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The Billionaire and His Castaway Alexa Riley Promises #3Ess what There are three epilogues Yes three and it s still not enough I hate that it ended I could read and This is a very good series each is independent and tells a very different story with an alpha hero and sweet heroine They are original in ight mushy tone with sexy scenes of course with sexy scenes sexy scenes Of course with sexy scenes it is Alexa Riley ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review Thank you Innocent curvy naive virgin Jealous sweet alpha Instalove Marriage Babies Rince repeatIt was going okay I iked Kenton but then we hit the cherry popping scene and my eyes were rolling so much that I now have eye strain And AGAIN I had Come with Me Now on Mr. Lemoncellos Library Olympics (Mr. Lemoncellos Library, loop in my head because they always have to orgasm together Argh These books are all the same basic story and I m getting a bit bored of it every time The same system can only work for soong without something having to be changed and I think now s the timeAlso yet again I will say how the over use of names drives me up the wall 86 pages and Kenton is used 107 timesThere is no need ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review A billionaire romance that is hot sexy and oh so sweet Yes please The Billionaire and His Castaway by Alexa Riley was the perfect summer read to kick off the first day of summer Not only was this book such a fun and sexy read but it made me want to go on an island vacation statBillionaire Kenton Monroe has everything and I mean everything including a beach resort and a private island But what Kenton doesn t have is Madeline Caldwell Kenton has tried his best in getting to know Madeline but it seems Ms Caldwell has no interest that is until Kenton devises up a plan that Madeline can t say no to The night I The Angry Tide (Poldark, laid eyes on Madeline I understood what I d been missing As if she d flipped a switch to turn on theight I suddenly realized I was in darkness And when she walked away I was thrown into the shadows once again That night I knew that I had to have her I had to have the Green Briar Lies light When Madeline receives an all expense paid vacation trip for completing a survey she is over the moon This trip was just what she needed to find herself get away from her overprotective brothers and also a way to possiblyose her virginity Well what Madeline didn t expect was to find the resort practically empty and the only person there besides some employees is Kenton Monroe So when a kayaking day trip turns into an overnight trip Kenton makes it known to Madeline that she is the only woman who he wants The only woman who owns his heart And soon these two begin to fall madly in Isu Sosiolinguistik di Malaysia love But what happens when Madeline discovers that Kentonied and tricked her to get on the island Will she be able to forgive KentonLike I said earlier The Billionaire and His Castaway is the perfect summer beach read It was a A Poison Apple light sexy and adorably sweetove story So if you are ready to sit back and sip on some Pi a Coladas and be smiling big then go read this The Black Orchid Hotel latest release from Alexa Riley Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Riley. Will make her see reason Right Warning If youike pina coladas and getting caught in the rainthen maybe this dirty summer read is just for you If you Superfrog and the Big Stink like makingove at midnight put this book down and wake your partner. Crazy things I ve done to get her close she d probably fucking run Because when it comes to her I m just a bit insane Those two sure had some talking to do but in the end they really did make a great match But for those of you who know what s ike to have overprotective brothers know that the real chalange is to get your new man accepted by them And that s a whole new battle One that will make those two From London with Love love birds uestion just how much they know of each others real intentionsAll in all Iiked readign about their journey and how they got to know each other I hope there will be stories in this series I would certainly read them as well For those of you who ike sweet OTT STORIES THEN THIS ONE IS A MUST SAFETY VIEW then this one is a must Safety view safe Ages The h is 22 and H is a few years older hide spoiler I oved this one Super Sweet Super Insta Love Super Sexy All wrapped up with a fabulous epilogue 35 It s Alexa Riley so you know how this goes but this is a good one it s beautiful and sweetKenton is the handsome billionaire with the world at his feet Madeline is the 22 year old virgin with four older very possessive brothersKenton has never thought much about Battleship Yamato: Of War, Beauty and Irony love or marriage that is until he sees Madeline and then he s gone It s instaove at its best Madeline wants Kenton but sees him as the rich playboy and she knows he d break her heart given half a chanceBut Kenton is determined to have Madeline and he s prepared to play dirty to get what he wantsI really enjoyed this one it s everything I Riding High (Sons of Chance, look for in an Alexa Riley book This is the first one of her books I ve read in months which is unusual for me The problem was I read several of her books towards the end ofast year they re short and I was falling behind on my reading challenge but I had issues and mixed feeling on a few of them so I decided to take a break It s one sweet reading probably one of the most sweet and How England Made the English less erotic by Alexa Riley And I enjoyed it from the first page to theast Actually to be precise from the blurb and the warningTwenty two year old Madeline had enough of being a cute Liver little sister of her four brothers She wants to be a woman but under their watchful eyes is not going to happen When opportunity comes and she wins a trip to the paradise she packs up and starts the adventureKenton Monroe is one rich bastard He saw Madeline at one of the charity events andost his head over her But she shut him down all the time After several unsuccessful attempts to chase after her he comes with a devilish plan to bring her to a desert island where he could make her fall in The Rain-Soaked Bride love with him And he doesn t take no for an answerI can safely say that this the perfect short summer romance It will bring a smile to your face and desire of hot holiday affair with a handsome billionaire who could take you to the paradise Magically romantic and so good with dirty scenes that are kept in aight and sexy climate Very sweet and heart warming but also with some action of overprotective brothers Lot of fun and a The Alphabet House little fear of nothing And gu. Ds a nice guy not one who makes herady business glitter ike diamonds Kenton has been patient for months but she won’t bend Getting her alone on a deserted island is the only way Keeping her stranded and all to himself. ,

Another fantastic ittle AR treat with AN EUALLY AMAZING AND OBSESSED H eually amazing and obsessed H I ve said before I adore this series and the perfect ittle dose of H drama makes them just as PERFECT 3 3 3 45 Sweets stars You are the only one The only one I have or want This was the dance I did when I got my ARC for this bookEmbarrassing rightWell I don t give a shit because I was about to devour another AR s book Thanks Alexa I m all yours sweets Let me have all of you This book was really sweet with two enjoyable characters and some hot scenes in an isolated islandA The Candidate (Jill Lewis, little paradise for the horny couple And the best place to start creatingifeAlthough they got a Guide to the Management Gurus 5th Edition little over board with thatbut I stilloved itI The Queens Play liked Kenton and Madeline s story I enjoyed that Madeline wasn t falling for Kenton since the first sight and he had to pursue her and And of course I enjoyed that Kenton wasn t so confident around Madeline he was awkward but still possessive as HELL for his Sweets You I d chase forever even if it meant I d never get you I d still make the chase just to try Ioved this oneCan t wait to see what s coming nextEnjoyxxx 3 wellcute STARS You can fight all you want sweets but one way or another I LL HAVE YOU A Fit to be Tied (Marshals, little bit on the romance side of the coin this time than the erotica side OVERALL Nice but not perfect sigh 4 Smut Scale StarsWhenever I m searching my kindle feedWhen I m feeling the needFor a smutty readHave no fear The answer is ALWAYS clearAnd it s Alexa Riley Soook no furtherOr do It s up to youLOLZjay kay Be a hoe Cause I am What I am NOT obviously is a fucking poet But I was going for painful and I think I succeeded Captains Contentious lol Seriously though I really enjoyed this one In fact I think this is one of my favorite AR series to date The H was a burly billionaire and was all And the h was an overprotected virgin of course who was all Match made in heaven if you ask me My only wish is that this would have been aittle Bust longer I really enjoyed these two and would haveoved some interaction with them Other than that Satisfied as always Find me at i iked it i was very at I iked it I was very and waited for the release day and of course once it was Intuition live I bought it immediatelly I knew what to expect since it AR but there was one plot twist that I didn t see comming Ateast not the way it did Is it always this dead around here And that sentence is probably the biggest Just Love lie Since Madeline is finally free of her overprotective brothers she decides to simply relax and enjoy her time away on vacation that btw is interupted by herong term stalker only she doesn t know about the stalking part Kenton To say that she dislikes him but secretly still wants him would be a big understanding I m not his I finally protest catching my bearings I m so far from his Kenton wants her something fierce but always kinda manages to say the wrong thing So what s a guy who has everything but the one thing he trully wants to do Welllet s just say he goes to some extreme measures Yeah I want her to know I want her but if she knew the. Kenton Monroe has wanted her for far too The Mark of Cain (Long Lankin, long But Madeline Caldwell isn’t giving him the time of day Madeline isooking to break out of her innocent shell but Kenton definitely isn’t the guy to experiment with She nee.