those nut suirrels And let s just say the nuts are igh in fiberNell Scovell its the mark throughout this fun and spot on inside look at Hollywoodfrom a female writer s point of view She as WRITTEN PRIMARILY FOR AMERICAN TELEVISION SHOWS primarily for American television shows it s The End of Men: And the Rise of Women her experiences which she relatesere especially working in what remains a male dominated Hack Attack: How the Truth Caught Up with the World's Most Powerful Man hierarchy She breaks the chapters intoWho Is Nell ScovellHere we learn about the authorer background and Flying to Nowhere her first forays into the industry It is in this section that she gets into the ugly part of being a sole female writer on a show where theead writer int e also ad several country music its and still performs today forced Pure himself oner For anyone who When We Believed in Mermaids has followed the MeToo campaign this is a very disturbing part of the book And for anyone whoas ever worked in Hollywood one that still remains prevalent todayGet Me Nell ScovellNow she is established and starts getting job offers Here she becomes briefly part of the David Letterman Show where she was again a sole female writer Perhaps this explains why I never cottoned to Letterman or Leno for that matter as the talk show program was a basic white male frat We Are Better Than This: How Government Should Spend Our Money house It s not a good view and Letterman s dalliances with female personnel are yucky Kudos to Scovell for focusing on professionalism rather than blind ambition This chapter is also where sheits on another part of the book I like which is explaining Having my Stepbrother's Baby how a good workplace not just Hollywood should provide opportunities for all Specifically she calls out the virtues of a great leader1 Understands the mission better than anyone in the room and can communicate it2 Is theardest working person in the room3 Is the most generous person in the room not just with compensation but also with praise and credit4 Allows dissent and even invites it5 Listens and learnsYes I d call that leadership and an instructional guide to making any place inclusiveGet Me A Younger Cheaper Nell ScovellNow she starts a long rollercoaster ride as she Dirty Work has become good enough to get the sole female writer positions which means the bosses are always looking for someone who can do the same thing for less money She also focuses on the jobs that got away again a very instructional look at what it takes to freelanceWho Is Nell ScovellStill getting work butaving to work Fact and Artifact: Writing Nonfiction harder to get it Scovell is at that age in Hollywood where women get moved to the wayside while men still prosper More mature she gets to write some of the jokes for President Obama Yes if you laughed at some ofis self mocking asides that was probably Scovell s writingOverall I really enjoyed this book It came into my The Suicide Exhibition hands inadvertently as I walked into the Rancho Mirage library and wasanded a copy and directed into the room where she was speaking Some days are just fortuitous She was flat out Uniform Dolls hilarious and treated everyone in the room with respect even signing our books which surprised me I worked in Hollywood and most big shot women there are ueen Bees but not Scovell Very relatableThis is also a good book for anyone wanting to teach their young daughters about the workplace not just Hollywood For instance learning to be wary about predatory. FOREWORD BY SHERYL SANDBERGYou’ve almost certainly laughed at Scovell’s jokes you just didn’t know it until nowJust the Funny Parts is a juicy and scathingly funny insider look atow pop culture gets made For than thirty years writer producer and director Nell Scovell worked behind the scenes of iconic TV shows including The Simpsons Late Night with David Letterman Murphy Brown NCIS The Muppets and Sabrina the Teenage Witch which she created and executive produced  In 2009 Scovell gave up Oliver Cromwell: England's Protector her behind the scenes status when the David Letterman sex scandal broke Only the second woman ever to write foris show Sc. Just the Funny Parts And a Few Hard Truths About Sneaking Into the Hollywood Boys' ClubHese problems She illustrates so many of the lessons Lean In was trying to teach but because they re about HER and btw she owns er own istory of classism and failures in findinghiring writers of color they feel immediate and vivid and not theoretical And not victim blame y because Scovell is our protagonist and we immediately feel we get er and like Doppelgangsters (Esther Diamond, her Also there are lots of old Jewish man jokes which I love because zaydes And aw JEEZ the blows to Scovell s ego that she just keeps getting up from Ander guts in NAMING NAMES of sexist gropey dimwitted fuckwads Upshot So instructive and Search for the White Moon helpful to me as a non fiction book writer And damn I gotta toughen up Iad never The Devious Duchess heard of Nell Scovell who s a writer producer and director but somehow this book was brought to my attention and I m glad it was She s a talented writer who worked on some of my favorite TV shows She s also a Democrat so weave that in common It s a very interesting memoir I like Breaking into Information Security: Learning the Ropes 101 her attitude I expect nothingope for something and am delighted when my efforts are rewardedI recommend this book Not since Bossypants ave I loved and laughed over a memoir so much This book was my eaven a ilariously funny and frank look at writing and creativity and celebrities and TV and lest we forget fighting sexism in the workplace Nell Scovell was and is a pioneer and lest we forget fighting sexism in the workplace Nell Scovell was and is a pioneer women in Hollywood and now rightfully will go down as a feminist ero for co writing Lean In She s self deprecating and genius and doesn t spare Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That'll Improve and/or Ruin Everything herself while also dishing about Dave Letterman iner memories of er awesome career Nell is one of the greats Scovell provides the reader with some inside her awesome career Nell is one of the greats Scovell provides the reader with some inside on ow challenging it is to break into comedic writing in Hollywood especially if you are a woman She Sweet Mandarin has a long resume so definitelyas some interesting anecdotes and she didn t shy away from naming names But overall I expected that as a comedy writer the book would be wittier than it was It also trots out the various complaints that feminists The Secret Life And Brutal Death Of Mamie Thurman have been stating repeatedly for years and so that component doesn t seem incredibly fresh Interestingly she collaborated on Lean In Women Work and the Will to Lead which Iave not read but was a uge bestseller All in all I enjoyed this peek into what it is to be a writer for the screen but I guess I expected from a person who makes their living writing comedy This book does just what it says on the tin a straightforward memoir of Scovell s writing career with a few personal life tidbits thrown in for good measure and I ve been recommending it to everyone for the past week or so She really digs into what it s like and what it means to be the only woman in the room ow it The Pleasure Trap happens andow it changes Plus jokes Scovell s origin story essentially the first part of the book is fun to read Origin stories naturally For Just Cause have plot points and tension and they answer intriguing uestions How did the protagonist acuireer superpower in this case With Abandon (With or Without, humor How did she become the superhero we know and love in this case an established TV writer But then Scovell continues chroniclinger life in Hollywood detailing ow the system is stacked against women And while I m sure she s right and while I agree that this is completely unjust this portion of the memoir lacked the narrative pull and umor of preceding sections Had I been Scovell s editor I would The Reckless Oath We Made have adviseder to utilize er superpower and to use er wit eviscerate the boy s club in a way that few others could. You’ll sit in the Simpson writers’ room stand on the Oscar red carpet pin a tail on Miss Piggybond with Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy and experience a Stephen King like encounter with Stephen KingJust the Funny Parts is a fast paced account of a nerdy girl from New England who fought Teeth in the Mist her way to the top of theighly competitive male dominated entertainment field The book delivers invaluable insights into the creative process and tricks for navigating a difficult workplace It's part memoir part The State of Water how to and part survival story Or as Scovell puts it “It’s like Unbroken but funnier and with slightly less torture”. Men andow keeping your values can be far important than moving ahead is something one doesn t Garfield Swallows His Pride hear or read about much Scovell also does a uite terrific job in explainingow a writer works focusing on People Process and Product Again this can be transferred to any workplace in any industry Very well done Still there s a difference between allowing people to share personal information and forcing them toFinally I just liked Weiwei-Isms her character When she marries it s not a sensationalized mass gathering but a uiet private affair She points out the importance of collaboration comparing it to canoeing A solid citizen whoappens to write some very funny stuffBook Season Summer guffaws by the pool I generally like show biz memoirs BUT THIS ONE WAS A BIT this one was a bit show bizzy for me I guess it doesn t Surf Craft help that the shows the author was involved with are not ones that I tend to watch A lot of name dropping not a lot of substance Both Nell and I look forward to the day when there are no female writers just writers We share an unshakeable belief thataving an eual number of men and women sitting at the table where decisions are made will make this world fairer and better It will also make the world funnier Wish I could shake younger me and tell er If you are the only girl in the room it doesn t mean you re better It Means Something Is Wrong something is wrong ll be onest I didn t know who Nell Scovell was until I saw this book recommend by John Oliver Last Week Tonight As a fan of TV and movies as well as comedy I was intrigued This memoir Everwar has so many layers It s about the experiences of a female writer working in Hollywood and the barriers she faced It s a call for euity in media but in all fields and for all identities Nell made me laugh a lot but she also inspired me andelped me realize Hot Head how I can be a better leader and continue the fight for euity Nell also gave a glimpse into the writing room and what it means to be a producer or a director While I didn t know who she was I knew a lot ofer works Need a laugh or want to feel inspired or motivated Read this book I was recommended this book and I m glad I read it It was an interesting look into the life of Nell Scovell and ow she s dealt with looking for success in Hollywood I liked that she didn t old anything back in terms of what went on behind the scenes of certain shows she worked on and the struggles she dealt with It was nice to The Wolf's Call hear about the creation of Sabrina the Teenage Witch andow she pushed to keep both aunts kindhearted people Hearing everything she Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything has to say about David Letterman makes me likeim less I appreciate that she s openly democrat and talks about James Bond Encyclopedia how much sheates the current president Having er bring up jokes that weren t used in certain speeches shows or lists was a great touch that I enjoyed Definitely a great insight to what is generally seen as a boy s club Short tightly written sharp And very funny It s less a memoir than a class by the most charismatic professor you

*had in college *
in college comedy writing AND about the barriers faced by women in comedy writing Scovell was Sheryl Sandberg s co author I ve been a co author guess what it means that Scovell wrote the book on Lean In and to me this was a better read on the same topic writ small rather than sweeping Some people criticized Lean In for being classist victim blame y and clueless about race I think that s too much of a generalizationbut there is there there In telling er own story Scovell evades Ovell used the moment to publicly call out the lack of gender diversity in late night TV writers’ rooms “One of the boys” came out Ninety Days hard for “all of the girls” Her criticisms fueled a cultural debate Two years later Scovell was collaborating with Sheryl Sandberg on speeches and later on Lean In which resulted in a worldwide movementNow Scovell is opening up with this funonest and often shocking account Scovell knows what it’s like to put words in the mouths of President Barack Obama Mark Harmon Candice Bergen Bob Newhart Conan O’Brien Alyssa Milano and Kermit the Frog among many others Through er eyes. .

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