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And his brother seen the two girls being harassed by the group as they were leaving and did nothing to help the girls If not then I wonder why they never got into any trouble Surely if your aware someone is being attacked and do nothing that makes you an accessoryIf you go into this book with any faith in the justice system whatsoever you ll have little to none by the end of it Those monsters got served with a sentence of death and then the courts go and strip this sentencing down to serving life for the ones who were under eighteen Given the severity of the crime I believe their age should the severity of the crime I believe their age should been over looked At least three of the eight boys there that night have been sent to meet the top judge Notice I say eight instead of six that s because when those two brothers failed to call 911 upon leaving the group and thus saving the lives of two young girls that makes them guilty Even though this is a true crime book it managed to have me in tears several times I just couldn t read about the suffering of these two girls without crying nor was I able to make it through reading of the grief of the families without crying I wont ever forget these two girls or their families May God keep them all in his sight always I am not normally The Gutbucket Quest pro deathenalty but as I listened to this audiobook I found myself feeling that the boys in this story did not deserve to live They were truly wastes of oxygen with all of the crimes they committed and their lack of remorse They seemed to be beyond rehabilitation and destined to always be a drain on humanityI found this book well written and interesting although I felt that the author spent too much time describing the rapes and murders of the girls and in too much detail The other thing that took me out of the story was the author s habit

comparing every single lawyer and to whatever obscure celebrity they resembled Other than that I felt it was a good book although not an easy one to read given the subject matter I only hope that the girls Mastered By Her Mates (Interstellar Brides Program, parents found someeace in their life in some way This is a well written well researched account of the murders Extremely graphic so beware if you have triggers that Ere unrecognizableAN ORGY OF VIOLENCEAt first the teenage boys grabbed Elizabeth while Jennifer escaped But Elizabeth's desperate cries brought Jennifer back to help her best friend Both girls were subjected to sexual assaults of every conceivable kind and long ainful drawn out deaths. One of the best true crime books I ve read in a while and I think it is the best of Corey Mitchell Loved the way he build up the suspense and not began with the murders he told me his next book will have the same concept I did not know what this book would be about but of course you slowly understand where this is going and it is going far to hell and back This is such slowly understand where this is going and it is going far to hell and back This is such sad bookHighly recommend 45 stars Very well written True Crime book documenting the random gang rape murder of 2 innocent girls but not for the sueamish Very descriptive and gruesome horrific crime helped me decide my Aldo Leopold’s Shack personal stance on the deathenalty I The Fountains of Paradise particularly appreciated theerspective from the murdered girls families as it was compelling You would think that someone who has A Case of Need by Michael Crichton Summary Study Guide published as many books as this author would have learned the craft of storytelling But no he hasn t The book reads like an accretion of notes conveying learned facts both relevant and irrelevant There is no thoughtful storytelling no observational analysis and despite the section titles with their dates and times a jumble of facts that don t belong in each The facts are horrific but without a storyteller s fine hand all the reader is left with is horror and no comprehension of or identification with either killers or victims Deeply unsatisfying May I successfully avoid all of his workroduct henceforward I would have given this a five star rating and believe me it almost was a fiver for me but I wanted to know about the girls Who they were and what they liked instead we just get generic details like they did what all girls do Still this was "a great read that should hold the attention of any true crime fan from beginning to endI find it incredible "great read that should hold the attention of any true crime fan from beginning to endI find it incredible we have so many rotten Day By Day Armageddon potatoes in oneot The likelihood that they would all meet up and form such a lethal group is beyond terrifying As one character witness and friend of the boys stated the devil was in them They brought fear and suffering where ever they went without even the smallest hint of humanity The friend who made this statement robably got out of being charged as an accessory by being a witness for the rosecution because him. TWO INNOCENT TEENSThe crime was unspeakable On a summer night in Houston two bright beautiful success bound teenage girls crossed aths with a group of young men fueled with alcohol and rage Four days later when searchers finally found Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Peña their bodies Ould make this book too much for you I read a lot of true crime but this story in Ogre, Ogre particular was very upsetting because of the brutality of the rapesmurders If you are on the fence about the deathenalty this book will likely make you an advocate of the death enalty So our cast of villains includes a misfit who dropped out during middle school a wanna be gang banger a boy who was eleven in the fourth grade an honor roll delinuent and an undisciplined attention seekerWhat happens when society refuses to hold juveniles accountable for their actions because the adults are and an undisciplined attention seekerWhat happens when society refuses to hold juveniles accountable for their actions because the adults are of discrimination These young men spiraled out of control going from stealing bikes at the age of ten to rape and murder at the ages of 17 18 There was no self respect no intervention no assistance to teach coping skills or even how to succeed in school They gave up on society as society gave up on them 2017 Reading Challenge a difficult topicTwo beautiful teenage girls were attacked on their walk home on a summer night after hanging with friends at a ool They were taken to the woods beaten violated strangled and left to the elements Their murderers bragged about it to family members and eventually had their day in court There was no remorse no sense of guilt The voice of the victims was their father s who adored their daughters They attended every trial every sentencing hearing They Talked To The talked to the I believe in the death enalty I support it Cases like this deserve it What happened to these girls was absolutely horrific and I am just glad they caught these guys before they killed anyone else But the story really wasn t that well written I felt like I was reading a bunch of mini newspaper reports from my college aper or something the end got better but the unbelievable hard to ut down despite the graphic nature and intensity no spoilers here true crime buffsREAD THIS BOOK you ll shiver shake suealfeel so many emotions and think so hard it hurts I learned that a bunch of teenage boys hopped up on drugs and booze can be a terrifying scene if they chose to be violent It wouldn t matter if they are teens or senior citizens I just so happened it was teenage girl. NO MERCYFor days afterward the killers bragged openly about their crime By the time rosecutors got the case convictions for double murder looked like a slam dunk But the families of the victims were in for a horrible surprise In this terrifying case justice would be a torturous journe. ,
Pure Murder

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